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Like many other people I have an iPhone. Although, it is not the best mobile phone in terms of compatibility but since I also use a MacBook, an iPad and sometimes (when I find it) an Apple Watch, I have decided to continue with Apple’s phone. What this means is that an ecosystem that works well is very attractive to consumers. And that’s what BMW has developed with its new BMW Connected app.

In 2017 some new cars are already like any other devices connected to phones, so BMW wants to make its own version of iCloud. Connected app is designed to follow you everywhere and is for times when you are not in the car. The project is ambitious because it is a car company that goes into areas of technology used by smartphones.

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Well, the question is how does it work? 

BMW Connected app: The idea

bmw connected drive app uae

It’s been three or four years since there are apps to connect with cars and their use has been very limited. Yes, once you have set it up you can check out Twitter, your emails or the news, but often doing this is a cumbersome process. Being able to have so much information in your car is a sample of how far the technology has come but its use is not very practical. BMW wants to change all this with the Connected app. Let’s try to explain how it works.

BMW Connected app

You have scheduled a meeting in the BMW Connected + calendar and as there is a lot of traffic it sends you a notice to the Apple Watch in which it tells you to leave home. If you are much busy, you will have forgotten to put the Apple Watch but the system will continue to send messages to the mobile so you can go to the car. Once you enter the vehicle you will see on the screen already prepared messages or Skype calls.

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The BMW app can move the information where you want as well as having the ability to interact with it. Currently, BMW Connected app is available for iOS and Android mobile phones, as well as Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Amazon Echo (it also works with Alexa).

In the same way that iCloud is based on Apple ID, BMW Connected + needs to have a profile of yours, which is called BMW ID. The German company says that the profile will allow Connected + to know your habits and help you when necessary, and in the future you will be able to benefit from the services of third parties (provided that you give BMW permission to share your data).

How does it work?

I think BMW Connected + app promises a lot. After synchronizing mobile, smartwatch and car, the three worked in unison, which made it much easier to move around Dubai and reach your destination. The directions that the Apple Watch and the iPhone gives you are very useful but I would say that the best thing about the app is its accessibility.

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Once connected with your car, the BMW Connected + app is displayed on a part of the Series 5 touch screen. The result? It is really very useful to see the rest of the trip in front of you when you get in the car. It isn’t necessary to navigate through a menu salad to get where you want, something that usually happens with most apps of this type.


The BMW Connected app is something worth using. After seeing the enormous effort of BMW in R & D, I believe that the German company wants the project to be a success. There are four centers around the world that work on the app, taking an update every two weeks. The BMW office in Chicago seemed more like a startup than a car company. The success or not of Connected + app will depend on what Apple and Google do with CarPlay and Android Auto.

Many companies want to have your data, they want you to use their voice assistants and they want you to use their apps and not those of the competition. This has been a great disadvantage compared to Apple and Google systems.

The BMW ID only makes sense if you have a BMW car, if you change your car brand it will not help. On the contrary, Google and Apple systems can work in almost any car. I am sure that BMW hopes that the experience with Connected + will lead customers to continue buying models of their brand (in the same way that I will probably continue to buy iPhone mobiles). If in the end it will be successful or it is not yet to be seen.

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