Top 10 Must-have productivity apps for android and ios

It’s almost Mid Year, which means it’s time to set some personal goals for the summer next. You may be thinking about proposals such as eating healthier, exercising more or quitting smoking.

  • But what about the goals related to work?
  • What things would you like to improve in the day-to-day of the office?
  • Do you use work applications on a regular basis?

And when we focus on productivity, such as, do you consider yourself efficient and effective throughout the work day?

According to a Vouchercloud study, people have less than 3 productive hours in total during a normal 8-hour work day. This study was conducted among almost 2,000 UK employees, all over the age of 18 and working full-time in an office place.

If your answer is “No” to the previous question, you should know that 80% of workers think like you. This means that it is time to find a way to be more productive and, thus, begin to feel more satisfied with the results of our work once we leave the office.

Today, we bring you the best 10 productivity applications.

Here you can find a list of the 10 best job applications that will help you do more in less time.

The applications are divided into two groups:

  • applications that help you manage your time more efficiently
  • apps that will help you stay focused while performing your daily tasks.

Time-saving apps

There are different types of apps for companies that improve productivity, and then we show you which ones will help you save time.

#1. Buffer – the best productivity app

Download the app

download buffer app in uae

Buffer is one of the applications for work that allows you to manage all your social network accounts in one place. So it can save you hours of content management. You should only sign in to several accounts and you can upload content when you want it to be public.

To do this, you will have to schedule publications and track them on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s easy: add text, link, image or video and choose when to post. Test this productivity application and manage the RSS will be easier than ever!

#2. Hours – Count your time

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hours app download it in dubai

Hours is one of the job applications that will help you control time. It will make you forget when you should change tasks and remind you to stop the timer when you finish another one.

This is one of the best productivity apps to easily set reminders, use timers to track how long you’re working on something and set deadlines to complete a task.

#3. Pushbullet – the best work app

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download pushbullet app in Dubai

This application for work synchronizes your computer with your mobile, avoiding that you need to change your device while you are working.

In this way, Pushbullet can check your social networks and other applications on your computer screen while your smartphone is connected to the charger, such as. As you can deduce, this app is especially useful for people who use their phone continuously every day.

#4. 1Password app

Download the applications

1Password application for android and ios download it

Do not worry if you forget your passwords, 1Password is a work application that remembers them all for you, which can save you a lot of time remembering and searching for passwords.

It’s like a safe for all your login codes and keeps track of the password you use for each website you visit. In this way, you can enter the sites with a single click.

#5. Trello productivity app

Get Trello apps

get trello app in dubai

There are mobile apps to increase the productivity of an SME or even a large company. And Trello, it’s one of them. This productivity app offers an overview of all your projects and tasks. In addition, you can use it at work to manage your team’s time or at home to manage your own tasks.

With Trello, you can create boards to organize everything you are working on and invite your colleagues to take part.

Within a dashboard, you can create cards that include a specific task where you can add checklists and assign them to yourself or your co-workers. In addition, the application is free and even compatible with Apple Watch.

#6. WriteRoom job app

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WriteRoom app - free writing for those who writes mostly

If your daily tasks need a lot of writing, WriteRoom is one of the job applications that can help you finish these tasks quickly. Because this app allows you to write without distractions, although it is only available for Mac.

It is a free solution that blocks part of your screen and forces you to concentrate only on the document in front of you. This way, it will not distract you from your work with incoming emails, notifications or chats that flash on your screen all the time.

#7. Block Site

Get BlockSite for Android

Another of the necessary work applications for people who are easily distracted surfing the Internet, is Block Site, which could be a great solution. In the event that you are constantly looking to enter blogs or social networks, with this extension you can block them.

This tool is not really a productivity app, since it is an extension of Chrome but, equally, it could be useful to help you concentrate. Forget about your bad habits and focus on the tasks that really matter.

#8. Forest

Download the apps

download the forest app and build your own forest work in uae

Forest is one of the most interesting job applications in this list. Help to set aside the mobile so we can concentrate on what is most important at work. Plant a tree every time you want to focus on a task and set a timer of 25 minutes, such as.

The tree will grow when you do not answer calls, surf the Internet or check emails. Since, when you leave the application to do something else, the tree will die.

If you attend to your tasks without distracting yourself with your mobile, you will build a forest of trees. This is an excellent way to look back to see how productive you have been during the last few weeks, the bigger the forest, the more productive you will have been.

Applications that help you stay focused

#9. Strides

Get it here

strides app uae

Strides is one of the most useful work applications that will help you create new habits and routines that will allow you to meet your goals. It works in a highly motivational way and allows you to set goals and track them easily on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Each goal that is established includes a Target, Habit, Average and Project tracker. It also sets goals for everything you want to improve, whether it’s related to health, business, money or productivity.

#10. Noisli

Download the ios and android apps

Download the android and ios Noisli apps in uae

This application for work helps you improve your focus and increase productivity. Since Noisli offers a great playlist of sounds that help to concentrate. For example, the sound of rain, waves, birds that sing or a chimney.

In addition, you can create a combination of different sounds so that you discover what sounds really help you to be focused.

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