Top 5 Brand Watches for Men with the Best value for money

Top 5 Brand Watches for Men with the Best value for money

There is nothing that helps more to enhance your look than complements, and among them what is best for a man is a watch; an attractive and elegant or more casual but classy watch.

Choosing a good watch that feels good is very important and to help you make the right decision; from Mens & Beauty we have given a tour around the market to bring you a few models of the leading brands, but at a very moderate prices so you can choose The best watch for men that suits you, your style and day to day.

We know that we will always have the exclusive luxury brands, such as Rolex, Tag Heurer, Omega, Patek Phillipe, etc., but the reality is that not everyone has more than $5000 to invest in these accessories.

Fashion Fortunately, we have thousands of options in the market with much cheaper prices that are below $300; the border that for many marks the limit between the reasonable and the unattainable.

The Best Watch Brands for Men with Excellent value for money

Among the different leading brands that exist, we are going to give you some models of men’s watches with style; most of them you can find in watches and jewelry stores on the internet such as jewelry and watches online, amazon, etc…, or even on foot in street in the jewelries and watchmakers for always; but there’re always more offers and more adjusted prices on online stores.

Among all the models we have seen we bring you the following list, with the ones that we liked most due mainly to its value for money.

Some are more Elegant, others more causal, some more affordable, others more ostentatious; but what we are sure is that some of the list is just what you are looking for?, so keep reading to find it.

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# 1 Hamilton H76512133 – Price: AED 2,000

Hamilton watch Dubai UAE

Hamilton is a luxury brand whose prices usually range from $400 to $6000. This brand of watches belongs to the well-known Swatch group; which are composed among other brands to the classic Tissot watches (which we will talk about later), Calvin Klein or even luxury and exclusivity brands like Omega watches.

Created in the year 1892, it has at the moment gained much fame to create the limited edition of watches; (which has never been commercialized) of models of the film Interstellar.

However, the strength of the Hamilton brand is that, it has understood perfectly the need to create high-end models within the reach of many. Therefore, in a bid to reach the public, have made some more affordable as the Hamilton H76512133, also known as Khaki Pilot Pioneer;

One of the best watches for men seeking a sport style, bearing an exclusive brand and also have A moderate price.

As for the design we can highlight that its stainless steel strap with a folded closure with double security button; makes the watch as a whole look very attractive, perfect for a casual but stylish style.

For the rest, we are talking about a watch that fulfills everything that is expected of it: beautiful, neither flashy nor discreet and very elegant.

In addition, it is Hamilton with all that this entails in terms of reliability and durability. Its mechanism is quartz. The crystal is sapphire so it is not scratched and submersible 100m. Definitely it’s a great and elegant watch.

# 2 Tissot T0394171105700 – Price: AED 2,100

Tissot Watches in Dubai UAE

As we discussed earlier, the Tissot watch brand belongs to the giant Swatch just like Hamilton, Omega or even Calvin Klein. With the Tissot, the Swatch group has wanted to fill the space of its mid-range, however, “its mid range” for many is a high end.  😆 

In any case, today we could define the Tissot watches as luxury watches at affordable prices. An example of this is this Tissot model with which it has made an exception with a style between casual and formal; and with a modern and attractive design.

Moreover, on the other hand we have the combination of colors of black with white needles, and silver bracelet is perfect for any type of situation. Without a doubt a very recommended option with which you will not fail.

Especially if what you like is the type of Rolex style, but you do not have the budget to buy one.  😀 

Among the features of this watch are its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, its stainless steel strap and its 42 mm case; it is also submersible and the movement is quartz. It is your bet if you want a high performance watch at a moderate price.

# 3 Diesel DZ7360 – Price Range: AED 7,00 – 1,600 Dhs

Diesel Watches Dubai UAE

The original name of this brand was created in 1978, when Renzo Rosso used a loan from his father to buy 40% of the old Moltex, and re-found it as we now know as Diesel.

In 1990 he was licensed to sell in the US, but until 1995 he did not open his first physical stores in New York and San Francisco.

However, originally this brand was specialized in the sale of jeans and clothing, and it was not until the beginning of this millennium; when the manufacture of watches and other accessories began to be very successful.

