How many states are in UAE and what are theyvideo

How many states are in the United Arab Emirates?

These are the names of 7 emirates of UAE and their rulers: Dubai – (DXB) Abu Dhabi - (AUH) Capital of U.A.E. (Al Ain...
Dubai Garden Glow

Participate in this contest to win free entry to Dubai Garden Glow

Malls in Dubai are the most popular asset of the city. It's becasue of them that people often neglect parks in Dubai. But those...
Things to do during 46th UAE National Day holidays

Top 10 Finest Things To Do During 46th UAE National Day Holidays

The UAE’s National Day is celebrated on December 2nd of each year and marks the unification of the emirates into a federation. UAE is the...
Must Things To Do In UAE In November 2017

10+ Must Things To Do In UAE In November 2017

Tax-free earning is one of the key reasons that attract job seekers and talented professionals from across the world to Dubai. This, in turn,...
free fun things to do in dubai at late night

Dubai after dark: 9 things to do in Dubai late at night with family

Tips for activities in Dubai at night Thursday ends in Dubai, the work week, that is, Thursday night and Friday night there is really something...

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