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What are the expectations in 2017 of business owners, professionals and experts to hold for small business?”

After a tumultuous election season, entrepreneurs can finally expect a little bit of certainty and stability. Keeping an eye on key trends and new developments, of course, is always imperative for any business that wants to position itself advantageously. Business News Daily always keeps in touch to find out what are some of the biggest things for you to keep an eye on as your business prepares for the dawn of a new year.

The Best 23 Business Trends Predictions 2017

The Best 23 Business Trends Predictions 2017

Here are 23 key ideas, trends and predictions to keep in mind in order to make the most of 2017 for both your business and the people it serves.

A. Business Climate

1. Entrepreneurial confidence in the economy could move forward new investments

“In 2017, increased confidence among small business owners about the economy and their overall performance could in turn lead to trends in business investment. Both the economy and stock market have shown signs of strength during the final weeks of 2016, and this helps increase business owner optimism.” – Carla Freberg, Director of Sales, Vendor Services Group, Balboa Capital

#2. Niche companies will find success

“Business success will come from stressing focus on smaller, very specific audiences. Going extremely deep with customized messages and specialized platforms to a highly receptive and loyal audience will replace wide approach “shot gun” marketing. We’ll see more soft or no ask/call to action marketing focused on community building, experiences and lifestyle over product specific messaging.” – Kyle Golding, chief strategic idealist at The Golding Group

B. Finance and investment

#3. Crowdfunding will play a key role in financing small business

“Crowdfunding will continue to be an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding platforms allow entrepreneurs to easily validate and fund a new product or service all while growing their customer base.” – Michael Banks, founder of Fortunate Investor  How to run successful business for points read out factors behind dubai business-success.

#4. Investment assets will shift to reflect an uncertain market

“We’ll see more money go into cryptocurrencies, probably Bitcoin as it’s still the leader, and potentially precious metals. Stocks, bonds and real estate are all in bubbles of one sort or another. One of the consequences of central bank intervention with money printing is that all the mainstream asset classes are tightly correlated. So with the economy worldwide looking precarious right now, we’ll see people managing risk by shifting capital from over-valued asset classes into an under-valued class. When all the major asset classes are in bubbles, there is no ‘cheaper’ asset class to shift capital into, so it has to go elsewhere. I can see gold and cryptocurrencies absorbing that money and rising appropriately.” – Brandon Ackroyd, head of customer insight at Tiger Mobiles

#5. Money will no longer flow freely to new tech startups

“While investment dollars and market opportunities in the tech sector are still plentiful, the era of adoration and adulation of the world of startups seems to be drawing to a close. This is as much a result of high profile flops … as it is by the sheer volume of startup activity.” – Matt Harrigan, co-founder of Grand Central

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.#6. The art of “house-flipping” is back in vogue

“Last year, due to a lack of inventory, the housing market could not keep up with buyer demand and we definitely noticed an influx of home loan requests. Home-flipping is making a comeback and big bank lenders are starting to extend credit lines to companies specializing in home-flipping. From what we can predict, the housing market will continue to stay strong in 2017, especially in commercial real estate and home-flipping.” – Dean Sioukas, founder of Magilla Loans

#7. On-demand business models will become more common, even in B2B spaces

“[We] were one of the earliest pioneers in the crowdsourcing and sharing economy movement. We have watched as the marketplace business model has expanded and grown, and I don’t see any of that momentum letting up. In fact, as the use of these marketplace apps and sites like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and Taskrabbit become so mainstream among consumers, it’s driving even more momentum in the corporate and B2B space.” – Patrick Lewellyn, CEO of 99designs Are you interested in starting a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates? If yes here are  5 best business ideas in UAE 

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#8. Support services will emerge around a growing freelance workforce

“2017 will herald a lot of additional services and products that will enable freelancers specifically to have access to credit or additional payment options. If I were an entrepreneur with a service or product that could be tailored to freelancers, I would be looking at how best to service this growing segment of the economy. This segment will only continue to grow and represents the most disruptive segment in terms of growth and innovation.” – Keisha Blair, co-founder of Aspier-Canada


#9. AI use will grow amongst small businesses

“Businesses are rapidly embracing artificial intelligence to gain a competitive edge and stay relevant to consumers as brand engagement will be reimagined next year. But you should decide if you want to be B2B or B2C, because it is very difficult to scale if your try to do both.” – Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics

#10. Ease of access through the latest technology will be a priority

“[Companies] that use newer online payment options such as Square, Bitcoin currency, Apple/Google payment options, etc. have a major edge over competitors. When you’re a young company that was built to begin with on a fluid, ever-changing, Web-based economy, it’s easy to adapt. On the other hand, larger companies, even when they are willing to step out of their comfort zones, have to overhaul larger, more-entrenched payment-processing systems that have existed for years or decades.” – Joel MacDonald, founder of

#11. E-commerce will become more competitive

“Generally in the US every market is developed and the number of people chasing the markets has been growing faster than the market. Therefore things are going to tougher since the global e-commerce market is saturated.” – Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt

