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The United Arab Emirates makes an outsider feel like he/she is at home. This feeling comes not only to individuals, but to several large communities of expatriates.

Expats community and groups in UAE

People from around the world come to the Emirates for work and many stay and raise families. When an expat move to the UAE, it can take some time for him or her to adjust. He or she might take some time to get used to the culture, the weather and the language. One of the best ways to get acclimated is to find others with whom you share interests, a background or a native language.

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For anyone moving to or already in the UAE, kick start your social life with any of these 15 expat community groups. You can explore the different kinds of communities through UAE classified source.

⇒General Expat Groups:

Folks lets discuss the expats group now:

#1 The Expats Club -UAE

The group comprises of more than 2,000 members and expats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is open to both networking and making social connections. It provides a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world in an amicable environment.

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General Expat Groups UAE

#2 InterNations UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Groups

InterNations comprise of 2 million global expats approx. It is a 9 year old group. Once you sign up for access, it opens a gate to get involved with expat communities in 390 different places around the world. InterNations have three local expat communities in Abu Dhabi, in Dubai, and across the whole UAE.

⇒Expat Groups Just for Women

#3 American Women’s Network of Abu Dhabi

AWN Abu Dhabi believes in helping women and it has celebrated 22 years of helping women in the year 2016. These women come from all countries connect, exchange information, and find support when needed. The group organizes regular events throughout the year, but perhaps the best way to meet its members is on first and third Thursday of every month through its Coffee Mornings held at 10:00 at the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana.

Expat Groups Just for Women UAE

#4 Arabian Ranches Ladies

Ranches Ladies are a large organization. It shows the generosity by welcoming all women living in Dubai. The club meets at Arabian Ranches Golf Club on every Tuesday morning. Organizers plan ‘n’ number of events throughout the year and in case if you join they will send a weekly email newsletter with a schedule of upcoming events.

#5 International Business Women’s Group Dubai

The IBWG has assisted Dubai and the Northern Emirates region in connecting businesswomen and helping foster new business opportunities for more than 25 years. If you are interested in joining IBWG’s professional network, you can find application information on the website. The group also hosts monthly lunch parties, breakfast events, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

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#6 Swiss Ladies Dubai

Swiss Ladies Dubai is a group that is exclusively formed for Swiss women living in Dubai. They usually come together to celebrate their own culture through events, nights out and coffee mornings. “Swiss Ladies Dubai welcomes all newcomers,” group leaders write. “We provide a strong network of friendships that help to help with settling into your new life.”

⇒Groups for Hobbies and Interests

#7 Abu Dhabi Striders

Abu Dhabi Striders was launched in the year 1984 and is open to any committed local runners. The group holds various runs four times per week, and in November it hosts a half marathon and 10K in the city. Through best classified app Dubai, you will know more about Emirates communities.

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#8 Dubai City Sound

Dubai City Sound is an all-female a cappella group. It gives performance in four-part i.e. Barbershop-style songs around the city. It is open to all expats with great singing voices. The group’s director, Gayle Powell, has a decade of barbershop singing experience, and she will occasionally hold auditions for new members.

Groups for Hobbies and Interests UAE

#9 Dubai Roadsters

It is a cycling group that consists of about 5,000 members. It is famous in organizing weekly rides in and around the city. The organizers put together international rides on time to time, which you can also join. There is a rule: No helmet, no riding.

#10 The Dubai Rowing Club

The Dubai Rowing Club, founded in 2005. It comprises of a few dozen active rowers. The club is looking for a new home at the time of rowing so it can organize regular events.

#11 Riding for the Disabled Association of Dubai

The Riding for the Disabled Association of Dubai organization helps children with special needs, for example “develop their physical, cognitive and emotional abilities” through therapeutic horseback riding. There are 60 children that are currently enrolled in its program. While not necessarily an expat group, RDAD is always looking for committed, enthusiastic volunteers. You can learn more about volunteering here.

⇒Nation-Specific Expat Groups

#12 Abu Dhabi Irish Society

The 2015 and 2016 have been fantastic years for the Abu Dhabi Irish Society. In 2015, the group celebrated its 40th anniversary. And 2016 has seen several important centennial celebrations for The Republic of Ireland. The Members of the Abu Dhabi Irish Society can always join in these ongoing celebrations. Another perk of membership discounts at several businesses around the city.

#13 Aussie Abroad Abu Dhabi

This expat group was founded to promote the Australian culture. It also focuses on unity among Aussies in Abu Dhabi. Aussies in Abu Dhabi host a handful of events for members each month. Members also receive special perks, including discounts from local businesses and the group’s regular email newsletter to keep up with scheduled events.

Nation-Specific Expat Groups UAE

#14 Australian Business Council Dubai

The promotion of relationships between Australian and Dubai businesses is the main objective of Australian Business Council Dubai. The council has a busy calendar each year as it includes social gatherings, networking events, trade forums and a golf tournament.

#15 Australian New Zealand Association UAE

ANZE UAE is a volunteer-run organization. It was founded more than 20 years ago to support both Aussies and Kiwis in the UAE. They organize the events regularly and that includes coffee mornings and happy hours, playgroups for children, and charity fundraisers.

#16 Belgian Club Dubai

Belgian Club Dubai was founded in 2008. It is a subgroup of the larger Belgian Business Council for Belgians in Dubai It’s objective is to provide a platform where members, businessmen and authorities can connect with each other in the United Arab Emirates in a proactive manner. Presently, the group comprises of 800 members.

Wrapping up:

The above description of expat communities and group in UAE shows that the UAE has a large and vibrant community of expats with many professional opportunities available to expatriates. With these communities you never stand alone in UAE. These communities will make you feel at home. In fact the UAE is one of the best destinations to start your new life. For buying and selling anything in Dubai, access to the Classifieds App UAE.


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