Dubai is one of the highly favored city of the Middle East which attracts the tourists around the globe to visit the city. Apart from being the tourist attraction, it also attracts the people job seekers as they desire to have the best job in the beautiful and attractive city. People from across the world opt for searching the best job in Dubai as per their caliber and the skill set. All they need to know is how to get job in Dubai, according to their education and qualification.

16 Mistakes to be Avoided While Questing for Job in Dubai

There are different kinds of jobs available for different professional groups in Dubai.

For many of the job seekers, hunting and getting the apt job in Dubai is like a dream come true. The wonderful life, lovely places attract them to search the job here and live in this luxurious city. Well, finding the best job is like an uphill battle. People make various mistakes while hunting the jobs in Dubai. For finding the right kind of job, you must perform the extended research. The leading UAE classifieds website helps you in finding the best job as per your education, experience, skill set, and many other factors.

Well, there are certain mistakes one must avoid while searching the best job for themselves. Here are the 16 such mistakes listed which you need to avoid while hunting for a good job for you.

16 Mistakes to Avoid for Getting Job in Dubai:

People do make mistakes while hunting jobs in their dream city. These mistakes might be of any kind. These mistakes might be due to lack of experience, for instance. But, when you are planning to find the job in a different city which is the world-class city, you must perform good research and not make any mistake. For example, you are just a raw talent and opt for the best company to work with, you must research that the company in which you wish to get a job with which is preferred? Raw talent or job experienced, and there are many such kinds of researches to be done.

Here is the list of the mistakes that must be avoided.

1 You Must Avoid Issues Relating to Passport/Visa Status

One of the common mistake to be avoided is that you must not mess up with your visa application status when you are aspiring to apply for a job in Dubai. This is the issue which many people face.

While opting for getting the best job in this wonderful city of the Middle East, you are required to follow the complete processes laid down. You are required to communicate with the UAE embassy and find the best solution regarding visa application related to getting the job.

At the same time, you are required to check your passport validity and check that useful documents require for getting the job are in order.

If in case you are an expert, then before arriving in Dubai, you might have applied for the residential permit. This residential permit is just valid for 3 years, but you will be registered with the Dubai National Identity Authority, which is compulsory for all the residents of Dubai.

Later on, you will be getting an NIC (National Identity Card) which includes all kinds of personal bio-data which is being used for Identification at every place in Dubai and whole of UAE. You are required all the formalities required to be completed from your end and make sure that any kind of information or the details is not left out because this can become the problem as it will make the job application process slow and might also disapprove the application.

2 You Must Avoid Attires which is Unprofessional

Many people in the world are lazy people. Though they have so much to do in life, but the laziness is their biggest negative quality. Are you a kind of person who wake up just few minutes before the interview timing and get dressed up in any kind of wrinkled attire? Oh, it’s not a good manner if you desire to have an awesome job in a wonderful city like Dubai. People in Dubai will start frowning after watching your attire, especially people at your interview venue. This manner of yours will give the reflection of your seriousness quality for the interview as such.

For the females who are opting for going to the interview, they must avoid the short skirts, revealing tops for the interview venue. You must look your best for the job interview.

You must look forward that you avoid this mistake while opting for applying job in Dubai. These kinds of issues are always being heard from the recruiters and the matter to think upon.

You must dress well for the job interview. For turning out to be the top-notch entrepreneur, you must check out the rules for successful entrepreneurs which will guide you to the core to reach new heights in your career and getting the best job.


3 You must avoid keeping to Broad Options

Driver jobs in Dubai interlink in this

As the saying goes, “be the jack of all trades and master of one”, this must be applied for searching the jobs too. If you are looking forward to apply for the job is the wonderful cities like Dubai, then you must focus on which skill set you are perfect in. You must not keep your option of job category broad. This is yet another mistake which job seekers make while searching new job. You must not look for various kinds of job, search the job in which you have good prowess in.

For example, if you are looking for the job of sales and if you are good at Pre-sales, you must opt for the jib searches in the companies who desire to have the candidate of pre-sales.

For example, no matter you have various skills, but if you are master in driving skills then you must search for the best driver jobs in Dubai and not many categories. If you are an enthusiastic driver and have good mastery in this skill, you can check out here for the driver jobs in Dubai:

4 You Must Avoid Visiting Dubai for Job in Wrong Month

Well, Dubai is one of lovely cities which observes Islam religion. The climate is too hot in this city. The big mistake which seekers make is for coming to Dubai at the wrong month of the year for seeking the best job in dubai. Job market has turned out to be seasonal job market because Dubai is the Islamic city and has a climate very hot over there. You must never visit Dubai for getting the job at the time of Ramadan or at the time of Ramadan days or Eid days. The best time of the year to apply apt job for yourself in Dubai is the January (starting of the year), December (ending of the year), June-July (the mid of the year). Many companies in Dubai perform hiring process in these times of the year.

