Apple iPhone 8 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner tech uae

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner: A High Sophisticated New Tech from the Makers of iPhone

According to a Fresh Report, Apple Redesigns the traditional Fingerprint Scanner into a totally high sophisticated Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Using an ultrasonic technique, The iPhone creator describes the new method as more reliable compared to Touch ID. The traditional touch-ID sensor is already quite accurate; if the finger is not subject to any major environmental influences. Dust, dirt, and sweat may cause the input to be incorrectly detected. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner should be able to adjust itself to such situations better.
Trending gadgets of UAE in 2017

Which are the trending gadgets of UAE in 2017?

The tech-lovers in the world have always desired to know about the best gadgets that hits the market in the tech-lovers! So, are you a...
Canon cameras Eos 5D mark III review uae

List of The Best Selling DSLR Nikon and Canon Cameras in U.A.E

No matter how much we look for a DSLR Camera with X features and functions, no matter how much we like a brand or another; however much we want to be professionals or beginners, before we start looking for the Best DSLR camera for us; we should do the Next question: How much are we willing to spend?
DSLR Camera buying guide in Dubai UAE

How to Buy a DSLR Camera? 6 Things to Consider Before Buying a DSLR...

SLR Nikon and Canon Cameras are becoming more and more popular, especially since they are also available in Digital SLR versions. In contrast to compact digital cameras, they have numerous settings that allow the photographer full control over the image and its effect. In order to achieve good results in this case, all components should be high-quality processed and fit well.
2016 Samsung LG Sony HD 4K Smart TV list in Dubai UAE

List of the Top 5 Smart TV 2016: Which LED TV is the Best...

In this article from here we are going to be putting the Best cheap 4k smart TV of 2016 that can be bought, that alone single top brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, Pansonic or Philips to name a few. Without a doubt if you are thinking of buying a TV in 2017 this should be 4K, here we explain what it means and which are the best and cheapest.

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