6 best travel apps that help you save money
6 best travel apps that help you save money

Let suppose you’re planning your vacation these days, or in the coming weeks to enjoy the desired and deserved vacation.China, Paris, Patagonia, Caribbean … whatever the destination, we have prepared a selection with the best mobile applications for you to travel this holiday.
Do not worry, we have thought of everything: transport, restaurants, WIFI, bathrooms, currency, languages ​​… you will not complain!

#1. TripAdvisor travel apps – Android App iOS APP

TripAdvisor is without any doubt one of the most popular applications for mobile, be it Android and iOS. It offers the possibility to organize your trip, looking for flights, hotels, comparing the best prices of a lot of webs. In addition, it allows you to see the ratings of other customers in the hotels so it is a good tool to plan the trip and have elements that allow you to know if you are going to stay in a hotel that meets your expectations or you will find a room of your own a terror movie.

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But if there is something interesting on TripAdvisor when you are already traveling for some exotic holiday destination is your search for restaurants and attractions. It allows you to analyze the quality-price of each catering business, being able to filter by many options, among them by location, price, type of food, valuation of users, etc. In certain cities will save you from a fright and even infartar before an account with more zeros than expected (we are not all Messi).

In addition, you can check the most popular attractions in each destination so it will be difficult to miss the essentials of each site, whether beaches, monuments, sights, museums, etc.

#2. Wi-Fi Finder – ios app android app

Going out on a trip today does not always mean disconnecting. Whether it’s for work or simply because you’re a true social networking addict (welcome to the club) and you can not let go more than 5 minutes before uploading your next selfie to Instagram or review the 300 messages from different nonsense groups those that you have been added in Whatsapp, we are sure that you want to have Internet at your disposal so an App to analyze the public WIFI networks like Wifi Finder is basic.

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With more than 5 million downloads on Android, this application to track open WIFI networks is also available for users with iOS terminals. Select the area to be tracked or connect the GPS to detect the location and the application will show you the WIFI networks open in that area.
Highly recommended for those who can not be offline.

#3. UBER travel apps – download the apps

Another essential element when traveling, especially in large capitals, is the theme of transportation. Having at hand some of the main private transport applications such as Uber will allow you to book a vehicle that moves from the airport to the hotel or the city where you are enjoying your vacation.

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Uber has hundreds of millions of users around the world, both Android and iOS. Provide a service on a global scale in most major world capitals so you will have no problem booking your private transport.

#4. Google translator – android app ios app

How do you speak English? So you do not speak French, do you? Do not worry, we’ve thought of everything so if yours are not the languages ​​and you think “octopus over potatoes” is the new James Bond movie, we’re sure that this basic app on all phones will come with pearls.

The Google Translator comes standard on all Android mobile phones but for that it is still extremely useful. It allows you to translate into a multitude of languages, activate the audio to perform spoken translations or translate texts like the letter of a restaurant thanks to the camera of the mobile. A basic one that will certainly help you a lot on your trips abroad if you do not have a great command of languages.

#5. Flush – Crowdsourced Toilets android app ios app

You do not have to be ashamed. In fact, it’s one of the most important app on the planet ever! We have all been in the middle of a tour of a city and suddenly notice the call of nature. It is at that moment that finding a public toilet will get you out of a hurry.

With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, this simple but useful application will find for you public restrooms in nearby areas or the area where you are. Today Flush has more than 200,000 bathrooms worldwide and the possibility of offline access. You know, when you see it coming, turn on the toilet tracker if you do not want to have a hard time.

#6. XE – Currency Converter get the apps

If you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates and you will not leave the Gulf countries, you will have no problem, but what happens if you travel to countries with their own currency? How many yen are 100 AED? Or how many British pounds are 1000 dhs?

With the XE currency converter, available for both Android and iOS, you will have access to the current exchange rate updated at the moment for all legal tender currencies worldwide. A good solution to know the actual price of a restaurant letter in New York or the price of a handkerchief in a Cairo bazaar, for example.

We hope these mobile apps will be a great help for your vacation. 

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