The 5 most prey birds and raptors in Dubai UAE

Speed ​​is a fascinating thing for me, I love thinking about the speed at which things and animals move. A few days ago it was the sports car: do you know how fast a sport car can move? Today is the turn of the birds: at what speed do the birds fly ? I bet you do not know, but you’re about to find out … here are 5 of the fastest birds in the world, even some can reach 400 km per hour.

1.Peregrine Falcon: The fastest bird in the world

The peregrine falcon is the best known of all and is widespread throughout the world. He is about the size of a crow, and his female is bigger than him, like all birds of prey. He is of the order of the falconiformes. Its head is small, wings long and pointed, its beak is crooked and its claws are strong and powerful.

Peregrine Falcon hawk in Dubai UAE

The Falco peregrinus is the fastest bird in the world. He is a remarkable hunter. From the air he spots his prey and melts on it in a stolen flight that can reach more than 350 kmIt feeds mainly on small birds and small mammals.

The name of the male and the female is hawk, the baby is a falcon. Its English name is ‘Peregrine Falcon‘ and its scientific name is Falco peregrinus. The Peregrine Falcon has a lifespan of 18 to 20 years.

It is a hawk that is distributed in the 5 continents. It is distinguished by its gray back. They measure more than 50 centimeters long. The wingspan exceeds 100 centimeters and reaches a speed of 390 kilometers per hour.

The Falco peregrinus is the fastest bird in the world and reaches a speed of 390 km per hour.

2. The Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos in Dubai UAE

The Golden Eagle is one of the largest, fastest and most agile raptors in North America. Bright golden feathers shine on the back of his head and neck. A powerful beak and talons advertise its hunting prowess.

You will probably see this eagle in western North America, flying on firm wings or diving in search of hares and other small mammals that are its main prey. Sometimes seen attacking large mammals, or fighting coyotes or bears in defense of their prey and offspring.

Its scientific name is Aquila chrysaetos and it is the second fastest bird in the world, reaching 320 kilometers per hour.

Features: The golden eagle or caudal eagle is a species of bird accipitriforme Accipitridae family. It is one of the best known and widely distributed birds of prey on Earth. It is also known as Royal Eagle.

3. Gyrfalcon Hawk

Hawks are perhaps the most interesting and admirable bird species in the world , we can find them in a number of species that are differentiated by their colors, sizes, shapes and unique features that may have some of them.

gyrfalcon hawk in Dubai UAE

Hawks can be found in many parts of the world and are characterized by having an excellent view in both short and long distances. On the other hand, they have very sharp claws and beaks to be able to take care of their prey in the best way, this, combined with their great vision, make it a formidable hunter.

Another characteristic to take into account is the great speed that this bird can reach thanks to the constitution of its wings , in fact, the fastest animals on the planet are the peregrine falcons (discussed above), which can reach up to 96 km / h in horizontal flight and An impressive speed of 230 to 360 km / h when they fly in a dive.

Gyrfalcon is a type of hawk that lives in different places of America, Asia and Europe. Its scientific name is Falco rusticolus and it flies up to 209 kilometers per hour.

4.  European hobby

European hobby falco subbuteo or eurasian hobby Dubai UAE

Hobby, any of certain raptors of the genus Falco (mainly F. subbuteo) that are intermediate in size and strength between the merlin and the pilgrim. F. Subbuteo is about 33 cm (13 inches) long and is dark blue-brown above and white below, with dark streaks and reddish feathers. It reproduces in Europe, northwest Africa, the Middle East, except Arabia, and all subarctic and temperate Asia.

It lives in the open countryside near the forests, where it captures small birds and large insects. Similar species are the African hobby (F. cuvierii), the sooty hawk (F. concolor) from East Africa and the Oriental hobby (F. severus) from Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

The Falco subbuteo is a very small type of hawk that reaches great speeds, approximately 160 kilometers per hour.

5.Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle in Dubai UAE

The scientific name that identifies the Bald Eagle, as a member of the family of eagles, is Haliaeetus leucocephalus, it is common also to be called, the White Head Eagle or American Eagle for being the National Bird of the United States.

In the case of the Calvary Eagle, due to its corpulent body and large wings, it can reach speeds of approximately 50 to 70 km per hour, as always and due to the particularity of its species, always an elegant and delicate flight.

Their more developed and fast flights, they realize it when they go of hunt, where it can arrive to reach measures of up to 120 – 160 km/h.

As is natural, in these birds, their claws very sharp nails, which makes them look like fine knives and very sharp ideal to cut at the time of attack, you can see very yellow legs unlike other eagles, a combination of color they share with their beautiful beak and the spectacular iris of his eyes.

The claws, are perfect sharp creations with curved ends, a unique characteristics of animals of this raptor category, this allows an accurate and precise grip at the time of hunting.

Pretty impressive, do not you think? These birds are going really fast, did you ever see one?


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