These are the best selling cars of 2016 in UAE

Do you want to know which car brands and models have sold the best in the world? In this car ranking you can check which have been the ten most best-selling models.

As every year at this time, when it has been possible to do the sales counts of car models worldwide; JATO Dynamics shows us the last year list of the best selling cars in the world. This list, in which they want to be all brands, is led by the majority presence of Asian brands such as Toyota, Honda or Hyundai.

Even though these brands from the Asian continent put several models in the top-10 of sales; the list is led by the North American brand Ford, which thanks to the sales of the Ford F-Series (986.660 units) has managed to be the King of this list of car sales around the world.

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Behind it, the Toyota Corolla registered 952,576 units and experienced a slight increase of 0.9%. In third place, with 859,845 units sold and a decrease of 8.2%, there is the Volkswagen Golf which; however, has been the model that has achieved the most sales in Europe.

2017-Ford-Raptor-Review Dubai UAE

Also, Wuling Hongguang’s top 5 most popular vehicles in the world over the past year, with a trade volume of 847,202 units, down 0.3%; and the Nissan X-Trail, which recorded a Sales volume of 766,729 units, up 23.4%.

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Behind them, were the Hyundai Elantra (Avante / i35), with 765,996 units, 4.3% more; The Ford Focus, with 732,893 units, 11.1% less; The Honda HR-V, with 724,769 units, 38.4% more; The Honda CR-V, with 707,890 units, 2.3% more, and Toyota RAV4, with 701.756 units, 11.7% more.

In 2017 total they were sold worldwide in the 52 markets analyzed by the consultancy Jato Dynamics – more than 84 million cars, specifically 84,240,000 units.

By region, the Chinese market continues to lead with 25,525,730 units, 14.2% than in 2015, followed by the US with 17,553,448 and Japan at a great distance with 4,897,072.

By brands Toyota is in first place with 1,316,383 units, followed by Ford with 986,660 and Volkswagen with 859,845.

These were the 10 best selling cars of 2017 Worldwide

  • Ford F-Series: 986,660 units
  • Toyota Corolla: 952,576 units
  • Volkswagen Golf: 859,845 units
  • Nissan X-Trail: 766,729 units
  • Hyundai Elantra: 765,996 units
  • Ford Focus: 732,893 units
  • Honda HR-V: 724,769 units
  • Honda CR-V: 707,890 units
  • Volkswagen Polo – 704.062
  • Toyota RAV4: 701,756 units

Ford F-Series

2016 Ford F-Series pickup car in Dubai deserts UAE

The F-Series pick-up model of the US automaker Ford was the best selling car in the world last year; rising from third place in 2015 and beating Toyota Corolla, and Volkswagen Golf, according to JATO.

At the close of 2017, Ford traded a total of 986,660 F-Series units worldwide, an increase of 7.7% compared to the previous year; which allowed it to rank first in sales.

In addition, the Ford F-Series was the most popular pick-up around the world at the end of last year; and were very successful in sales in North America. 

2017 Toyota Corolla review

2016 toyota corolla exterior design Dubai U.A.E

As far as car sales are concerned, the Toyota Corolla is the undisputed champion, both throughout the history of the automobile industry and in what we have from the year 2017. Following, but not close, the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford F-Series

If in the 11 generations of the Toyota Corolla have sold 37 million units, in the first half of 2017 this figure has reached 634,298 units; a figure that places it as the model that heads this ranking.

The fight between Volkswagen and Toyota for dominating the auto market is still intense. Although Volkswagen has taken a big lead with more number of models among the best selling cars from January to June.

Toyota can still boast that its Corolla is the best selling car in the world.

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In the first quarter of 2017, the Toyota Corolla has once again crowned itself as the world’s best selling car, with a total of 634,298 units. Behind, the Volkswagen Golf with more than 100,000 fewer units and the Ford F-Series with 478,384 units; complete the best selling car podium in the world.

However, both Corolla and Golf have fallen by more than 1% their sales compared to the same period of 2015, while the F-Series grew by 12.6%.

One of the most important increases, although not the most, was the Hyundai Tucson, which went up from position 110 to 16; with an increase in sales of more than 200%. For its part, the GAC Trumpchi GS4, an SUV that is only marketed in China has the honor of being the fastest growing vehicle.

