12 best online dating apps in dubai uae
12 best online dating apps in dubai uae

From Tinder to Happn, and from Jeltee to Badoo which is the best dating application in Dubai, UAE?

The Internet has come to change everything, from our way of informing us to consuming. As it could not be otherwise, the way of linking has also changed.

The main apps to flirt have several things in common. For example, almost all are freemium. They offer free but limited services, so if you want to succeed in them, you’ll have to go through the box.

However, it is possible to use some of them in a normal way. Also all of them use geolocation to filter the results.

Another aspect in which all applications to find a mate are similar is in the large number of false profiles . It is one of the worst features of these services, and is that for users to leave the app within five minutes, it is necessary to see other users.

This leads some applications to create a large number of dummies so that they appear to have more users than they actually have.

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Apps to meet people make it easier for users to get in touch with other people to connect. There are all kinds of applications to connect and, each of them, for a different audience, details to consider before joining one of these apps to connect.

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top dating apps in dubai

And is that at this point in which you find yourself in life, surely you know in abundance some of the best applications to connect there is for mobile.

Of course, we refer to typical applications as TinderLovoo, … but there are many more than you know and that is why we wanted to summarize them in a list with details so they stand out. I’m sure you’re interested:

These are the online dating apps for free to meet people in 2018 in the UAE

#1. Tinder dating app UAE

Nowadays, social networks and applications have a great influence on our love life. So much so that Tinder, the dating app has become a great frenzy among UAE citizens, and is very effective to meet people and why not the love of your life.

Its creators say that this service has materialized hundreds of long-term relationships. Tinder is the application to link by reference when referring to relationships.

How does Tinder work?

Download the application and register with your Facebook account. The good news is that nothing that happens in Tinder appears on your Facebook wall.

What this new application does is take some photos of the social network and your contact list to see if you have any friends in common with your Tinder appointment.

The good thing about going to Facebook is that it allows you to find out more about the person and see if he really is someone with whom you share interests.

The main feature of Tinder is that its operation is very simple. This application is synchronized with your Facebook account, after which you must customize your profile with the data that you consider important and the photos that you find most attractive.

Also specify what kind of person you want Tinder to show you. Once connected in principle, users will only see some data, when you like a person and they do the same, you can chat.

The mobile application allows you to meet people that are compatible with your tastes and interests and that is near where you are, data that is obtained with GPS.

How to use tinder in Dubai?

The key to Tinder is to go see the different profiles until, if you find someone you like, you put a heart (heart) similar to a Facebook like.

If the other person has also put a heart to you, you have the possibility of having a virtual conversation with your interested party that may or may not lead to an appointment.

In addition, you can now integrate Instagram to improve the profile and reduce the search with your filter to select the gender, distance (up to 150 km), … If both people click the “I like” will start a private chat.

#2. eHarmony dating app

eHarmony advertises itself as a dating application with which one million people have been married to date.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up for eHarmony Online, and from here you will receive detailed profiles of the candidates that fit your personality. You can also upload yourself from the smartphone or through Facebook.

It is an application that gets sharpened a lot in the compatibility of users, because through a special algorithm is able to find the perfect match.

#3. Happn app Dubai

Happn is one of the applications to connect that more users are catching lately and everything because of its somewhat particular system.

Happn differs from other apps to flip where you track the location and then display on the screen all the people you’ve crossed the street with. If two Happn users like it, they can start talking, otherwise the other will never know.

This is a new application that is gaining more popularity every month, since its procedure is that it allows you to find that person with whom you may have crossed the street and maybe you liked, or the girl you see in the discotheque often (and of course, has downloaded the app on her device).

You can connect to it through your Facebook profile, so you can be sure that when you log in you do not need to be with fake identities. You can find those people that you cross daily or in a timely manner and if you like you can give “like” in your profile but without him or her know. It is only made public when that “like” is reciprocal.

From that first step, you can see the profile of the person you have given “like” and connect with them to chat or to start a relationship if you stay directly.

#4. Badoo Dubai dating app

Badoo is one of the most classic social networking sites in history. Although initially only used as a web page, it has been adapted to the needs of the public becoming a mobile application.

The Badoo user must fill in the profile with the preferences and qualities, being able to use the search engine to find people who are related. The main advantage of Badoo is that it has 200 million users worldwide, if you do not find a partner like that … The defect we see to this application is that the vast majority of users are teenagers.

