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” Every car enthusiast in Dubai loves desires to know about the best ever car clubs because these helps them a lot! “

There had been times when people just use to own the car for driving purpose itself and now people also like to know about the best ever car clubs which will help you to know about different kinds of the car clubs and there are different kinds of clubs which you must know about. If there are different kinds of car brands which you must know about.

Best Car Clubs to Watch out For in Dubai

8 Best Car Clubs to Watch out For in Dubai

There are different kinds of car clubs which are there in Dubai, but here is the list of the best car clubs which you must know about:

1. Mini Club Dubai in UAE

Mini Club Dubai in UAE

If you are looking forward to have the best ever Mini experience, then you can just join the Mini Club Dubai itself. This particular car club also caters to various kinds ofcarsas per your choice and preferences. This car club also initiated in the year 2008 for encouraging MINI enthusiasts for being just active, daring and also quite adventurous, With around 40 members at the board, MINI club has also organized various kinds of events such as the trackdays on Autodrome and also at the Jebel Hafeet road trip. The club also has various official approval of Automobile and also the Touring Club (ATC) by HE Mohammad Bin Sulayem. You can also get various kinds of membership process. Many people can’t afford to buy the lavish cars and luxe cars, then you can also buy used cars, which are available in different brands on the classified app UAE.

2. Aston Martin Owners Collection UAE

Aston Martin Owners Collection UAE

Aston Martin Owners Collection UAE is also the best in class car club to watch out for as such. This is also the best ever non-exclusive group of Aston Martin Owners in the UAE. There are also various car enthusiasts who also own Aston Martin can also get together for various social events and also just drive out at the AMOC. There are some of the best ever exciting events to know about and they have also organized the same. This also includes Aston Martin DB 11 Launch, AMOC UAE Annual Dinner in the year 2016, Vulcan Truck day and also AMOC UAE Road Run 1000 km and the current one is AMOC UAE Autumn Drive It Event. Just as the AMOC UAE member, you will also be getting the opportunity to mingle just with the different car lovers at the driving and the non-driving events plus also getting the invitations to Aston Martin which is being operated and also the inspired events such as the D11 Launch too.

3. Ferrari Club of UAE

Ferrari Club of UAE

This Ferrari club of UAE was also just established in the year 2008 itself and there is the first officially recognized Ferrari club in the Middle East too. Recently, this includes around 160 active members and with each having the own kind of Ferrari models to check out for. And these members also belong to different cultural diversity, both men and the women. This Ferrari club of UAE also arranges the 12 to 14 events every year in the May and September. There are most of the events which also revolve around various cars like the driver trainings and also the track days and also other kind of social events like the best overnight trips and also different gala dinners cannot be ignored as such. The major aim is also for bring various people together and this enables different events and you can also share the love for Ferrari. For turning a member in this club, you must also own the Ferrari and also pay for AED 4500 as the annual fee too. There are also popular apps to buy and sell used cars in Dubai UAE.

4. Lamborghini Club UAE

Lamborghini Club UAE

This Lamborgini club is also one of the best ever to be considered and is also the recent addition for the best ever Elite car clubs in the UAE. There are also the official dealers of Lamborghini in UAE, Al Jaziri Motors, and this had also launched Lamborghini Club UAE on the April 8, 2016. Lamborghini UAE club also invites different owners of the Lamborghini supercars for sharing their best stories and also the passion of driving their supercars. This car club is also best known for organizing various car events fir their members and this also gives them the opportunity for sharing their mutual love for the cars too. There are various events like hotel dining experiences, road dining events, and also the on track opportunities and various gatherings are also organized for promoting and also highlighting the Lamborghini experience. This club also provides various discounts on various services of their Lamborghini cars.

5. Porsche Club UAE

Porsche Club UAE

Porsche is also the best for the relatively older and the most famous club in UAE and this was also just founded in the month of April in the year 1998 for enabling the Porsche owners for sharing their interests and the experiences too. This also aims at providing the class apart standards for the road safety and also for retaining the different standards in performance and also the operation for the brand too. The best part of this particular club is also that it bring various people together who own the Porsche and also enable them for sharing the goodwill and also for the exchange of classy ideas by various global community. This club also encourages everyone who just owns the Porsche car, for taking part in the multifarious activities and plans every year. For turning the member in this club, you are required to own a Porsche (any model) and also pay the annual fee of AED 266 (which also excludes the fees).

6. Corvette UAE Car Club

Corvette UAE Car Club

This is being certified by Emirates Motor Sports Federation (EMSF) and this is the best ever non profit organization. This club was founded in the year 2007 and the major aim of this club is to promote the safe driving plus also the tourism too. This best in class club also revokes just illegal street racing too, and also the speed and burnouts. Covette owners in UAE also join for socializing and also for participating in the road trips too, which are the type of fun activities which Covette UAE club members also engage in, just regularly. This club has also taken up the Dibba cruise event and various other kind of activities. The members also get to experience the marvelous road trip to Fujairah city also. The best events also includes Yas Marina Drag racing and Jabal al Jais tour 2017.

7. Supercars Club Arabia

Supercars Club Arabia

This is also the best car club which you must know about and this is the best one to know about. This Supercars Club Arabia is just trying the best for taking you to the best ever destinations, if not just all. This was first established in the Kingdom of Bahrain and it is the best to be considered for sure. This is also just expanding the complete network community around the globe itself. It also organizes around 2 tours every year in the Middle East and also in the Europe or America. Each kind of tour is the best to attend in this. This has also covered various areas in the best cities, like the F1 circuits and also the Nurburgring. They also have different kind of projects like the Cafe Lounge where the local drives will also be arranged at different locations too.

8. Maserati Owners Club UAE

Maserati Owners Club UAE

This is also the best club to know about in UAE. It is one of the official group which is just established in Abu Dhabi. It is the best ever non-profit organization and also aims at bringing the Maserati owners all across the UAE for sharing the love for different things Maserati with the likeminded people also. Maserati club’s organizer and also the sponsor just regularly arrange for various activities for the members of this particular club as such. These events are the charities, exhibitions and also the other kind of drives an the Maserati’s club events which members also take part in every now and then too. Members also get to participate in various events like the Maserati Trofeo Races, Grand Parades and also other large groups too. Th club membership also can be used for getting good discount on the Maserati services from the sponsors of the club. The major events of this club also includes “Celebrate our Emirates” where the Maserati owners also take to the Jebel al Jais for the best ride, Annual Dinner Event at the Cavalli Club Dubai and Stay & Drive to the Qasar Al Sarab which was being held at December 2016.

The Final Words:

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