Dubai garden glow

According to a report by JLL consultants, 621 rooms opened in the first quarter of this year, meaning another 9,400 still have to be made available by December 31.

Must visit world’s largest unique theme park: Dubai Garden Glow 

Dubai Garden Glow is the world’s biggest unique theme park with surprising never-seen-before concepts.

Dubai Garden Glow is the recently launched attraction in the city. On December 23, Dubai Municipality revealed the AED30 million ‘Dubai Garden Glow’ project in Zabeel Park location. It is an amusement complex and edutainment center fitted with a shimmering garden that sparkles at night. Have you think about why Dubai is a best tourist place? Don’t know? Then look out these phases which makes Dubai a popular tourist attraction.

About 15% to 20% of the world’s cranes are currently operating in Dubai.

This is maybe a standout amongst the most interesting parks in the city nowadays and is worth a visit; the “glow-in-the-dark park” displays a wonderland that comes up during the evening! It is loaded with cool models of enchanted creatures with mechanics and light installations that enlighten after the sun sets and give the magic in the core of the Dubai.

Experience these 3 magical themes in one venue:

  • The ‘biggest glow-in-dark garden’ made of 10 million energy sparing knobs and yards of reused bright texture,
  • The ‘greatest Dinosaur park’, that showcases more than 100 animatronic Dinosaurs and,
  • Presenting Dubai’s coolest joint – the’largest Ice Sculpture Park’ made with 5000 tons of Ice.

Dubai Garden Glow timings:

  1. Dubai Garden Glow is in Zabeel Park, Area B and can be gotten to from Gate no. 6 and 7 everyday between 4pm until 12am.
  2. The booking ( at counter) for entrance tickets will be open till 11:00 P.M. on weekdays (Sat to Thurs) with an expansion till 12:00 A.M. on Friday.
  3. The Booking (at counter) for tickets to ICE PARK will be open till 11:30 P.M. (everyday).

Dubai Garden Glow ticket price:

The ticket cost is 60 AED per entrant (Children under age 3 are free of cost).

Bring your family on an adventure in the park. Packing snacks, ensuring everybody is on time, ensuring everybody has their jeans on, knowing where you’re altogether headed, dealing with shreds, breaking battles – being a parent in your own home can be difficult. However, there is an approach to make things simpler, considerably less demanding.

The Burj Dubai tower under construction already is the world’s tallest building, and it’s final height is still unknown.

Dubai Garden Glow can trigger those cheerful hormones, first of all, the brilliant lights and colors can expand energy levels and lift joy. Perhaps it’s simply the feel – who can resist smiling as you see the whole park illuminate? The glow park center open its entryway at 4pm, it’s the perfect approach to get the little ones running and develop to the light show that begins at sunset.

Visit these top 7 attractions in Dubai Glow Garden with full of joy

If you have planned to visit Dubai along with your family, at that point don’t miss the chance to be in the ‘Dubai Garden Glow’. Your kids, family members, relatives & certainly you also will blow out by the ‘Glow garden tour’. Don’t miss out to visit these top 15 tourist attractions of Dubai.

#1 Ice Park- coolest hangout place

Dubai Garden Glow’s coolest hangout place. The whole ice park has been designed around the context of global warming.

Ice park Dubai glow garden

A variety of unique, illuminated ice, and snow sculptures remain at -7 to -8 degree – it’s absolutely a chill experience! The entry fee of Ice park is Dh40.

#2 My Dubai

#MyDubai – the favored hashtag for life in Dubai motivated this section with its very own vibrant art establishment. Definitely a standout one of the most photographed, Dubai Garden Glow pays a wonderful tribute.

#3 Magical nights

Magical nights Dubai garden glow

Giant bright lights, enlightened creature models, scenes, and boundless imagination – this place satisfies its name and without a doubt makes the walk in the park center more magical.

#4 Underwater Wonderland

One of the best kept mystrey of our world is under the sea or ocean – Dubai Garden Glow’s entertainment of the wonders under the sea will enthrall your family. As visually pleasing, it is very charming and magical for adults as well.

#5 The Dinosaur Park

More than 100 animatronic dinosaurs are available in this park. The dinosaurs are very life-like, which may make it a smart thought to visit while the sun is up.

Dinosaur Park Dubai garden glow

You can get your little ones all bothered up with dinosaur petting and rides. There are interesting realities along the way and a lot of photograph minutes. If you like the wildlife adventure then look out the best animal attractions in UAE.

#6 Life aquatic

Dozens of serenely excellent giant jellyfish overlook Zabeel Park’s lake, the impression of their lights shimmering in the water. They may be confused for extraterrestrial creatures, were it not for the going with shining ocean growth, shells and fish, which move to music in this underwater themed show. Nearby is an expansive stage where performers and trapeze artists play out every night. You can get a good view of the activity while getting a charge out of an espresso at the close-by Tim Hortons.

#7 Tunnel vision

Tunnel vision dubai garden glow

The park has specific colourful light-filled tunnels, including one made up of stunning rainbows, a tunnel of hearts, and another that highlights blue twinkling parasols and dangling orbs. Just watch out that you do not catch into the crowds of selfie-snappers while walking through them.

The Final word:

So what are you waiting for just go to the Dubai Garden Glow and enjoy the scene. Whether it is a Christmas tree in a window or a world far away, there is something magical about structures that twinkle and glow – watching them can put a smile on the face of even the darkest of cynics.

Go to Zabeel Park in Dubai before the end of one month from now and visit Dubai Garden Glow, a sensory over-burden including many sparkling shows made by specialists from around the world utilizing a large number of colorful lights.


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