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Many people like to be their own boss and love to work for various companies, as per their time. There will be no such timing of work for them as such.

Numerous people don’t desire to have a regular 9 to 5 job schedule. The basic reason why a freelancing job is highly favored is because of the reason that the timing of the work is quite flexible as they work as per their time schedule, no bosses scold. The freelancing works provide the class opportunity to work more and earn decent money by sitting at home. Anyone can earn more money by turning a freelancer. There are various freelance jobs available. All you need to know is how to get jobs in Dubai as per your skillset and profession.

15 Fastest Growing Freelance Skills 

highest paying Freelance Skills

There are various kinds of skill sets which are promising and all the rage these days as freelance skills which are grabbing the eyeballs of the youth at a rapid pace.

1 User Experience Designing

User experience designing is trending freelance skills in today’s era. It is the class concept in the field of website and app designing. There are lots of designers and the developers who are designing the websites and highly functional applications on different operating systems. These groups of professionals emphasize on the best quality experience of the users. In today’s era, many website and app users aspire to get the impressive designs when they visit a website or when they download the app. It gives decent traffic to the website and more users to use that particular app which has classy design.

Average salary- $97,000

2 Skill in ASP Development

In current scenario, the companies are opting for those types of web developers who have a knack in editing, alteration or personalizing the web pages by making use of the ASP (Active Server Pages) as it runs functionally well with the help of HTML5. Various other powers of ASP developers involve answering to the queries raised on different forums, and accessing the databases. The quality-oriented skill in information technology sector.

Average salary: $93,000

3 SEO/Content Writing

The content writers who have prowess in writing SEO friendly contents helps the websites and the brands spread the word by helping them get good traffics. They help these businesses to heighten by writing the engaging and engrossing contents for different websites and the brands. The quality-oriented contents get good ranking on Google. The engaging content is the surefire for marketing and advertising of the brand or the company. So, this is yet another growing freelance skill of writing the keyword rich and keyword optimized contents in different forms.

Average salary: $45,800

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4 Animation Skills

Some people in the world are just creative souls in various ways. They love to add some creativity in their work. There are various creative people who have a knack in animation skills and they draw the illustrations for the gaming sector, films, TV shows and the commercials. The world is turning to be tech-savvy in these days. The digital platform has led these professional groups to bring their creative side out. It is yet another rapidly flourishing freelance skill which has set the world on fire. Graphic design and the animation skill is the best in today’s date. There is a growing demand for the laudable animators who have prowess in drawing the icons or infographics for promoting the brands.

Average salary: $ 53,250

highes paid Freelance Skills

5 Social Media Marketing Skill

Various brands in the world, whether leading or the startup, feel the urge of making a splash through online medium because they know the significance of internet-savvy world. That is the reason why social media marketing is also swiftly growing freelance skills. Various companies opt for the commendable team of people who can make social media campaigning a huge success for helping company generate higher revenues. This is the trendy skill by which people know how to create business reputation online by different social media campaigns.

Average salary: $52,460

6 Android Development

Well, it is not a big surprise! People in today’s date are tech-savvy. They make use of the trendy smartphones. There are various app developers who have knack in developing functionally-rich mobile apps on the Android platform. These apps make life of people very easy as it helps save time of people in various ways. So Android development is also a leading freelance skill which is trending in today’s date.

Average salary: $90,300

7 Skill in 3D Designing Sector

Freelance designing skill is all the rage these days. And this has led to the emerging freelance skill like 3D designing. As the world is getting tech-savvy, in this digital world the freelance designers are spreading the wings with each passing day. Watching the emerging digital trend, the freelance designing skill will be heating up.

Average salary: $57,490

8 Accounting Skillset

Well, in today’s date, there are multifarious accounting softwares available. But still, people need the help of professional accountants who can give the crystal clear information regarding various tax codes and deductions. This is the reason why accounting skill will always remain a hot commodity.

Average salary: $72,860

top 15 growing Freelance Skills

9 Mongo DB Skills

Mongo DB is the open source platform which is a document-oriented database, which is also classified as NoSQL database. Various top-notch companies like Adobe, eBay, LinkedIn, Foursquare are tracked by the MongoDB. This reason makes this an in-demand freelance skill.

Average salary: $105,689

10 Java Development

Java development is also the emerging freelance skills which are in trend today. Java developers create function-rich web-based applications, for instance, animated drop-down menus. Well, it has been almost 20 years old, but the Java is the base for various open-source web-development projects. This makes it evergreen freelance skill which will not fade in the near future.

Average salary: $76,520

11 Video Editing Skill

Video editing is yet another growing freelance skills which is trending. The responsibility of video editor is check out for the errors, addition of the audios or the stunning graphics. There are various brands which desire to develop engrossing content, the video content to be precise. This is the reason why video editing sector will always be booming.

Average salary: $66,890

best-15-fastest-growing-Freelance Skills

12 Angular JS Development

Angular JS development skillset is also the rapidly growing freelance skills which is trending these days. It is used for development of feature-rich web and mobile apps on various operating system. It is the perfect skill set because this particular framework is used for the development of world-class dynamic web pages. This is the reason why this is in in-demand skill.

Average salary: 108,592

13 Shopify Development Skills

This is yet another trending freelance skills which is emerging rapidly. As this is the ecommerce online platform where people can do shopping by sitting anywhere. The demand for shopify developers is growing to a lot of extent because these laudable professional groups develop feature-rich apps and websites for the top-notch ecommerce platform, shopify.

Average salary: $82,520

14 Photography Skills

Photography is one of another Freelance Skills which is in growing demand. Well, there is a camera in every trendy smartphone, which people use to capture every moment. There is an increasing demand for the commercial and  portrait photographers. It is the best quality, skill which is in demand in today’s date.

Average salary: $47,589

15 WordPress Development

In today’s date many people desire to make their online presence to the world. People aspire to have a stunning blog or the classy website. And this is the area where there is the requirement of WordPress developer. This freelance skill is the need of the hour as they develop wonderful themes based website through the wordPress.

Average salary: $79,820

highest-paying-Freelance Skills

Closing Thoughts:

In todays date, people desire to be their own boss by doing freelance jobs which are available in various sectors. The above listed points will guide you towards choosing the best freelance skill and mastering the same. At the leading classified websites UAE, you will find the top-rated jobs as per your skills, talent and education.

You can also know about the best institutes which provide the courses in the above freelance courses. There are various kinds of jobs available on the leading job classified website, Dubai Poster, where you can find various jobs in dubai as per your skills and talents. If you have a leading startup or the established company, then you can list your business on this platform and start hiring good professionals or hire freelancers.



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