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The United Arab Emirates comprises of seven emirates (synonym for a city in the UAE) and among them Sharjah is the third biggest one. Sharjah is the one of a kind since it comprises the place where there is both the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf Coast of Persia. Sharjah is effectively a suburb of Dubai and it also is situated alongside Dubai. An expanding number of exiles live in Sharjah on the grounds that all better jobs are available in Dubai, yet the living expense of Dubai is considerably higher than Sharjah. So individuals for the most part want to live in Sharjah. It’s a useful information for those who are currently in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or planning to be there anytime soon, they should also check out car rental in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Sharjah is sensibly called the cultural capital of the Arab world and the city of the stories of Scheherazade. It is perfect for the individuals who wish to join an economical beach leisure time on the shore of the Persian Gulf with astounding opportunities for shopping and active interests. What’s more? Dubai with its best in the nation shopping and entertainment spots is only 10 minutes head out from it. Not only for car rental services, Sharjah is also famed for holding a huge collection of used cars.

Affordable Car Rental Services in Sharjah

car rental in sharjah

Sharjah, which is the greenest emirate in the entire country of United Arab Emirates. Sharjah is situated just a few kilometers away from Dubai and that’s the reason why those who wants to save a few pennies, come on holiday just here.

Do you know what is the highly interesting and precious thing found most in Sharjah? It is the ‘Gold’ and the ‘Gold Market’. In Sharjah, a huge number of green areas can also be seen and that is why this Emirate is known for its green lawns in the desert.

Going around the nation is best buy a car that can be enlisted in Sharjah, so you will be able to see the sights without being bound to journey courses and time limitations. So, without wasting any time, let’s get on to everything you need to know about car rental services in Sharjah.

Brief Guide to Sharjah

Whether you’re heading to Sharjah for having a great time with loved ones or for business purposes, you deserve an awesome vehicle to get you around the region. See the best sites around the region and park in front of the top restaurant in the city in your Sharjah car rental.

This is likewise a magnificent family-accommodating goal, with parcels to keep the children delighted, including the recently opened Al Noor Island, with its butterfly house, and the fun-pressed displays at the Science Museum.

Top Car Rental Service Features

Though it is always good to have your own vehicle so you can find used cars for sale around you. Most of the car rental services in Sharjah have the following features:

  • Free cancellation: Free cancellation and modifications allow 24 hours before your pickup. A 50 EUR cancellation fee will apply if you request in less than 24 hours.
  • Best price Guarantee: You will always get exclusive rates with maximum possible discounts. Prices are always affordable and reasonable.
  • All included in rental price: Taxes, Airport Fee, Third Party Liability Protection, CDW & Basic Insurance, Unlimited Mileage* and breakdown Assistance.
  • 24-7 Customer support.

Car Rental Business in Sharjah

With the current opening of numerous car rental organizations in the city, Sharjah has seen an enormous convergence in this part in the recent years. Travelers, and needy individuals, favor using a rental auto, instead of taking cabs. These car rental companies are exceptionally helpful for visiting tourists, both from abroad and local based, as they give the adaptable offer of having a car. Sharjah is one of the places to offer VIP luxury car rental in Dubai.

To Rent a Car in Sharjah, you should simply either sign in to the different sites made by these car rental companies. Or, even when you achieve Sharjah, walk into one of numerous car stores to choose your rental car. The deals are planned such that you will be pulled towards them once they have a single look at them. Different sorts of cars are offered by these upcoming car leasing organizations, the cars vary from luxury cars with high end performance to economical small cars. This distinction is due to varying budgets, and the needs, of a tourist. There are many companies who are giving economical and Cheap Car Rentals in Sharjah region, on account of the enormous request from the visitors.

If you are one of those who believe in owning things, then you have the option to buy used cars.

Car Rental Procedure in Sharjah

There are essentially two types of car renting strategy in Sharjah. The main option is the deposit of a credit card. You should deposit your credit card when you will lease a car from a car rental company. The second alternative is the deposit of passport or international ID. The car rental organizations take these documents for security reasons.

Quick Fact: If you are planning a visit to the UAE, then you can get a Lamborghini car rental in Abu Dhabi.

Interesting Places to Visit in Sharjah When Renting a Car

1. The Rolla Square – It is an extremely renowned area for the individuals who work here and on the ends of the week they come here to delight. Furthermore, it is also an appealing spot for tourists and visitors. This name was given for a Rolla, the name of a banyan tree, which is remaining in this square.

