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In this category we cover all the latest and future technology news. From information technology to technology news and mobile tech news our tech-savvy authors mostly write amazing tech articles covering all these topics. Here you can read the best articles and reviews about different smartphones as well as about mobile security, gadgets and other electronic devices. You can also find how to do guides, tips and tricks about different tech gadgets.

Top 15 Tech blogs in Dubai UAE

Top 15 Technology Blogs in the UAE

Technology is the demand of future or it is going to rule the world                      Technologies have changed our lives a lot and it has affected...
Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus: The most advanced camera phone by SamsunG

A smartphone with a screen without limits! Samsung was the first who jump into the smartphone game before Android and IOS It's the best time of the year for Samsung users. Samsung unveils its new flagship...
What factors to consider when buying an air conditioner in UAE

What things to pay attention to when buying an air conditioner

The all basics you need to know before buying an air conditioner   Whoever was interested in installing an air conditioner in their home for the summer, surely, already did it and was informed of which...
the introduction of google rankbrain algo what is it and how it works

RankBrain: the Evolution of Google’s AI Search Algorithm

How much do you understand about Google's RankBrain and how it impacts search rankings in 2019? If you thought that the most important search engine in the world had already stalled with the update of...
Top 10 Must-have productivity apps for android and ios

Top 10 work productivity apps for android and iOS – 2018

It's almost Mid Year, which means it's time to set some personal goals for the summer next. You may be thinking about proposals such as eating healthier, exercising more or quitting smoking. But...

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