Taxi apps in dubai

Which are the Must-Download Taxi Apps for Smartphone in Dubai?

In this fast growing digital world, people desire to have the best apps for their smartphones which helps them to make their life easy and one such kind of app is the taxi app! The...
6 Types of car insurance which you must have In dubai,

6 Types of car insurance which you must have in UAE

So, if you have, you recently purchased a new ravishing car, then there are various factors to be considered. The major one is the insurance you must have. The best car insurance makes it...
A taste of Afghan hospitality Saffron green tea with nuts

The Truth about Afghanistan’s Saffron one of the most Powerful Herb

Afghanistan’s Saffron is the Winner of the Superior Taste Award (2013 & 2014) from the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) Brussels in Belgium.

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