The Rolla Square sharjah car rental sharjah

2. The Blue Souq – The Blue Souq as normally has known as the Souq Al Markazi and it’s an exceptionally acclaimed destination for visitors and tourists. It comprises of the attire souq, the souq of gold, and its first floor has occupied with jewelry and antiques shops.

The Blue Souq sharjah car rental sharjah

3. Sharjah Calligraphy Museum – It is a historical center of preserving of calligraphic masterpieces.

4. The Souq Al Arsah – It is a part of a project to redesign and it is known as the Sharjah’s heart. It has been totally a revamped project.

5. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization – It is an exceptionally acclaimed place of Sharjah. You can see letters, manually written Qurans by Prophet Muhammad.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Car Rental in Sharjah

  • Q1: When leasing a car in Sharjah what documents should be presented to the car rental company’s representatives?
    You should have the driver’s license and a credit card alongside you. The travel permit or passport and the airway ticket might also be required.
  • Q2: I have ordered a car to lease in Sharjah and was asked about my flight number. Why?
    It is done with the reason to effectively organize work. If you want to get your car at the air terminal, car renters will be needing the information that when the car must be ready. Sometimes customers don’t know about their flight number when they address us, at that point they ask them to provide them with this info 24 hours before the car is used.
  • Q3: I need to buy an insurance policy. Would it be able to be with 0 deductible?
    Yes, such insurance policy can be given when you lease a car or book it on our site. You can find more details about this in the “Insurance” category.
  • Q4: What amount of fuel do you accommodate for a rented car?
    Ordinarily, in Sharjah they provide a car with a full tank of fuel. A car must come back with the same volume of fuel. If the fuel is insufficient, the customer shall pay for it according to the provider’s rates. However, in some cases fuel cost is already included in the price. Do give careful consideration to the fuel policy in the rental terms and conditions of the option you have chosen.

car rental sharjah services

In the event that you should choose to procure an auto amid your stay in the UAE, Sharjah International Airport obliges a determination of auto employ organizations. These offer different rental alternatives, extending from conservative to best of the range extravagance autos. Auto rental workplaces are open 24 hours, are effectively available to travelers, and offer the most elevated amounts of administration and unwavering quality.

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Things To Do and Enjoy in Sharjah


Sharjah Calligraphy Museum car rental Sharjah

Apart from the rides in your rental car, Sharjah is a place rich in cultural heritage and unique climatic conditions. This is likewise a superb family-accommodating goal, with parcels to keep the children delighted, including the recently opened Al Noor Island, with its butterfly house, and the fun-stuffed displays at the Science Museum.

Let’s talk about some activities you can do while in Sharjah.

Do Some Fun

In late spring jet skiing is an exceptionally lucrative thing in Khalid Lagoon in Sharjah. In the month of December, F1 Boat Race is organized out at man-made island. There is a exceptionally beautiful mosque named Qanat al Qasba. There is a shipping service from Al Qasba and this will give you a visit around Sharjah.

Numerous festivals are organized during the entire year in Sharjah and those are very delightful experiences of cultural activities. During these festivals you will get camel rides, heavenly tasty foods and dishes of Arab, henna and significantly more.

A one of a kind festival is seen in Sharjah and that is Date Festival. This particular festival is organized at the market of food products from 15th May to 15th August. You will see shawarma, an omnipresent food, is sold all spots in Sharjah. It is exceptionally cheap and it is additionally a very hearty meal. It is made of wheat and it is also extremely cheap.


Sharjah is a cosmopolitan city and it is a city where a few societies exist together with amicably. The authority of Sharjah made the setup of various institutions of culture. The whole project comprises of conservation of several legacies of culture, active participation of cooperation with various cultures; make new museums, expressions and scientific centers. Furthermore, alongside this setting up of satellite TV channels are anticipating and mirroring its way of life and its esteems.

An extraordinary, committed zone known as the Sharjah Heritage range is renowned for its historical centers, which are among the best in the United Arab Emirates. The city of Sharjah is likewise a noteworthy visitor goal which is renowned for its multi-food eateries which are situated in famous inns and a huge assortment of energizing things to do.

Climate in Sharjah

Sharjah has the atmosphere of a hot desert. In winter season, Sharjah is a place of warm winters and in summer, Sharjah becomes extremely hot place. Here the rainfall is very inconsistent and light and rainfall happen amongst November and May. The most extreme extent of rainfall of a year falls between February and March.


So what is stopping you? Go ahead, be fearless, plan a trip, go crazy and use the upcoming services of Car Rentals in Sharjah to explore the city in your own style and liking. One thing is for sure, these companies are going to boom even more thanks to the service they are offering. Car lovers with a tight budget can also go for used cars in Dubai.

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