There are different business growth sectors in Dubai, which will help you shine in your career, but you must opt for the right time to go in Dubai. For getting the right kind of job you Must also choose the right career path, as per your interests, expertise in the particular field, etc.

5 You Must Avoid lacking in Networks for Getting the Job

It is quite essential to have good network for getting the perfect job as per your progress and expertise. Having a good network will land you to the right kind of job without any hassle. You must get in touch with your former bosses, different colleagues and many people who will help you immensely in getting the best job. In various companies, HR persons don’t advertise the job vacancy in the newspaper or the online website. HR people opt for hiring the right candidate through references. References plays a very important role in getting the best job for yourself.

You must enhance your references through various platforms, start adding people in Linkedin, opt for online Meetup, you can take people in the coffee or dinner. For shining in your career, you must broaden your networks through various ways, this will help you in excelling in your career with the help of promising of managers, workmates and different people who may refer you.

6 You Must Avoid Poor Resume Writing

Many times people make blunders in grammar mistakes while writing the resumes for the job. This is yet another big mistake to be avoided while opting for the job, this might reject you in hiring process as such. You must create the wonderful resume which is error-free, no spelling mistake, and edit the errors after checking it thoroughly before applying for the job.

A job recruiter will not opt your for hiring at the job if your resume itself has various mistakes in grammar and spellings. As it is rightly said that “First impression is the last impression”, so this is the mistake which must be avoided well in advance while applying for the job. No matter you might be a very good candidate for the job profile, but if your resume itself has loads of basic English grammar and spell mistake, it is the biggest mistake which needs to be avoided. If you belong from the country where English is not the native language to be spoken then you must opt for getting your CV checked by the native speaker or the writer who has quite a good flair and command over English language. You must present everything perfectly in the CV, spelled correct, no mistake in spelling and the grammatical ones, this is the sure shot way to get hired more easily for a dream job.


7 You Must Avoid the Biggest Mistake of Having Just One Resume

This is another mistake which people make while applying for the job. People just send one resume to all the companies without making some changes as the company desires in the right candidate. You need to create an awesome resume keeping in mind the preferences of the company in the right candidate for job hiring.

For example, if you are good at the particular job which is also in demand as freelancing job , then you can opt for making a wonderful resume to the freelancer job recruiters also and simultaneously you can opt to do freelance work after office to make more money instantly. There are fastest growing freelance skills to master in. You can opt for making a different resume to opt for a freelance job to send the recruiter who hires freelance candidate.
You must not make the same mistake of applying the job by copy-pasting the same resume for every job application, of different kinds of job profile. Every job profile cannot have the same kind of resume. You must edit various sections in the CV as per the job profile which will match perfectly with the job.

8 You Must Not Think Dubai as the Stranger City

Well, Dubai might not be your hometown, but you must have the strong desire to know about the city where you aspire to have the job to get rich at a rapid pace. You can definitely not think about Dubai as the previous city you have lived in, but you must have the interest to know about the city well in advance as you would be living in Dubai after getting selected for the job profile.

You must have the good level of interest in moving to this city. It does not make any sense in thinking that you will have a good life in Dubai just because anyone told you. If you desire to have the dubai jobs , you must start having the required passion for the weather, the awesome lifestyle, etc.

9 You must not Underestimate Your Worth

You will definitely get disappointed if you keep too high expectations for yourself which are non-viable. At the same time, you must also not underestimate your own worth. You must have the SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats) analysis done for yourself and convert your weaknesses into your strength and convert your threats into the great opportunities, doing this will help you excel in different spheres in your life.

If you underestimate your own worth, this is the biggest mistake you are making while searching job in Dubai. Recruiters will demand very good skills from you and will pay you very little. Dubai is the city which demands every good person who is good at work and have good potential to take the company to new heights. You must have very good skillset.

10 You Must not Keep the Resume Limited to Few Skills

For getting the best job in the wonderful city, you must opt for keeping the skill set up-to-date and as per the recent technological trends. The HR people in Dubai opt for having the right candidate with a good skillset who will be able to heighten their business in terms of profitability.

Recruiters in Dubai demand best candidate for any job profile who know the technological advancements which have come up in the markets and who keep themselves updated with the recent trend in particular field. You must not be good candidate as your last job. You need to be updated in the skill set and trends.

