mobile applications a booming market in dubai uae

Mobile Applications: a Booming Market in Dubai UAE

80% of mobile browsing is concentrated in five apps: Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Pandora and Gmail Every day more companies use mobile apps to interact with their customers. Gone is when shop windows announced their special offers, now...
how to sell products through social media networks

Social Shopping Trends in 2018: How coupon codes are beneficial to buy products online

Digital marketing is such a young field that it practically reinvents itself completely year after year. Its practices, tools and analysis vary enormously as time progresses and new formats appear, so that professionals in...
bmw connected app technology explained

BMW Connected app: The app that wants to be the iCloud of the cars

Like many other people I have an iPhone. Although, it is not the best mobile phone in terms of compatibility but since I also use a MacBook, an iPad and sometimes (when I find...
Free Photo Editors

6+ Free Photo Editors To Make Your Images Stand Out From The Crowd

In this tech-savvy world everyone want to look good and they capture photos and share on social media to get lots of likes, comments, stuff with their friends and relatives. Around millions of photos, pictures...
e-commerce shopping trends of 2018 in uae

E-commerce retail shopping trends of 2018

E-commerce business is growing rapidly, but the growth factors are not uniform: connectivity and access to cheaper data and phones play a key role in changing consumer behavior and, to a large extent, the...

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