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” There are various smartphone lovers who are crazy for the Apple iPhone smartphone and they desire to get one, for them self! “

Are you a fan of smartphone and desire to own the luxe and lavish Apple iPhones? If yes, then you are headed towards the right place. Here in this post, you will know about the best ever Apple smartphone, the iPhone 8 smartphone, which just looks mind-boggling to the core. Apple hase there best ever iPhone redesign, which it is planning for the year 2017, and it will be having the glass body and also the edge-to-edge OLED display and this includes the integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and also includes the front-facing camera.The all new lavish iPhone may also be sold with the upgraded (but the standard) 4.7 and also the 5.5 inches iPhones.

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks the Thrilling Designs and Features

The Class Apart Features of Apple iPhone 8 to Consider

This upcoming smartphone will have the most lovely features to watch out for. It will have the 5.8” OLED display and it will be having the faster A11 processor. This phone will also be made of the complete glass body and also the edge-to-edge display. The camera quality is also the one to be considered and the Camera, Touch ID is just integrated in the display as such. There is no such home button included in this stunning smartphone. The charging is also wireless in this lavish smartphone. There will be 3 models included in the smartphone: one OLED, and the 2 are just the standard versions to watch out for. Also know about the ceramic iPhone 8 rumors and this will thrill you to bits.

The Class Apart Features of Apple iPhone 8 to Consider

All New Apple iPhone 8 coming up in the Year 2017

As the Apple will be celebrating the 10th anniversary in the year 2017 and so it has planned something big in this year, and also planning the launch of Apple iPhone 8. If rumors are the be believed, then the iPhone 8 will also have the radical redesign and also with the edge-to-edge display which does away with the top and also the bottom bezels where it also features like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and also the front-facing camera which is included inthe same. The Touch ID will also be built in the display and this just means that there will be no such kind of physical Home button in upcoming Apple iPhone 8.

The display will be the one of flexible plastic OLED rather than the LCD and also allows the Apple to introduce the thinner device which the consumes just very less power and also provides the quality-oriented display with the better contrast features and also quite true to the life colors.

high resolution camera

There are the early which also suggests and this could also be one of the attractive feature to be considered for the buyers of this phone. Apple iPhone 8’s front-facing camera will also be having the 3D sensing capabilities and this makes use of the technology by the Prime Sense, this also enables to find the complete depth of objects in the front of it and also enables the facial and and the iris recognition.

The rumors also says that Apple is also exploring the vertical rear camera for the improvised pictures and the dual camera setup for the front-facing Face Time camera feature. Apple is also looking for planning the position of OLED iPhone 8 as the 5 inches premium phone model and this will be sold with the standard 4.7 and 5.5 inches iPhone models with the traditional LCD screens too. If you can’t buy the classy and costly new iPhone handset, then you can get the best deals in buying the second hand and used Apple handset through the classified app UAE.

The Designing Leaks & Cases

Every iPhone 8 designing the schematics started the surfacing in the April, but then the leaks have also not been the entirely cleared up for the questions just about what it can be expected from this complete iPhone 8 handset. We are also watching atleast about 2 different designs which are being depicted in the recent leaked schematics and the renderings because Apple is said to be for testing multifarious iPhone 8 prototypes as such. With the best ever earlier leaks, it is also often the quite difficult for telling about the accurate, so just take the below information with some grain of salt till the part also leaks and the other is more of reliable form information that begins to the surface.


The first ever designing we are seeing which will appear to have the edge-to-edge display, the beautiful glass body and also the no visible Touch ID button anywhere on this lovely device, which just points towards the iPhone 8 with the Touch ID and it is being located under the quality apart display. This is the design which just matches to the rumors which we might have heard about the iPhone 8.

The Designing Leaks & Cases

There is also the alleged rendering that also features the complete designing which we can see below the device which just measures around 137.54 mm tall by the 67.54 mm wide, just similar to the size in the iPhone 7. The thickness is also just not shown, but there is nearly the edge-to-edge display which just measures around 5.767 inches at the diagonal. A 4 mm bezel is also just pictured around the complete display, with just about half of that being the 2.5 D curved glass at the complete edges. All this completely is just in line with the rumors which also suggests the iPhone 7 sized handset with the iPhone 7 Plus sized display. There is also the free free ad posting app UAE and you will be able to make money through the platform, by sitting anywhere. All you have to do is just add the used and second hand products with the catchy description and you will get the buyers instantly and also start with making money too.

