international food places in dubai

Celebrating Dubai’s Diverse Food Scene

Anybody who has ever spent a small amount of time in Dubai that will quickly realize what an incredibly cosmopolitan city it is. With...
Expensive Hotels in the World

Top 17 Expensive Hotels in the World

Ever dreamt of spending more than $80,000 on a hotel room? For some people making dreams come true is not a big deal! As the...
Hotel Grand Hyatt best Business hotels in Dubai

The Seven Best Business Hotels in Dubai

A mecca of tourism and business travel, Dubai is a thriving city with pulsating architecture, expansive shopping, and a thriving culinary scene. We head...
jumeirah creekside best hotels near Dubai Airport

The 5 Best Hotels Near Dubai Airport

Take a short trip to Dubai or have a stopover in the bustling city? While there is plenty to see and do in Dubai...
Sheraton Jumeirah Beachfront hotels Resort UAE

The 7 Best Beachfront Hotels in Dubai, U.A.E

When we imagine Dubai, what comes to mind are giant buildings and huge shopping centres, but we should also associate the beautiful beaches with...

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