When we talk about a brand that is designed for men who are not afraid to mark trend and modernism; without a doubt Diesel is the option that goes more to the forefrontNot suitable for anyone, wearing these watches one thing is sure: they will not go unnoticed.  😯 

With boxes that hover around 60 mm in diameter the Diesel mega-watches are not for everyone. Daring, rebellious and daring, Diesel does not follow the trends. With a distinctive appearance and with its own voice, Diesel innovates in style.

And is that all models of the brand Diesel stand out, especially for that daring so characteristic in its design. A signature with which you will trend and with which you will get many talk about your watch.

Specifically this model DZ7360 is a man’s watch like the one that has us accustomed the mark with a round case of 60 mm of stainless steel; with polished glossy and matte finish.

The crowns are at 12 and 6, something innovative. It has a brown leather strap with print and a stainless steel buckle as well.

The dial is gray / gunmetal with printed and silver indexes, the numbers are silvered at 12, 3 and 9 and it has the possibility of 4 different time zones; 2 movements with 3 needles and 2 movements with 2 needles, besides the day and the date . It is water resistant up to 5 atm.

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# Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF – Price: AED 5,00

Casio watches Dubai UAE - Edifice

What can we say about the Casio brand? Or rather, what can not we say about it?

Founded in 1946, soon the Casio group has become a true institution for its high quality models at low prices.

And is that contrary to what many people think the economic prices of many of their models; the Casio brand is synonymous with high quality, not in vain is the favorite watch of the United States Marines.

In addition to watches, the Casio brand markets calculators, musical instruments, digital cameras and a myriad of electronic products. However, surely it is in the watches where it stands out, having launched the collections G-Shock, Protek or Edifice; which is the model we are recommending.

The Edifice collection is the top of the brand. There is a popular saying that Casio watches are the ruin of watchmakers because of their great durability; they are able to last decades with just go changing the batteries. 

We have selected for you the Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF with which you will get the guarantee of quality and durability, that only this brand can give you.

With a design midway between elegant and sport, something that comes out of the standard range of Casio, when you try and see its price; you will understand why it is one of the best selling watches in the world.

And do not think that the Casio are simple, with its function of calculation rule can perform different calculations; for example for flight distance, speed or fuel consumption. The calculation rule function is mainly used in pilot watches.

# Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium CA4010-58A – Price: AED 1,500

Citizen Watches Eco-Drive Titanium CA4010-58A UAE

We did not want to leave the opportunity to speak last, but not least, of one of the best watch brands in terms of price-quality. The Citizen brand is a Japanese company based in Tokyo.

The company was founded in 1918 under the name Shokosha Watch Research Institute, but in 1924 its trade name changed to Citizen derived from a model of pocket watch; that marketed at that time, being definitively registered the name 28 of May of 1930.

It is currently one of the largest producers of wrist watches and automatic quartz watches worldwide.

It shows the technology of the brand and its elegance comes this model CA4010-58A. A titanium watch a material that is 5 times harder than stainless steel and 40% lighter.

It also has a sapphire crystal that is practically impossible to scratch and of course comes with the Eco-Drive system. Eco-Drive technology is designed to convert both natural and artificial light into energy for the operation of clocks.

This watch does not require the replacement of the battery; or in the case of mechanical movements, periodic recharges to maintain a constant operation.

Forget the batteries, this technology is designed so that any light source; regardless of its intensity, generate the energy needed for the operation of the watch. In the dark they still work because of the energy storage they have.

If you are looking for cutting-edge technology, elegance and versatility, at a content price, this is certainly your watch.

Conclusions and Tips Before Choosing Men Watches

In this list, we have tried to present several different models to cover any type of taste and personality. In the end, there is no better watch than another; each one is meant for a different type of man.

The most important thing is to find the one that best suits you, your style, your taste, and above all, your personality. 😎 

Keep in mind that you can always use other brands of more renown, more luxury, with the consequent exponential increase in price. If you want a watch for your day to day, to be able to combine in most situations, surely your watch is on this list.

Do you have a favorite watch or watch brand you want to share with us?  What do you think about our selection of brands and watches for men with the best value for money?

Do you know any more that you want to share? We would like to know your experience and opinion; so please leave a comment and share the content with your friends and family.


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