For example, if your profession is accountant ,then you must be fully updated with various other countries accounting methods, like UK Accountancy laws and the regulations. Companies who Desires to have the right kind of the candidate job profile opt for the person who kept themselves updated on various trends in his/her field that has hit the markets.

11 You must avoid having Flair Only in Your Language

If you desire to have the right kind of job in the other countries speaking different language than your country, then you must also be open to learn the language of that country. Dubai is the country where people speak Arabic language. If you reflect your interest towards learning the languages of the place you desire to have job at, this will show the recruiters that you are keep to learn the languages too for enhancing the communication even at the different country where different language is being spoken.

keys factors about your career

Learning the language of the country where you desire to have a job at, it will show that how dedicated you are into learning new languages and showing the recruiters about your interest in the same as such. Dubai does not have many bilingual skilled workers because Arabic is not an easy language to be learnt. It requires good and enough of practice to master the language.

If you have the misconception that everybody speaks English in Dubai, it is the common mistake you are making to get the job in Dubai.

12 You Must Avoid the Lack of Making Online Presence

When the recruiter will have a glance at your CV and says that “Wow, you have 15+ years of experience and why can’t I find your name is not visible on the internet?

Well, this question is not good which you will face at the interview as such. This is one of the common mistake which people make and get rejected for the job. There are lots of ways you can have your presence online which will be the plus point in getting hired for the best job in Dubai for you. You can opt for making online presence through LinkedIn and various other sources.

13 You Must Avoid Getting Job in Dubai without Visiting

One of the most common mistake which people face for getting job in Dubai is by applying directly from the home country and not taking pains to visit Dubai for getting the job. When you are looking forward to have a Best job in Dubai you must always opt for visiting the city before joining for the job in the city. This will help you to know more about the lifestyle in Dubai.

It is the Islamic city where the lifestyle will completely differ from the country in which you live. There are various things you need to know about the culture in UAE, this will be of great help to you. You must definitely visit the country in advance in which you desire to have the job in. Before looking forward to getting a job in Dubai, you must have enough money, a good accommodation and various friends who will help you in case any problem occurs. You must give a visit to Dubai before applying for a job. You need to know about the characteristics of working life in Dubai. You must get used to with the climate and atmosphere of work in Dubai as such. There might be a different kind of timing like starting early morning and ending at 2 pm.

14 You must Apply Job only if you are Qualified

Many people make this mistake. You must avoid applying for the job in Dubai if you are not qualified for that job. You will not be getting the right kind of job if you post your CV everywhere. You will not be able to get the right kind of job for yourself if you spend much of your time in writing the comments on the job forums.

If you are not qualified for the particular job, then you must not make a mistake in applying for the job. You must opt for applying the jobs for which you have the right kind of skillset and experience.

15 You must not Become a Victim of Job Agencies

You must avoid making the mistake of getting caught in Dubai’s employment agencies. You can’t rely on anybody for getting the perfect job for yourself. Many of the people looking out for the jobs in Dubai turn out to be the victim of a job giving agents in Dubai. You must not give payment to any person, any agent to be precise for getting the best job in Dubai. These agencies do the work of scamming you in the name of giving you good job.

Many people think that someone will help them in getting the job as per their qualification and skills, but many of them are just fraud persons. These kind of companies does nothing but scamming you and taking away all the money from you.

Well, there are some genuine agencies who are ready to help you out in various ways, but you need to be aware of the companies who will cheat you and accordingly make decisions.

16 You Must Avoid Being Unorganized:

While hunting the perfect job, sometimes things get too messy. One of the biggest mistakes to be avoided is being unorganized in searching the job.

While looking at the vast job opportunities does not mean you must apply for the innumerable jobs unnecessarily. You must be organized while applying for the jobs. Keep the complete records of the different companies and positions you have applied for. You need to keep all the folders in an organized way of the jobs you have applied for.


Closing Thoughts:

So, are you looking forward to have a wonderful job in Dubai as per your skill set and the qualification? The above listed 15 mistakes must be avoided before you ponder over searching the best jobs in Dubai.

Well, there are various ways to find the job in Dubai. On the leading classified websites UAE, you can find the apt job as per your education, talent and the skill. You can search for numerous jobs and different companies and according to different courses which the recruiters demand. If you are an engineer, you might look out for the best jobs in engineering, and in the same way for different degrees. But see to it that you must not make the above listed mistake before coming down in aware of the good job dubai.

Happy job searching.!


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