14 International Celebrities Who Converted to Islam

Islam is a wonderful religion and as indicated by the Pew Research report is also the fastest growing. It has throughout the years inspired...
community and groups in UAE

Top 15 Expats Communities And Groups In UAE

The United Arab Emirates makes an outsider feel like he/she is at home. This feeling comes not only to individuals, but to several large...
RTA's New UAE Trafffic fines and Rules

New UAE traffic fines and rules to take effect this July in Emirates

Did you know that there're more than 200 different UAE traffic fines you can get in the Emirates? Everything you Need to Know about the New UAE traffic fines, violations and black points, Including the imposition of sanctions on those, who violate traffic law and traffic regulations in the UAE.
The Richest and the Top Earning Blogger In The World

Top 10 Most Famous Blogger and Blogs in the World

Today, blogging is more than a familiar term. Many of us interact with blogs on a daily basis in one way or another; Whether we write our own blogs, contribute to a blog, or just enjoy and comment on them, blogs are huge part of the online experience. Many people have opted to blog their lifestyle, and their livelihoods. And as we delve into the profits associated with the top ten bloggers in the world today, it becomes clear why these people decided to make their blog's success in their career.
bedrock warner bros world abu dhabi uae

Warner Bros. Will Open a New Theme Park in Abu Dhabi in 2018

The Warner Bros. studio will build the mega theme park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, through an agreement with Miral Asset Management; that will invest $ 1 billion in the project, according to a statement. The project also includes the construction of Gotham City and Metropolis, the cities in which they develop their adventures Batman and Superman respectively; as well as fantastic worlds of the characters of Looney Tunes.

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