best compact cars in dubai uae to arrive untill 2018-2019

The 5 best compact cars that will arrive until 2019

The compact cars have historically formed the premier class of the market. The Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane, Citroen C4 … have always been the models that have led all the sales lists. Today overshadowed by Best SUVs, which month by month are already the...
bmw connected app technology explained

BMW Connected app: The app that wants to be the iCloud of the cars

Like many other people I have an iPhone. Although, it is not the best mobile phone in terms of compatibility but since I also use a MacBook, an iPad and sometimes (when I find...
2018 Audi A8 price and releasing date in UAEvideo

Meet the Audi A8 2018: A car Better than an S-Class Mercedes-Benz

In its fourth generation Audi's luxury model lives up to the motto "Vorsprung durch Technik - At the forefront of technology" thanks, among other innovations, to its self-guided system. Started in October, the German...
introducing the future full autonomous toyota concept-i carvideo

Introducing Toyota CONCEPT-i, an autonomous futuristic car that will make history

The prototype Toyota Concept-i series aims to become the 'beloved car' of a new era, guided by the concept 'more than a machine, an ally' to better understand the driver and grow alongside it...
Hybrid car maintenance and repair costs in uae

How much does the maintenance of a hybrid car cost?

In recent years the offer of hybrid vehicles has multiplied, either by the anti-pollution regulations that force, in the case of Europe, that average CO2 emissions of cars were 130 gr / km in 2016 and...

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