Is your iPhone slowed down, here is the quick fix by Apple company

Apple’s New iOS update will prevent the iPhone batteries from running out.

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple announced that the next update of the software for its mobile devices includes an option that will allow owners of...
Mahatma Gandhi Statue UAE

Mahatma Gandhi statue installed at India Social & Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi

Dubai has always been a great friend to India. The recent unveiling of the statue of India's 'Father of the Nation', Mahatma Gandhi at...
Samsung Face ID

Galaxy S9 To Come With Face ID! Seriously Samsung?

According to some reports from XDA Developers, looks like Samsung is really impressed with Apple's Face ID and might be looking to double down...
Official UAE School Holidays Calendar 2018-2019

Official UAE School Holidays Calendar 2018-2019

The academic calendar for 2018-2019 has been announced by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority recently, including the days of holidays that will be issued....

The (3D) Zebra Crossing that tricks your Brain to Frenzy!

A Town (Isafjordur) in Iceland  Paints 3D Zebra-Crosswalk To Slow Down The Speeding Cars An Icelandic town paints an optical illusion in a crossing that forces cars...

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