In particular, this SUV increased its sales by 809%, surpassing the 150,000 units sold. In the opposite pole we find the Chevrolet Cruze, which with a decrease of 21.4%, was the model with the most important fall in the ranking.

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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf the best selling car in UAE

It has been for four decades being the reference among the compact … and there is no reason for the Volkswagen Golf 2017 to leave that privileged position; since the current range is the most complete in history.

It has been selling for more than four decades – the first generation dates back to 1974.

A period during which more than 30 million units have been manufactured, making it the third best selling model in history; and is, year after year, a favorite of the European public.

They are just some of the data behind a myth of the world of the car, the Volkswagen Golf, which in its seventh generation has not only maintained the success of previous deliveries; but also can boast of having the widest range that we can find in the UAE cars market

The compact Volkswagen Golf has managed to climb positions to take third place (859,845 units sold); a considerable improvement if we consider that in 2012 had to settle for the seventh position.

Nissan X-Trail 2017 – Created for the best family adventure

nissan x-trail dubai uae

If there are any automakers that have proven to be a specialist in making SUVs, that is Nissan. It demonstrated it first with the Nissan Qashqai, premiering an unheard of segment until then; and continued with the unmistakable Nissan Juke.

However, the range of the Japanese brand received the icing on the cake, with the reinvention of the Nissan X-Trail.

It is a car that has been able to adapt to the latest trends in the market and which, today; stands as the great reference of its category, crossover of more than 4.5 m

Very attractive, but with family atmosphere

For starters, the Nissan X-Trail is a car that goes through the eyes. It does so thanks to an aesthetic that, despite being positioned as a true off-road, does not leave aside the details sport.

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These come out through a V-Motion chromed front grille, alloy wheels up to 19 inches, bumper with lines that denote a lot of character, a distinctive LED light signature and chrome details throughout his body.

And you know what’s best? That is a vehicle completely adapted to the familiar use.

The most enduring memories are those related to adventure, The Nissan X-TRAIL arrives packed with technology and high-end features; all designed with a family lifestyle in mind; So we can ensure that it has been created by and for families.

The X-TRAIL boasts a 2.0L diesel engine that gives you more power and more torque; which means more acceleration. No matter what is to come, your family and you will be prepared to face any obstacle and live any adventure. Nissan X-Trail got the fifth position with Over 766,729 units sold in the year 2017.

2017 Hyundai Elantra se

2016 Hyundai Elantra First Shot Dubai UAE

Located between the Hyundai i30 and the Hyundai i40, the 2017 Hyundai Elantra is positioned as a medium saloon; that stands out for comfort and good price. 

As for the behavior, the Hyundai Elantra is a noble and stable model, that enters well in the curves and has a very seated rear train. It bets more for the ease of driving and for transmitting security than for being especially agile; but it is not an awkward model in any case. On the highway, it shows plumb and quite comfortable.

The Hyundai Elantra is benefiting from many changes, so its growth may be higher in the coming years. For now, it is awarded the sixth place with its 765,996 units sold.

2017 Ford Focus se

2016 Ford Focus Sedan car UAE

The Ford Focus 2017 is very interesting in terms of price-quality-equipment and yet it is not included in the ‘top 3‘ of the best selling cars compact. Why?

To find the Ford Focus 2017 you have to go to seventh place, a position that is not in line with its good qualities / price, and that is due to several reasons: the first two have a very wide range that covers a wider range of Customers, while the 308 is one of the most revolutionary models in the price segment; and is having a very good reception among the Arabs.

In addition, the two previous models, the Opel Astra and Renault Megane, are the latest launches. Finally, the Focus was a pioneer in incorporating some elements of technology and safety, such as the city emergency braking system, the parking attendant or the camera that reads traffic signals; At present, most of their rivals can also equip them.

The Ford Focus continues to be a very popular car, although it has suffered a fall of 16.4 percent compared to the same period in 2015.

Sales in South Africa have done it a great favor to place in the seventh position (732,893 Units sold worldwide).

