Ramadan is the most beautiful 9th month of the Islamic calendar, it is the month, in which the Holy Quran (the central religious text of Islam) was first unveiled. It is the amazing month in which Muslims observe fasting, right from the break of dawn till the sunset.

Fasting has 2 facets, physical and the spiritual, in which you must abstain from food, drink and also intimacy and criminal thoughts and acts like foul language, self-obsessed talk and also hurtful behavior. Ramadan is the blessed month, which increases the spiritual awareness of a Muslim.

Do's and Don'ts of "Holy month Ramadan"

Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Muslims fasting in Ramadan in Dubai

There are some fasting rules during the month of Ramadan that must be taken into consideration both for Muslims and non-Muslims:

During this marvelous Islam month, Muslims are encouraged to eat Sahoor or the pre-dawn meal. Sahoor can be any type of light snack, it can be a glass of milk, few dates, banana or the cheese sandwich.

You must eat Sahoor every night, because this small meal provides nutrition to the body which helps in keeping the fast without experiencing physical weakness. Eating Sahoor is truly a blessing of the God.

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do and don't of ramdan


  • You must say, “Ramadan Kareem” to all your Muslim friends and the colleagues. 
  • If, your desire to smoke, drink and eat, then you can opt for doing it in the privacy of your home, office or the hotel room. 
  • During the Ramadan month, you will find the traffic more than usual time. Traffic will be at the maximum at these times, 7 am to 9 am and 1 pm to 3 pm. You will find more rush during 8 pm till midnight. 
  • You must avoid driving at the time of sunset. It can be risky to drive at these times because there is much traffic on roads as people hurry to break the fast at Iftaar celebrations. Do keep in mind that there are many drivers who might not have had anything for eating all day long, so much awareness must be exercised. 
  • During holy month Ramadan, you must not go to public centers like shopping malls and to the parks, wearing revealing outfits like mini skirts, sleeveless attires, shorts, etc. This law applies throughout the year, but during the holy month of Ramadan, this must be practiced a lot. 
  • If you are invited to the Iftaar party at the Ramadan month, you must make it to the celebration. 
  • If you are not able to observe fasting whole month, you must try fasting for a day or two. You will start feeling good later on- fasting is very good for health, as it detoxifies the body. 
  • If you opt for eating out for the dinner, you must book in hotel or restaurant in advance because mostly shopping malls and all the public places will become crowded after sunset, and the crowd will last till late at midnight. 
  • Ramadan month is of charity. You must help the poor and the needy. Many people spend a large part of their salary to charity during Ramadan.

Don’t s:

  • When you go for parties, or outings, don’t wear revealing or tight fitting clothes. Being humble is the key during the holy month of Ramadan. 
  • One must not sing or dance at the public during the holy month of Ramadan. Many bars and pubs remain open, but they will not serve alcohol after dark. 
  • You must not play loud music at any time in your car, beach or at home. You are allowed to play music, but keep the volume low or use headphones. You must use headphones at the beach. 
  • During the holy month of Ramadan. Never smoke, drink or chew gum or eat in the public, at the time of sunrise to the sunset.

You must avoid following with Muslim friends:
  • Any meetings which include lunch.
  • Meetings which go even after 5 pm.
  • Department parties or any kind of social events at during holy month of Ramadan.
  • Never listen to loud music in the car, home or at the beach.


DubaiPoster wishes everyone happy Ramadan. Keep in mind all the above do’s and don’t s of this holy month and keep showing charity to the poor and needy in this holy month.

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