#5. MiuMeet dating app

MiuMeet is one of the most popular flirt applications in the world , although in Dubai it is still not very popular. MiuMeet allows you to have private conversations, know which users are connected at any time, upload Facebook photos and perform a search filter depending on where the user is and according to the interests.

#6. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffe Meets Bagel is another dating application that takes its toll on having to enter it through Facebook.Once you have configured your input profile and preferences, you will be sent a “Donut”, which is essentially the profile of a possible appointment.

Then you have only 24 hours to decide if you want or “go” or “you like” your “donut”. If you like it and also like it, you will establish a connection , which means that you will be able to send messages to each other in a private chat.

The app’s chat room will expire after eight days, regardless of whether you’ve talked to your “Donut” or not. With this you are “forced” to go beyond chatting, asking the phone number to the person you are interested in, or better, making an appointment.

The service also offers more specific preference choices, which means you can narrow down your choices to certain religious beliefs or ethnic groups if those things are important to you. You can upload up to nine photos and have a much more prolific profile.

#7. Pink dating app

Pink instead is touted as one of the most visited and used applications by those who wish to link. They say they have more than 10 million users and more than 40,000 people come together every day so it will not be a bad idea to try it out.

This application, starts with a “game of coincidences” through which you can choose who you like and who does not. You will only receive messages from someone you like and you decide who you want a conversation with.

It is not very different to other applications to flirt, but it can be said that at least it does not have advertising that interrupts your navigation while you look for your orange.

#8. Couple dating application

Couple is not an application to connect but we wanted to insert it because we found it very interesting. Couple is to reinforce the bonds with your partner . In it you can share a common agenda or make plans for the future. It is an ideal app for relationships that are remote or for couples who travel a lot for work issues.

With Couple it is as if you have a “planning” for couples , and although it may seem absurd, those who test it highlight how well they are going to find that initiative that otherwise would not have and in this way, are better organized their lives and even organizing more dates with those who share their lives.

#9. Welov app

If you are looking for flix applications that will bring you something more, Welov is one of the most recommended because it has an original chat, attractive and with a fun interface that allows us to chat with our contacts, and those that we add.

In this way, you will realize that with Welov you can not only find love, or people who can attract you for an appointment, but also allow you to make new friends. You may not want to go any further with it, but you can still chat like a social network.

With this application you can also form specific groups according to our taste. In this way you can have a chat for our friends or contacts that you like the same movies, songs, artists or in short …. Common interests.

#10. Mingle dating app

Mingle is one of the most popular singles applications of recent times. You can meet all kinds of single people looking for love, a friendship or just a sporadic relationship. You choose what you want.

This application is characterized by the importance it gives people to identify with their authentic profile photos, in addition to profiles that are completely sincere and authentic.

In exchange, you can see videos of different profiles related to yours, in addition to being able to visit different social chat rooms where not only see those videos, but chat with those people you are interested. As they themselves say;

“Mingle is the best mobile social chat app to socialize and make new friends.”

#11. Free partner search in Dubai

A simple application that allows you to search for partners instantly. Just download it, create your user profile, and start looking for the people you care about. It also has a “Face” function that will let you know at the moment who you liked or what person has looked at your profile and is interested in you.

It is a completely free application although perhaps something “annoying” as they appear ads. Anyway if you want to do without it, you can pay only $ 2 for the paid version and you will get no announcement to interrupt your conversations, your stays or the search for that desired profile.

#12. Meetic app

Meetic is the ideal application to find a partner . In Meetic you will find your half-orange almost certain. It is an application designed to find a stable partner. It has a large number of filters to connect only with those who are 100% related to you. You can choose hobbies, profession, age, hair color, eyes, height and many other aspects more.

Meetic has a paid subscription that will make things even easier. Talk to those people who have attracted you the most and make an appointment through the internal chat of the application.

The Meetic app is very intuitive, breaks a little with what has been established so far and it is really easy to find a partner. You will be able to see all the information that you want about your average orange and you will enjoy both having found it and the search process.

Finally, avoid using the all dating apps while doing other things, devote the time you can and pay attention to not make mistakes and have a good experience.

It is true that online relationships always give you doubts, but in this world where Internet directs our lives, the application has achieved great success and it is a good option you are looking for a serious relationship or a chance meeting. But as always. you must do it carefully and safely.

Would you encourage yourself to use Tinder or other online dating apps? If you use it? Tell us!

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