Honda HRV 2017 review

2016 Honda HRV first drive Dubai UAE


The latest all-road Honda is situated halfway between urban SUVs, like the Renault Captur and the media SUVs like the Nissan Qashqai. It measures 4.20 m in length and stands out because both its wide rear seats – including a folding rear bench – and its 470 l trunk are so wide that rivals 15 cm longer.

The Honda HR-V is sold with a diesel engine 1.6 i-DTEC diesel 120 hp brilliant for its balance between smoothness; performance and consumption and a 1.5 i-VTEC gasoline of 130 hp. Of course, the multimedia system and some interior controls have a little intuitive handling. Honda HR-V prices start at $ 22,200.

The Honda HR-V 2017 has been one of the latest models to join the urban SUV segment, with an ever- increasing supply … and with it, the competitiveness between brands, which strive to provide the best prices.

The Japanese model is not one of the most affordable, since its most economic rate is $ 22,200 dollars; although with the current offer the version of access to the range remains at $ 20,500 dollars.

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This is the HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC with Comfort finish, which includes standard radio CD with 5 “screen, four speakers, USB connection and auxiliary jack, Bluetooth, rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment, heated front seats, automatic climate control Cruise control with speed limiter, 16-inch alloy wheels …

A very complete complement, to which must be added exclusive elements such as the rear seats Magic Seats; with a stool that folds upright to be able to carry objects up to 1.2 meters in height.

In addition, its load capacity is among the best in the segment, with 470 liters of luggage, and a completely flat surface when the rear seats are collapsed.

On the other hand, the 1.55 i-VTEC mechanics has 130 hp and is characterized by its high maximum turning speed, close to 7,000 turns. In any case, its performance is only correct, as is consumption, with 5.6 l / 100 km as an approved figure.

Honda CRV 2017 interior

Honda CRV 2016-2017 model SUV in UAE

Another Japanese model sneaks behind the three previous Toyota. We talk about the Honda CR-V, an SUV that gets ahead of the Honda Civic, thanks to 707,890 cars of this model sold.

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Volkswagen Polo 2017 review

volkswagen polo the best selling car brand of 2016 in UAE

The Polo is the utility of Volkswagen, a small tourism that is available with body of three and five doors. Smaller, more manageable and affordable than a Golf; but also with less space in the trunk and in the rear seats.

The Volkswagen Polo stands out for the quality appreciated and for a range of motors very complete; that goes from those that are significantly savers, to the most powerful and useful.

The Volkswagen Polo is, despite its bland design – and that just received a restyling – the best reference as an urban model. It has a body of 3.97 meters in length and is offered with 3 or 5 doors.

The tuning of the suspension is very good, something that ensures a high comfort in bumpy roads and highway, while its curve behavior is exemplary: it has very healthy reactions, a precise direction …. 

Its range of engines stands out especially for its driving pleasure and its low consumption. Of all, the most interesting is the 1.2 TSI of 90 hp – valued $1,820 less than the 1.4 TDI 90 equivalent: it spends little – about 6.5 l / 100 km real, which is not bad for a gasoline – and has a very good response to low and medium regimen, something ideal to move around the city.

At the same time, it allows you to take a long road trip without any problem. It acquired the 9th position with over 704.062 units sold wold wide.

Toyota RAV4 2017 review

toyota rav4 the best car in Dubai UAE

We have to descend from the first to the tenth place to find another Toyota, which in this case is the Toyota Rav4. The arrival of the renewal of the model, with a new hybrid version; has allowed it to sneak among the top 10. Till the end of 2017 almost 701,756 units have been sold.

The Toyota RAV4 is renewed to add more appeal to its range. New engines, hybrid versions or more driving comfort make up it a very interesting SUV. 

It is necessary to recognize that the Japanese know how to make designs more attractive than the sober Europeans.

On this occasion I put myself in charge of one of the longest-running SUVs on the market. Created back in 1994, the RAV4 has reached its fourth generation with a maturity point.

In 1994, already 22 years ago, Toyota decided it was time to give a small brother to his great Land Cruiser.  The result was the RAV4, which stands for Recreational Active Vehicle; which adds a 4 to indicate the total traction it owns, although not all versions have it.  

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