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The people who love travelling a lot, always desire to know the best ever nature attractions to visit and they also like to know about the class apart places for the same!

UAE is one of the class apart in the natural attractions and there are various places to visit, which will just thrill you to the bits. There is a different kind of beauty of this place to visit. Every 7 UAE Emirates city has some kind of unique natural areas which are the post part and also being untouched and also the unaltered by the man. There are various nature attractions to watch out for and you will just love them to the core. 

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Nature Attractions And Landmarks in UAE:

Here is the list of amazing hidden gems and the best ever nature attractions which are must to watch in UAE:

nature attractions uae

#1 The Wathba Wetland Reserve in Dubai:

This is nestled at the edge of Baniyas and this is also the natural reserve, which is located at the offbeat, the blink and you will surely not miss it to visit. This wetland reserve is also called as the Flamingo city and it just worth watching for, if you desire to get the best experience at UAE as such. This is just one of the undisturbed wildlife areas in the country and you must also see that this is an incredible place to know and this is just a home for the hundreds of flamingos and you must also watch this once in your lifetime. You will get the best experience in this bustling city of life.

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#2 Jebel Dhanna tourist spot:

In the area which is just at the north of Abu Dhabi, around the coastal regions as such, you will find that there are some of the best in class scenic spots to see like the sea cliffs and also the rock formations. These rock formations are also the best to watch out for and these are also Bayununah and also Shuwaihat. You will also see the rock fossils and this have also been found in the rocks only, like the jaw of a hippopotamus, the skull is also the 8 million years old crocodiles and also the molar tooth of the elephant. In the country which is just technically faster and just over the 40 years old and just quite enthralling for just walking around on the ancient rocks which just have been around longer than UAE itself.

#3 Big Red attraction for tourists:

This is nestled just outside Dubai on Hatta Road (E44) and is also just magnificent open desert which is just so beautiful to visit in life. You will see that you are getting drive away from the city and there is also the deep red color of desert which just looks very beautiful too. You will surely get to see that you are just hitting the Big Red and it is the famous spot to watch out for the bashing dunes. The classy and amazing picturesque desert will just thrill you to bits for sure. You will love the food, water and also just enjoy the fiery red day at this place in the desert too. 

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#4 Fossil Rock place:

Fossil rock is one of the best place in UAE to watch out for, by the globetrotters. There are various fossils which have been said to be just around 80 million years old. For just getting there, you are required to drive on the Dubai – Hatta road through the Al Awir. When you just arrive at the Fossil Rock and then you will take some moment for just sitting at the fossils which are around millions years old and you will just get to enjoy deeply and also enjoy the blue skies and also the pristine desert sand and you will like this place a lot. 

#5 Wadi Al Bih:

This is also known as one of the best Grand Canyon of UAE, Wadi Bih has been just the deep ravine through the distance of about 1 kilometer. The top of this particular wadi will be giving you some of the best ever views of this country UAE. The complete thing from the Ras Al Khaimah clock tower is just from the way near UAE border check point too. The visitors of Wadi Al Bih can just go for the hiking, the mountain hiking and also the camping in that particular area. Wadi Al Bih is also just quite famous and includes the most amazing sights to know about and they are just infamous deserted villages of the RAK too. The best ever views will just leave you amazed with joy too.

hatta in uae 

#6 Wadi Ghalilah tourist spot:

This is yet another Wadi to visit in UAE and is also the favorite spot for various rock climbers too. Nestled at 2 hours from Dubai, Wadi Ghalilah is also close to the RAK (Ras Al Khaimah). This place is well known for the smaller and also the least extensive than the Wadi Bih, and also has the steeper rocks and the cliffs. The Wadi also has the best ever low altitude and also just because it is near to the water, and the humidity and heat also make it difficult for the trekking. The stairway is also to the heaven and the name of one of the wadi’s quite dangerous mountains. This place stands just high 1.9 kilometers and is just not recommended for climbing without someone who is having the experience in the same as such. Moreover, many of the experienced climbers also say that this climb is just physically and emotionally unnerving too. Dubai is UAE is also one of the best city to know about and you will be getting the best property at this place too. There are various apartments for sale in Dubai to know about and these will surely leave you filled with joy too.

#7 Mountain Safari, tourist spot:

All you have to do is just drive to the Fujairah and you will surely get to rise in the altitude and just see the best ever rocks and cliffs which are just lining the roads as such. The Emirate country is well known for various kinds of tourist attractions to visit and the natural attraction is being loved by the jet setters a lot. Fujairah is the place where you will be having the mountain safari. The terrain also ranges from the steep and also the high mountains and also to the plummeting wadis and this also implies that it is just perfect location for just getting your four wheel drive going on. Fujairah in general is also the must to visit as it has the beautiful Indian Ocean and also the best marine life.

top nature attractions of UAE

#8 Waist nature reserves in the UAE:

There is also one of the best 4.5 square kilometer area which has just previously used for the purpose of dumping trash and this has also now been converted to just the beautiful nature reserve to know about and there are different birds flocking from various parts of the world. This Waist Nature Reserve is also nestled just on the SharjahAjman border and this has been declared as the protected area in the year 2007 by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, which is the Supreme Council Member and also the Ruler of the wetland species. This particular nature reserve also just houses around 4 natural lagoons which just attracts about 150 species of the birds, both the migration and also just resident, in the complete year itself. Also you can know about Dubai real estate to buy, from the classified app UAE.

#9 Umm Al Quwain wetlands:

You must also visit the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain and it is also one of the best to know about. This is also the best indicator of the UAE and one must surely visit this place once in a lifetime. This has also been built near the prominent and also the class apart blue lagoon, and just totally covered by the lovely islands. These particular islands are for the bird watchers and also around the nature enthusiasts. These wetlands are also just perfect to watch for, by the tourists around the globe.

Wrapping Up:

So, the above listed are the best nature attractions of UAE and you will surely love these places to the core in UAE. These are the best ever places which you must visit at UAE and you will get thrilled to bits for sure, by visiting these lovely places. So, if you loved reading this post, then you can also check out for some more blog posts by subscribing to our blogs section. You will get to read some of the best blogs and the articles too. If you have also been to these places, then you can share your experiences in the comments section below.


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