Top 10 Thrilling mobile apps:Enjoy Dubai Lifestyle-essential-apps-for-dubai-lifestyle

Having a trendy smartphone and using different kinds of mobile apps to make your life easy is all the rage these days. People in today’s date desire to have everything by just a few taps on their smartphone. Do you want to enjoy Dubai Lifestyle and desire to make your life quite easy, then you have come to the right place.

There are various Dubai apps which will help you Dubai life easy. Here in this post we will give you the list of the best apps for living in Dubai & enjoy the Dubai lifestyle, which will help you make your lifestyle, wonderful and enjoyable in Dubai, like Dubai metro app, Dubai online shopping apps, best dating apps in Dubai, weight loss apps, etc.

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Top 10 Thrilling mobile apps:Enjoy Dubai Lifestyle-essential-apps-for-dubai-lifestyle

No matter if you live in Dubai from many years or if you are new to Dubai or an expat in Dubai, there are various lifestyle apps which are available to use on your smartphone by hitting the download and install button and it will help you solving various queries just by a click away on your smartphone as such. There is nothing which you won’t be able to find through the mobile applications. You can find the road, book a taxi for heading towards the tourist places, know about the metro schedules, get the medical appointment, bill payment, traffic fine payments.

10 Thrilling Mobile Apps: Enjoy Dubai Lifestyle

In Dubai, everyone from the government to local businesses are developing and creating the apps which helps people in Dubai to enjoy the lifestyle and make their life very easy to the core.

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And there are various other mobile apps which you must have on your smartphone. Here is the list of the important apps:

#1 mDubai app:

There are various apps for every Dubai Government Department as such. Some of these apps are available in handy which do not take much time for completing the tasks like payment of bills or the fines as such. But if you got to downloading them all then it will take much of the memory of your smartphone. This mDubai is the perfect app for this. By using this app, you will be able to access various kinds of government services, like paying DEWA, provides the contact details for more than 10000+ service providers that includes hospitals, malls, police stations, banks. It also provides location maps. This app is available on iOS and Android.

#2 iDubai app:

This is yet another official Dubai Municipality app which is designed as the perfect interaction way for the people living in Dubai. It will provide you all sorts of information that various customers search out for, like clinics, banks, hospitals, hotels, school, malls, mosques, pharmacy, finding government offices, waste collection service, etc. This particular app will be making use of the QR codes and helps people to know about anything in the city in just a few clicks away on the smartphone.

#3 MyDXB app:

This is the best navigation app for Dubai people. It is the feature-rich app which will help you the great extent in navigating one of the busiest airports of Dubai by making use of the trendy Apple handset or the stunning Android phone. This app will help you in providing various information like real time flight information, about the updates on flight status, departure board, gate numbers and information about various terminals of Dubai International airport too, and you can also head towards incredible Dubai International Film Festival by using this app if you are new to Dubai.

#4 RTA Dubai app:

The RTA Dubai app is also the must-have app for your smartphone screen for enjoying life in an easy way in Dubai. If you are new to this amazing Emirates city of Dubai, then this app will help you to start your journey by searching various information on this app which is made easier by Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority. This fully functional app is free to use on various platforms, Android, BlackBerry, Apple and Windows devices. It provides class features for the app user like searching for nearest location of metro or the bus station, for booking the taxi to see various places in Dubai, for inquiring about the fines and the payments. For the Shopaholics also this app is the must-have on the smartphone as it provides feature for searching Dubai’s POI listing like dazzling shopping centers, tourist spots, hospitals and others.


This is yet another beneficial app which helps the job seekers to search the jobs in Dubai as per their talent, skill set and education. By using this app you can upload the CV on your smartphone screen by just a few taps on your smartphone and update the CV as and when required for the job. It provides various features to the user, such as getting the recommended jobs, you will get notification when the employer checks your CV, for getting job alerts, and you can see complete stats for your job application.

If you decide to set up your business in this Gulf city, then also smartphone is very advantageous as mobile devices impact business marketing to a lot of extent and helps to generate higher revenues for your business.

#6 Time Out Dubai App:

It is the must-have app for enjoying the lifestyle of Dubai to the core. It is a kind of information and guide app which will provide you various information about the lavish Dubai city, about the culture, arts, enthralling night life, bars & clubs for the party lovers, restaurants for the foodies, spas, shopping places, travel related places, and much more. It gives you the complete map to reach at the place you desire to reach at Dubai to have fun. This app will provide you the location, pricing, and opening hours of the place you desire to go. This app is free to download and provides free city card for enjoying lavish life of Dubai to the core.

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Some people love to visit the landscape places and get thrilled by the adventure. 

Top 10 Thrilling mobile apps:Enjoy Dubai Lifestyle-dubai-apps-for-smartphone

#7 Salik app:

Available to download on the iPhone, Android and Windows phone, this app is beneficial for any person as it will help them to manage and pay their Salik account directly through just a few clicks on their smartphone screen. This app is helpful for the users to recharge their Salik, for recording its detail and every kind of payment, etc. This helps the users to create the Salik account online just by few taps on their smartphone, for balancing the top up by making use of the Salik recharge card e-voucher, or to view the Salik toll gates places and various relevant info.

#8 Careem app:

This is the perfect app to download on your smartphone screen if you are living in Dubai or new to this gulf city because this app will help you to roam and travel around Dubai in just a few swipes on your smartphone screen. Available to download on the iPhone and Android handsets, this app is the local car service application which is highly beneficial for you to order a chauffeur-driven car, booking the car to pick you up and to know about the fare estimation too.

#9 Dubai Calendar app:

You can download this Dubai Calendar iPhone mobile app from from the Apple store and Dubasi Calendar Android mobile app from Google Play store,. The best app to download on your smartphone screen if you are a new expat and aspire to know about different events in the city, such as the festivals, conferences, concerts, promotions, exhibitions, etc. In a nutshell, this app helps you to know about what’s happening in Dubai.

#10 Vox cinemas app:

This is yet another remarkable app which helps you to know about the screenings of the movies, location or the experience (such as Gold, Plus or Max). This app helps you to book the seats for movies if you love to watch movies to a lot of extent. This app is available to download for free on the Android on Google Play store and for iPhone at the Apple store.

Wrapping it Up:

If you are living in Dubai or new to Dubai then these above listed apps will be the best to make your Dubai lifestyle easy to the core. So, you can download and install these apps to use on your smartphone screen and get much fun and excitement for living in Dubai.

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To have the best experience of staying in Dubai by using the mobile apps listed above. 🙂


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