the 10 best luxurious cars under 145,000 AED in Dubai UAE

If you want a premium car brand and you can’t afford (or don’t want) to spend more than 150,000 AED, we’ve very good alternatives for you. All these models offer the best versions for less money.

To be able to have in your garage a car of a brand considered premium, it does not take a millionaire. It is true that with a budget of between 70,000 AED and 130,000 AED. 

You will not be able to exhibit a super sports car or a big luxury saloon. But yes, you’ll get a very good quality car, with an even sufficient engine without being a waste of performance and not necessarily of small size. 

The market today offers different alternatives, where you can select if you are looking for a more or less urban car, more or less familiar and with less playful concept. 

Here we propose a list of the best 10 luxurious cars that offer in their ranges versions below or in the surroundings of 150,000 AED. 

As a curiosity, you can see that although the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series appear, you will not see its rival Mercedes Class A. Its version of access, the A 180, escapes of this list to cost more than AED 150,000.

#1 Audi A1 1.0 TFSI 2016: from 90,500 AED  

Audi A1 1.0 TFSI budget luxury car UAE

Together with the Minithe Audi A1 is now the smallest premium car we found in the UAE market. Hence, if we want to choose it with the budget that we have set, we will have no problem. 

In fact, of its 32 versions available in the market between 3-door body and Sportback of 5, no less than 28 versions cost less than the 150,000 AED. 

And some as interesting as those that mount the 1.4 TFSI 150 hp engine. But, this time, we refer to the cheaper Audi A1: the one offered by a new 1.0 TFSI petrol engine with 95 hp more than honorable and offering a very low consumption. 

It costs less than 90,000 AED. And if you prefer Diesel, you have a 1.4 TDI also only 3 cylinders with 90 hp. Both in 3 doors and in Sportback version, costs less than 80,000 AED … although if you want it well equipped, as is generally the case in all premium brands, you will have to spend a lot on options.

#2 Audi A3 1.0 TFSI: from AED 100,000 to 115,000

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Audi A3 sports car dubai UAE

One of the most interesting cars we found for this price is the Audi A3. That yes, with few versions and practically only in body of 3 doors, since the Sportback begins from AED 110,000. 

This time we are talking about a wide compact 4.24 meters, you will find just over 100,000 AED  in gasoline (1.0 TFSI engine 3 cylinders, but with 115 hp unlike the A1) and Diesel version 1.6 TDI of 110 hp more basic. A model, that’s certainly, very complete and recommended.

#3 BMW 116i: from AED 125,000

2017 BMW 1 Series 116i car in Dubai UAE

Only a BMW can find now in the market that enters within the budget that we have marked. And, in fact, it exceeds 2,000 AED … but we make the exception. 


The BMW 116i announces an official rate of 125,000 AED, but also a compact of 4.33 meters very interesting, yes, only in 3 doors for this price. Its new 3-cylinder petrol engine, 1.5 liters of displacement and 109 hp is not a bullet, but it does well.

#4 Infiniti Q30 1.6t: from 145,000 AED

Infiniti Q30 2017 luxury car under 150,000 AED Dubai U.A.E

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By the way, but you can also find the new Infiniti Q30 in Dubai market for less than 130,000 AED. Of course, with only one version and a price that touches the crossbar. 

Its mechanics is the 1.6t of gasoline, with direct injection, turbo and 122 CV of power. A very consistent engine, although not less consuming, which joins a large compact (measures 4.43 meters in length). Its base is the same as the Mercedes GLA.

#5 Lexus CT 200h: from AED 95,000 

Lexus CT 200h budget super sports car under 100,000 AED

One of the most different and more personality cars you can find in this list is the Lexus CT 200h: in fact, the only model with hybrid technology. Of course, you’ll only have it in the basic Eco finish. 

It costs only 95,000 AED, offers 136 hp of combined power and a very low consumption: 3.6 l / 100 km. It is a compact 4.35 meters also fully recommended, and with a good behavior in addition, to stand out for its efficiency.

#6 Mercedes Citan 108 CDI Combi: from 140,000 AED

Mercedes benz citan 108 CDI Combi UAE

The most familiar premium car you can find for under 150,000 AED, is undoubtedly this amazing Mercedes Citan. Although derived from a semi-professional vehicle, its Combi version is adapted to passengers.  

It measures 4.32 meters, offers 5 good seats and different versions. At this affordable price you will see the diesel engine 108 CDI of 75 hp or with 112 petrol of 114 hp.

#7 Mini One: from AED 135,000

Mini cooper car Dubai UAE

In both Cooper versionCooper D Diesel and One, you will find many Mini below AED 145,000. And even in bodywork with 3 doors and 3.82 meters, in the longest body of 5 doors and 3.98 meters, and even cabrio convertible. 

Today, talking about cheap luxury cars, we stop in your version of access One, which you can find for less than 130,000 AED in body of 3 doors and AED 135,000 in 5 doors. 

Its engine is the same of 3 cylinders petrol, only 1.2 liters of displacement and 102 CV of power. A simple but sufficient version for most drivers that do not demand great performance.

#8 Mini Clubman One: from AED 145,000

A few months ago Mini surprised us with his new Clubman, its most familiar, conventional compact cut and hard rival for the Audi A3 Sportback. We convention by its personality, its space and amplitude and its performance. 

Well, you can find up to two versions of this new and interesting model for less than 110,000 AED: the basic version One, with a 1.5 liter engine, 3 cylinders and 102 hp, and the Diesel One D, also 3 cylinders, 1.5 liters and 116 hp. 

It is really A very interesting car.

#9 Mini Countryman One: from AED 135,000

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Mini cooper s countryman car Dubai U.A.E

The Mini range has grown a lot and the best example is this Countryman that is also listed. It is an ample utility of 4.1 meters, raised and with a format of small SUV. 

For less than AED 130,000 AED  you will find it with up to three versions : One, with engine 1.6 of 4 cylinders and 98 HP; One D, with engine 1.6 Diesel of 90 CV; And Cooper, with 122 hp gasoline engine. 

A car, clearly, different from what is usually seen in the market.

#10 Volvo V40 T2: Starting from AED 110,000 – 140,000

Volvo V40 sports car black version design Dubai UAE

Another compact that adds to the list and of great size: the Volvo V40 with its 4.37 meters in length. Of course, you will only find it under AED 135,000 in gasoline version T2 and Kinetic basic finish. It is not the most recommendable of the Swedish model, but can pass the cut with honorability. 

It is a 2.0 liter turbo petrol engine, 4 cylinders and 122 hp power. A compact that already has foreseen its renewal in the next years and of which you will even be able to find in concessionaire some interesting offer.

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