buy and sell used games and consoles

Which Are The Best Places To Buy Used Games And Consoles?

The game enthusiasts also desire to know about the best ever game consoles which they can buy to unleash their gaming experience! If you are also looking to opt for saving money on various kinds...
best accessories of dslr camera

Best Accessories for DSLR camera

The DSLR camera means a lot of options while you are taking shots to get beautiful pictures. Not only that when it comes to accessories that too are lot and thus making your photographic...
Laptop buying guide 2018 dubai UAE

Laptop Buying Guide 2018: Check the Best Laptops under 2000 AED in UAE

This is an activity for which many people do not know exactly which laptop is the best for them, so we've prepared this guide; so that you do not pay more than the account but also buy something less than your needs. Whether you want the best laptop to study, work, business, office, college or play, with the best processor or the best battery; this article will help you make a big decision. Below is a list of all current tips for buying laptops and notebooks along with their recommendations for 2017.
Apple iPhone 8 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner tech uae

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner: A High Sophisticated New Tech from the Makers of iPhone

According to a Fresh Report, Apple Redesigns the traditional Fingerprint Scanner into a totally high sophisticated Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Using an ultrasonic technique, The iPhone creator describes the new method as more reliable compared to Touch ID. The traditional touch-ID sensor is already quite accurate; if the finger is not subject to any major environmental influences. Dust, dirt, and sweat may cause the input to be incorrectly detected. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner should be able to adjust itself to such situations better.
Trending gadgets of UAE in 2017

Which are the trending gadgets of UAE in 2017?

The tech-lovers in the world have always desired to know about the best gadgets that hits the market in the tech-lovers! So, are you a tech-lover to the core? If the answer to the above question...

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