Volkswagen Vs Seat 4Drive Electric Vehicle Kabul Afghanistan
Volkswagen Vs Seat 4Drive Electric Vehicle

Discover The All New 4Drive Electric Cars Range.

Seat 4drive: The SEAT 4 wheel drive electric cars model range are even more versatile. Thanks to permanent four-wheel drive with electronic control cope and with the SEAT models. Now you can drive even on the most difficult road conditions with maximum traction and driving safety.

Volkswagen Vs Seat 4Drive Electric Vehicle Kabul Afghanistan
Volkswagen Vs Seat 4Drive Electric Vehicle

In addition, to powerful dynamic show with high-torque motors exceptional efficiency. 4Drive electric cars have four different models including; Leon ST, Leon X-perience, Alhambra and Altea XL.

Electric cars’ 4Drive Technology:

The all-wheel drive 4Drive uses the most advanced and most efficient technologies. Electronically controlled by a Haldex clutch. 4Drive vehicle reacts immediately to every driving situation. So you are always with maximum grip and agility on the road.

Leon ST 4drive:

With the introduction of 4Drive electric cars it takes one of the most exciting and versatile station wagon now with even more challenges. Equipped with a latest-generation all-wheel drive system combines the SEAT Leon ST 4Drive car with excellent handling and safety.

electric cars seat leon st 4drive afghanistan
Leon ST 4DRive interior

Leon X-perience:

The class of Leon ST, the adventure of a Altea Freetrack; experience driving pleasure in all ways with the new SEAT Leon X-perience. But not only his off-road design speaks for him: His SEAT wheel drive 4Drive provides a compelling driving experience – no matter what surface.

Leon X-perience electronic car afghanistan
Leon X-perience

Alhambra 4drive

The perfect family van with a sporty character and a maximum space conquered 4Drive now even more heart – and terrains. The SEAT Alhambra 4Drive brings you and your family everywhere with the all-wheel drive system high-tech technology.

Seat Alhambra 2015 electric vehicle kabul afghanistan
Seat Alhambra 2015

Altea XL 4drive:

If you need more space for new Abentuer also in the city, the SEAT Altea XL 4Drive is the right choice. The spacious, flexible all-rounder will now be open even more possibilities thanks to the all-wheel drive system 4Drive.

Everything under control:

Stronger traction on slippery roads. When driving on a slippery surface, these electric cars engage immediately: where more power is transmitted to the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle starts to slip.

Sporty driving for every day:

For dynamic cornering force is distributed to the wheels that the outer wheels can build maximum grip. To be more direct and agile on the road.

Secure progress in snow and icy conditions:

On icy roads, the power is distributed to all four wheels of these electric cars, in order to have always an uniform traction and ride safely on smooth grounds.

Safe Drive on Kabul icy roads
Safe Drive on icy roads

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Illustrations show special equipment:

SEAT Leon ST; Engines of 135-63 kW (184-86 PS) Fuel consumption combined: 5.9 to 3.3 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 137-87 g / km; CO2 efficiency class: C + A *.

SEAT Leon X-perience; Engines of 135-81 kW (184-110 hp), fuel consumption combined: 6.8 to 4.8 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions, combined: 159-126 g / km; CO2 efficiency class: D-B *.

SEAT Altea; Engines of 103-66 kW (140-90 PS) Fuel consumption combined: 6.5 to 4.5 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions, combined: 152-119 g / km; CO2 efficiency class: D-A *.

SEAT Alhambra; Engines of 147-85 kW (200-115 hp), fuel consumption combined: 8.4 to 5.5 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions, combined: 196-143 g / km; CO2 efficiency class: E-B *.



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