The Dubai Creek Harbour Tower UAE

Dubai Creek Harbour Tower Height will surpass the Burj Khalifa

“It will have rotating balconies”

They have already begun to put the first stones of Dubai Creek Harbour Tower; which will be the largest tower in the world. Dubai launched the construction of an even higher tower than the Burj Khalifa; the highest skyscraper in the world that culminates at 828 meters. The emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, launched the works of the new tower of Dubai, Creek Harbor, in the center of the city. “The structure will be the highest tower in the world in 2020”, the year of the Universal Exhibition Expo2020 to be held in Dubai.

The Dubai Creek Harbour Tower UAE

This has been announced by the authorities in the UAE. Dubai continues its plan to transform the city into gigantic skyscrapers and announce its new mega project: to build the tallest tower in the world. If we talk about tall buildings, the Burj Khalifa is known worldwide for its 828 meters height; but soon we will see how it will be surpassed by an other mega construction. Obviously it will remain a spectacular building, an icon, but the project Dubai Creek Harbour hopes to surpass it and become the new icon of the Emirates.

The Height of Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

The name of this elevated building will be ‘Tower of Dubai Creek Harbour‘, and its height will be close to reaching a kilometer in length. Although the authorities have not declared yet the specific height of the building; the leaks say that it will surpass in 100 meters the tower Burj Khalifa, which has 829.8 meters height.

The tower will be financed by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding, Dubai’s sovereign investment vehicle. The building will be finished in 2020, according to the government of the emirates. The entire complex is setting up jointly with Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding. This work is expected to be ready before Expo2020, when Dubai celebrates its international Expo exhibition; it would be a great show for the world.

The Design and Architecture of Dubai Creek Harbour 

As you can see in the images and recreations; the huge tower of the Dubai Creek Harbour will have a very modern design and slightly different from the buildings in the area. Cables and glass as main building materials will be used and according to the architect; the design was inspired by the lily pads.

dubai creek harbour will-be-the-heighest-building-in-the-world
The Tower of Dubai Creek Harbour

The head of Emaar Properties explained during the presentation of the project that this tower will be the next “icon” of emirates, the Tower of Dubai Creek Harbour, will be “bigger” than the Burj Khalifa, which until now is the highest building in the world and in Dubai.

They have commented that it will surpass the Burj Khalifa in height, but they have not given the exact number of meters that will have. In any case, it should be at least 929 meters. As you can imagine, there will be plenty of interior space; which will house more than 20 apartment floors, hotels, shops of all kinds, restaurants, green areas and 360-degree “balconies” to contemplate Dubai from above.

Inspiration on the lily flower

The vice president of the United Arab Emirates and governor of Dubai, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktum, chose from five proposals of internationally recognized architects the design of a Spanish architect (Santiago Calatrava); which is based on a lily flower and the traditional mosque minaret.

“Calatrava’s proposal perfectly matched the needs we were looking for,  for our new Dubai center,” said Al Abbar (founder and chairman of Emaar Properties).

“The Tower”, a new architectural icon for the UAE. The enormous structure, which is expected to become the tallest structure in the world ever created by man throughout history; will function primarily as a tourist attraction and viewing gazebo.

However, apart from the upper termination needle, which will have radio and television communications services; the tower will also have on the cusp of different floors intended for a hotel, apartments and restaurant. Without doubt the work will bring modernity and progress to the new city and Dubai will become more attractive destination.

The construction of the Tower

The majestic tower remain anchored to the mainland with the help of huge steel cables arranged in fan that will bring stability necessary for oscillations; and are not very pronounced by the strong wind due to its enormous height. The beautiful modern structure, which will be built with the best cutting-edge technology; will become the main focus of attraction of a new city called Dubai Creek Harbour that will grow around it. Its construction, which will be carried out by the important Emaar Company of Dubai, (who already constructed the Burj Khalifa)

the tower at dubai creek harbour by_santiago_calatrava

“Its design is inspired by the Arab tradition that is so present in some emblematic buildings like the Alhambra or the Mosque of Cordoba. In them we find examples of the most elegant and eloquent beauty combined with the mathematics; geometry and a deep sense of architecture in its most classic vision. In this sense, the design of the Tower of Creek Dubai Harbour has a clear reference to the classic art of the past; and to the culture of the place and on the other hand, it is a great technological achievement.

The Architect “Santiago Calatrava’s sayings:

“Throughout my career I’ve considered technology as a vehicle for beauty and for art. This project is an artistic achievement in itself, inspired by the idea that it becomes a meeting point for citizens; not only in Dubai and the Emirates but in the world. It is a symbol of belief in progress.” Santiago Calatrava said.

“an inspired lily flower tower and worth a billion dollars; which will be greater than the Burg Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world

Calatrava said that “it is a great honor to participate in such a special project: My team and I’ve put our heart in this tower; because great things come only from the heart,” he added.

The architect said: “The materials we will use will be of modern engineering, mainly glass and resistant cables; which will assemble the tower with the floor and whose design is inspired by the delicate ribs of the lily flower leaves”. The Tower of Dubai Creek Harbour, which at night will light blue and green, will be a “tribute to the positivity, energy and optimism that symbolizes Dubai and UAE; thanks to a leadership committed to progress,” said Al Abbar.


The Best Tourist Attractions

The new Tower will be the center of Dubai Creek Harbour, a “city of the future” such as defined by Alabbar – it will be spread over six square kilometers of land. The tower will be located next to the Creek – the Dubai River – and the Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary; a place protected by the UNESCO Ramsar Convention and home to over 67 species of waterfowl.

This large urbanization, which aims to become the world’s tourist destination; is “inspired by tradition and returns to the cradle of the history and culture of the emirates,” said the president of Emaar.

Regarding the financing of the project, Alabbar said that “the company has sufficient resources to deal with it”.

The Dubai Creek Harbour complex, jointly developed by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding, will have a whole office with 3,664 units, 39,000 houses, 22 hotels with 4,400 rooms and the Twin Towers in Dubai; which will be the highest in the world. Which intend to break records of the tallest buildings: they must exceed 452 meters Of the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur.

The architect said: that “it will be a building that unites beauty, elegance and art.” The materials we will use will be of modern engineering, mainly glass and resistant cables; which will assemble the tower with the floor. The building will have 20 apartment floors, a hotel, restaurants, gardens and several observatories with 360 degree views over Dubai.”

tower dubai creek harbour in-uae

The Cost of the Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

Emaar had estimated the cost of the building at about $1 billion. The Burj Khalifa cost $1.5 billion, opened in January 2010, the Burj Khalifa tower is one of the jewels of Dubai: only in 2015 it attracted more than 14 million tourists.

Dubai, a major trading platform of the Middle East, has forged a reputation by building hundreds of sometimes original and futuristic architecture towers. In the race for the tallest building in the world, Saudi Arabia’s billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his holding company Kingdom Holding Co. have secured $2bn (AED 7,3bn) to complete Jeddah Tower, the tallest building in the world, which will reach a more than 1 km in height (almost 3,300 feet). A port city on the shores of the Red Sea.




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