#12. Internet of Things (IoT) technology will mature

“The enterprise has paid attention to IoT for some time, though this year will be the year we move past the ‘wow’ phase and into the ‘how do we do we securely and effectively bring IoT to the enterprise, how do we handle the high speed data ingest, and how do we optimize analytics and decisions based on IoT data.’ Those will be the questions enterprises will need to solve in 2017. ” – Leena Joshi, VP of product marketing at Redis Labs

#13. Marketing automation will reduce the human labor required in advertising

“In 2017, marketing automation will be more important than ever before. Taking the manual labor out of essential marketing functions, such as email blasts and social media posts, marketing automation will help companies reclaim valuable time. It will allow marketing teams to refocus their energy on bigger projects, as well as monitor campaign success and customer engagement more efficiently.” – Adam Binder, founder of Creative Click Media

#14. Augmented reality will become more common in 2017

“While virtual reality is once again a hot topic … 2017 will really be the year of augmented reality. The barriers to entry for delivering a quality AR user experience are much lower than for VR, because the VR experience still suffers from a variety of issues. Meanwhile, vendors can already deliver a terrific and affordable AR user experience with today’s technology.” – Ryan Donovan, SVP of product management at Sitecore

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#15. Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM) is about to get a whole lot smarter

“In 2017, smart data discovery will emerge as a major force in CRM analytics, as well as business intelligence more generally. With the acquisition of BeyondCore by Salesforce, CRM vendors are positioning themselves at the frontline of new developments in smart data discovery, which leverages machine learning and other technologies to detect patterns in data and transform them into stories that humans can understand. [These solutions] will increasingly shift humans away from actually analyzing business data themselves to vetting the accuracy of machine-generated insights.” – Daniel Harris, market researcher at Software Advice

#16. Hybrid cloud and multi-platform will emerge as the primary model

“With users needing access to their data on the go, there has been an accelerated move towards the cloud. This means that organizations are no longer keeping their data in just one location, and are instead using a hybrid approach of cloud and on-premises data.” – Dan Sommer, senior director and market intelligence lead at Qlik


#17. Hackers will test security of the digital wallet

“With the growth of financial and budget planning applications, increased pervasiveness of new payment methodologies such as Apple Pay, and the growing pervasiveness of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there will be increased attacks against applications, plugins, digital wallets, and the companies holding authentication datat allowing access to these digital currency streams. With the incremental adoption of each of these technologies, the potential windfall from a dedicated attacker increases. Soon, it will be more than enough to attract organized criminals who previously flocked to the banking Trojans of the past.” – Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes

#18. Further attacks on customer data retained by companies

“As the push for convenience drives retailers to expand the ways in which they digitally engage with consumers, retailers are amassing huge amounts of personal data about their customers beyond credit card information; everything from buying habits to location [are tracked]. It is becoming easier for hackers to make use of big data tools to assimilate details about their targeted victims. Retailers, small and large, need to protect their data; no one is too small to be a target.” – Chris Richter, SVP of global security services at Level 3 Communications

E. Marketing and Social Media

#19. Expect changes to the way web pages are ranked in search engines

“With the rise of Google’s AI learning and a shift towards user experience, we can expect to see big changes in web design. How a user interacts and experiences your web page can either halt a transaction or create momentum to push your business past your competitors … Think in terms of adaptability and do just that: adapt. Study heat maps and evaluate and improve your areas of weak interaction.” – Noah Henderson, Nextrend Furniture

#20. Targeted spending is an ever-increasing must in social advertising

“Reaching users the old-fashioned way on social media is no longer going to make the cut. Algorithms are increasingly limiting the percentage of your own audience that sees your posts. In 2017, businesses should start investing a portion of their marketing budgets into native ads and promoted posts to successfully reach audiences. It can be highly targeted, plus it’s easy to track return on investment in terms of views and clicks.” – Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO of Hootsuite

#21. Digital advertising prices will increase

“One major trend is the surge in digital ad prices, which can be particularly straining on small companies that may not have the money or resources to invest in digital advertising.” – Alejandra Lopez, RLM Public Relations

#22. The importance of video will grow

“Video will be all over in 2017, and businesses need to keep up. This includes Facebook Live, Snapchat, YouTube, video series and more.”– Mike Arce, founder of Loud Rumor

#23. Social media will be increasingly used as a sales platform.

“You can now buy through Facebook and even Instagram through third party apps. This is great for startups and those who don’t have the resources for an ecommerce store.”– Joselin L. Estevez, digital marketing and social media director at X Factor Media

23 business predictions

Closing up:

I hope through the above report in the blog we have able to gather 23 most excellent business trends predictions. I think now you have realised that how well a business can grow keep in mind the above views of intellectuals. In case you are a reader who searches for exciting and inquisitive articles then read the best articles and subscribe to our Dubai poster section that comprises of articles on social media, mobile apps and security, branded cars, used cars, bikes, used bikes, hotels etc. and browse it. Also watch out for Dubai property for sale including commercial and Villas & Apartments.

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