meydan one mall Dubai

Meydan One Mall in Dubai to watch out for by the Globetrotters

Shopaholics around the globe keep their eyes glued to the amazing malls where they can unleash their shopping experience to the core and one...
Rotating Shape Shifting Tower dubai

The All New World’s First Rotating Shape Shifting Tower of Dubai

The Rotating Tower of Dubai  The city of gold: Dubai is all set to come up with the classy architecture which is the first rotating...
The New Project of Dubai: Dubai Water Canal

The New Project of Dubai: Dubai Water Canal

How Dubai Water Canal Got Constructed It has been around 3 years that this project first made the official announcement as one of Dubai’s class...
The Mars 2117 Project UAE Dubai

Mars 2117 Project UAE: An Ambitious Project to build a City on Mars

This will be the city that the United Arab Emirates wants to raise on Mars. The Emirate Authorities Announced the launch of the Mars 2117 Project, which plans to send people to the Red Planet in 2117 and build the first "mini-city", Gulf News reported.
museum of the future 2017

Top 10 Upcoming Projects in Dubai 2017

The city of gold: Dubai attracts people around the globe by the rich class architecture and innovation, which it desires to bring with each...

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