Is your iPhone slowed down, here is the quick fix by Apple company

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple announced that the next update of the software for its mobile devices includes an option that will allow owners of old iPhones to deactivate a function that slows down the phones, to prevent the batteries from running out.

The new battery update will be implemented in the spring.

The additional controls seek to calm the owners of iPhones that were enraged, when Apple acknowledged last month that its recent updates were returning, secretly, slower old phones when their batteries ran out.

Many people believe that Apple purposely affected the performance of old iPhones to improve the sale of their newest and most expensive phones.

The company insisted that it was simply trying to extend the life of old phones, but last month it apologized and promised to repair the batteries in affected devices with $ 50 off, so the final cost would be $ 29.

Despite Apple’s apology, the company still faces an investigation by authorities in France, a series of questions in the US Senate and a series of consumer demands for misconduct.

In addition to giving people more control over the operation of old iPhones, the next update, iOS 11.3, will also show the performance of the device’s battery.

Apple had promised to add a battery function when it apologized to consumers last month.

Other features coming for the next update will include the ability to view medical histories in the Apple Health app, plus tricks in its augmented reality tool and more animated emojis that work with facial recognition technology on the iPhone X.

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