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The craze for the abandoned cars in UAE is quite high among the people and this calls for knowing about the best ever cars in this gulf country of UAE!

 the city of gold [Dubai]. There’re various kinds of abandoned cars for sale and these cars can be found in large numbers and the reason is because, most of the people fly away from Dubai leaving their cars at the airport itself, the moment when they are not available for clearing certain kind of debts as their names in this beautiful country as such.

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What Are The best Abandoned Cars in Dubai?

abandoned luxury cars

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Abandoned cars are nothing but the cars that are being left at the airports, generally by the expatriates and even the locals who are also unable for clearing the debts which are at their names. These particular cars are also then taken by the Dubai Police for their storehouse of the abandoned cars.

All the kind of financial liabilities are also being checked by Dubai Police for these particular cars and once every kind of things turns out to be quite crystal clear and then these cars are being put at the auctions which are then arranged for selling these cars.

One must understand here that the term abandoned does not always mean that the cars are being damaged or just being worn out as such.

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These particular cars also involve the huge and whopping collection of the luxe cars and these can also be bought from the auctions being held in the selling of these lovely cars by Dubai Police at quite affordable rates.

These particular cars can also be damaging to a lot of extent, and this depends on the usage of these cars, but then the term abandoned cars also has not much to do with the damage of the car which has also received from the years of use. There are also 8 best cars with stunning interiors which you must know about.

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And the icing on the cake is that, you can also buy these lavish and luxe cars and at the time when these cars are being put in the sale in the auction. You just need to be aware of the dates of auctions that are being carried by Dubai Police.

All you need to do is to take some help of the professional dealers for regularly participating in these kind of auctions and then purchase these kind of cars.

All you need to know for Buying These Dubai Abandoned Cars:

Well, you can buy the abandoned cars in the city of gold: Dubai. It is not so easy though, for buying these particular cars in Dubai, These kind of cars can only be sold and purchased at the auctions and for getting these auctions, either you have to be the professional dealer who is being invited directly at the auction or must have some strong contacts for getting into the auction.

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But the second kind of opinion must be less rewarded as the foremost priority is also provided to the dealers for coming to purchase these cars. Dealers generally admits the true value of these kinds of cars than the once who are only normal buyers and also tends to bid perfectly for these cars.

abandoned luxe cars for saleAt the moment, there is the auction, then the bidding turns out to be significant when these lovely super cars are being abandoned in the city of gold Dubai.

The best part which you can do for buying these lovely cars is that you must contact the professional dealer, who have also been directly called for the car auction too.

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You are also required to convince the dealer for going on the auction to purchase the car and also bid on your behalf. It might be somewhat costly for you besides paying for the amount of car as such. You are also required to pay dealer for services offered to you.

At the end, when you purchase a luxury car, then you will also have to pay the dealer for his services provided to you. At the end, this decision is perfect, for buying the abandoned cars for sale in Dubai, UAE, because it is perfectly a profitable deal. In the classified app UAE, you can also find the best in class used and second hand cars of different brands.

Which Are The Best 6 Costly Abandoned Cars in Dubai to Watch Out For:

So, here is the list of the best ever 6 expensive abandoned cars which you must know about and you can also buy them for sure.

#1 Jaguar XJ220:

Jaguar XJ220 abandoned

One of the best abandoned cars is Le Mans Blue XJ220 only had the best paltry 560 miles on the odometer when it was also found about 3 years ago. This had been abandoned at the edge of the Qatari desert as such. The time when it was just spotted, this astonishing car Jag had also been last seen in Beirut, about 6 years ago after it had been sold out.

At present, nothing is much known about the whereabouts. This is one of the only 281 cars being produced, XJ220s had been just about 403000 pounds now. Now, you can also purchase the good one for just around 150000 pounds.

#2 Rolls Royce Phantom:

Rolls Royce Phantom

This car had been discarded as if, it had been also for the used tires it also sits alongside, this is a one-off Rolls Royce “Centurion” was also commissioned and then once being owned by the best Las-Vegas based celebrity, before this had been sold for and also got exported to Russia.

None of the classy Rolls Royce deserves the abasement of being abandoned and also got apparently crashed or also stuck fast-being bumper less, apart from the suburban railway line between the used kind of rubber and other different kinds of waste.

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Dubai is the city which also attracts people from around the globe to purchase the best real estate. There is the best classified app and through this, you can get the best deals in real estate in Dubai, UAE, as per your choice, budget and the preference too.

#3 Maybach 57 car:

Maybach 57 car abandoned

This luxe car was also between the duo of Porshes in a Cannes car park and also this mysterious number-plated Maybach had also been alleged at the site for about 4 years before it was also found in the year 2012.

Such kind of motor would have also sent you for back upward to 300,000 pounds, much before Daimler pulled out the plug as such, at the whole brand in the last December as such.

In about 4 years, this car had not even moved an inch, the big Benz appears to be quite fine fettle too. But just the Maybach hood ornament is getting missed out. Even the Air Suspension has lost some of the pressure.

#4 Ferrari F40 car:

Ferrari F40 car abandoned

Uday Hussein had been Saddam’s eldest son. It was at the time of the first Gulf war, that he also obtained a Ferrari F40, that he also kept a class collection of luxury cars till he had also been killed by US Special Forces in the year 2003.

The moment when Iraq was also occupied in that particular year itself, this F40 had been in the garage in northern Iraq and also having some work done.

This car had been abandoned when Uday died and this car can still be seen at a dusty track in the rural Iraq. This car had also been well-looked after the F40s also sell out for about 350,000 pounds. Plus, you can also sell the used cars and make money sitting anywhere.

#5 Lamborghini Miura car:

Lamborghini Miura car abandoned

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Shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who was quite famous for getting married to JFK’s widow Jacqueline and also for having more of the money than his native Greece does in today’s date as such- brought this particular BROWN Miura S for the “Greek Elvis” Stamatis Kokotas in the year 1969.

Kokotas was also the accomplished rally driver and he had also put 52000 hard miles on Miura before its V12 let go in the year 1972. The engine had been sent back to “Lambo” and this Miura is also parked in the Athens Hilton’s underground car parking, whereas it was also repaired.

Nobody had paid Lambo, so the engine was kept by them as such. Also know about real estate in Dubai and you can buy the same from the classified app UAE.

#6 Ferrari Enzo:

Ferrari Enzo abandoned car

Did you know that In the city of gold, Dubai, it is generally illegal for being in debt.

When your cheque gets bounced, then you will also be jailed too. This is the reason why expats opted for abandoning their cars, when they occurred the debt as such. This particular Enzo is one of the examples of this worrying trend as such.

The British owner of this car abandoned this car and 900,000 pounds after he filed for the pony in the series of traffic fines. This car was then seized too, by police.

After some of the reports that claimed Enzo was being headed to auction the block, the authorities also revealed that along with some nine more cars (that included the Ferrari 599 and 430 Spider), it is also being subjected to Interpol investigation too and this concerns the theft also.

The Final Words:

So, the above listed are the best in class abandoned to be considered for buying. Well, some people also want to know about getting the license made for driving the car without any hassle as such.

There are various things you should consider for car driving test in Dubai, UAE. And through this, you will be able to clear through your car driving test in a simple way. If you loved reading this post, then you can also subscribe to our blogs section, to reading more such engrossing post.

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