the best running app to download in Dubai UAE
the best running app to download

Earlier, most people ran listening to music through an iPod, do you remember? What a time! I wonder how many iPod devices are out there stored in half-world homes, millions? iPods are an obsolete product but many people continue to run the planet to stay more or less fit. In my case it is a boring trout (each one does what he can …). So let’s talk about some running app that help when running or, as they say in modern English, doing “running”.

download the best running app in dubai

#1. Strava – Download the apps

This application is very popular and is free, even for those who practice cycling. Athletes able to face triathlons with Strava will be able to follow in the footsteps of the three disciplines: running, swimming and cycling. It does not lack the functionality that allows you to integrate photos and exchange information with your friends. Strava is not only a running app but almost a powerful tool for social networks. Another strength of Strava is the ability to “sting” and compete with others.

#2. Runtastic – download the app

Runtastic allows you to follow your walks or when you run to keep you in the best shape possible. The app will help you know how much and at what rate you are moving. Information that will make it easier to find the desire to go jogging always with the goal of not only keeping our body in perfect condition but also challenging us to never stop improving our personal brand.

The app encourages us to put a target which will be displayed every time we go to the park or the street to move the skeleton. While we run there is a function that applauds or encourages us to continue our effort. The company also has an app calledBalance” that puts the emphasis on nutrition, something as important or more than exercise. “Balance” aims to raise awareness among its users about eating habits and encourage them to lean towards healthier choices.

#3. Zombies, Run! – app download

This app is a peculiar mixture with details of a video game oriented to sportsmen who want to add a touch of fun to their entertainment.

The application will tell us a story of zombies through the headphones while inserting some songs that we have in the memory of the terminal. Alternatively you can sync Spotify or Google Play Music. 

The application has more than a hundred missions of half an hour each that follow a history in which the athlete assumes the paper of the “runner five“, one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

The objective throughout the four seasons in which the adventure is divided will be to complete the missions that they are sending us. For this we will only have to do one thing: running. As we go running we will collect different objects. Once finished the race we will be able to use these objects to improve the shelter where our characters are. The application has GPS or accelerometer mode and can be used both outdoors and in the gym.

#4. Nike + Run Club – the perfect running partner android link ios link

This app is based upon the following seven principles:

  1. We all have a runner inside.
  2. We are not just runners. We are athletes.
  3. Every race has a goal.
  4. Respect each workout. Do not fear them.
  5. Accept your weaknesses and eliminate them.
  6. Measures success in every possible way.
  7. We believe in you, always.

Whether you’re starting to race or getting ready for your next race, the Nike + Run Club app gives you everything you need to run better. With the motivation of millions of brokers and expert advice. The app will help you reach your goals and have fun while you do it. Nike + Coach almost certainly has a program for you. A personalized one for your goals and your current physical form.

The program is updated and adapted as you progress to help you meet your goals. It is easy to compare and compete with friends from all over the world. All you have to do is share your distance in (km) by adding a “hashtag” to your specific goals and challenges. The app makes it possible to add photos, statistics, etc. The user has the ability to choose who to publish for: the entire social network or just for Nike + friends.

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The Nike app takes care of all the basic parameters: training distance, route, pace, altitude gain, average number of pulsations and estimated calories. It is possible to compare your times with those of other users, share the data and customize the app to your liking. In addition, you can take notes and save the information to see again whenever you want.

#5. Endomondo – app download

Endomondo is comprised of a free app and website that help make your physical activity a fun and motivating experience. Endomondo running app helps you follow your workouts, provides real-time audio information and motivates you to achieve your physical activity goals. The pocket personal trainer is free and automatically synchronized with the website ( so you can keep a detailed record of your workouts and analyze performance. In addition, the app has been designed to facilitate interaction with your friends.

Millions of users around the world are already part of the Endomondo community and use the app while walking, running, cycling, hiking and many other activities.

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