A narrow earpiece is also depicted on the front of the whole device just alongside the cameras and the sensors which just appear as embeded in the display place. This iPhone 8 will laos not have the home button present in the phone and also not such Touch ID sensor.

There is also the image of what is said to be the iPhone 8’s 8 CNC dummy model itself which is being sourced from the Foxconn surfaced in the late April, and this also features 1 design with the front and rear kind of panels which is made from slight curved 2.5D glass which is being held together with the stainless steel frame. Those steel edges will just be reportedly finishing the polished “Space Black” color at least around in one of the handsets to watch out for.

Also the dummy iPhone 8 will be looking much thicker than the current iPhone models and it also features thre edge-to-edge screen, presumably through the Touch ID which isbeing built in there is the Home button. At therear side of device, there is also the vertical dual-lens camera with nothing sort of markings considered. There is no such rear Touch ID sensor and also not the Apple logo. Also at the sides, you will see the volum buttons situated and a mute switch too, with the elongated power button and also the SIM tray at the right side.

apple iphone 8 watch

We can also check out the prototype 1 schematics and this is completely based on the blueprnts which is just allegedly giving the look of sensors under the whole display and also inside the device. At the completely top of the device, youwill also see the embedded camera, flash and also the ambient light sensors. No such images can be verified and not even can be shared by someone with the known track record for the accurate leaks and this might also not be the actual iPhone 8 dummy handset. Even the iPhone case for the iPhone is said to have been leaked and shows the designing which is much same as many of the prototype 1 renderings. This also features the cutout for vertical dual lens rear camera and also because it has no such cutout left for the Touch ID or any different features and this also suggests that it is completely for the device with the rear facing Touch ID button.

Prototype 2

The Designing Leaks & Cases

This is also the second different designing and it includes the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to be considered as the almost edge to edge display with the slim bezels and it is located at the top and bottom and also the vertical dual camera, plus the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and it is also located at the back of this device as such. This rendering also suggests that the device is 8.6 mm thick with the good deal thicker and also the 7.1 mm iPhone 7. The device also measures the 149.5 mm tall and 72.5 mm, little larger than the 4.7 inches iPhone 7 too, and this measures the 138.3 mm by 67.1 mm. It will laso include the full gear shell based on the designing part which leaks provides the better idea for the aluminium iPhone prototype and might also look just as Apple fail for integrating Touch ID in the display. This also depicts the dual vertical rear camera and also the cutout for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor too.

Naming of the Phone:

Apple has kept the standard naming feature in the phone and the numeric increase at the time of years for marking the external designing changes and also the “S” increase at the time of the odd years for denoting internal feature updates only and the 2017 iPjone will be namedas iPhone 7s. Here is the complete naming list:

2007- iPhone

2008- iPhone 3G

2009- iPhone 3G S

2010- iPhone 4 (new designing)

2011- iPhone 4S

2012- iPhone 5 (new design)

2013- iPhone 5S

2014-iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (new design)

2015-iPhone 6 s and iPhone 6s Plus

2016-iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

2017-iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Water Resistance

This iPhone 8 will also have the IP68 water resistance rating and also the improvement over the IP67 certification which is also earned by iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Just like the Galaxy S7 and it is also the iPhone 8 might also be able to withstand the 1.5 meters of water in around 30 minutes while the providing of complete dust protection.

USB-C Port instead of the Lightning Port

USB-C Port instead of the Lightning Port

Apple will also be replacing the Lightning connector in the iPhone including the USB-C port and this also brings in the line with Mac book and also the Mac Book Pro. The new iPhone 8 models will continue for having the lightning ports too. Even the Wall Stret Journal also provided with the less information about the replacement of Lightning port with the USB C and just one line in wider story on the curved OLED display.even the fast charging feature is included and this particular feature is available in the 12.9 inches iPad Pro for making use of Lightning to USB-C cable.


All the types of iPhone models which will arrive in the year 2017, are anticipated to make use of the Apple’s A11 chip and this also includes the OLED iPhone 8 and more of the modest 4.7 and the 5.5 inches iPhones. TSMC alos started the production on Apple’s A11 processor in the May month 2017. This in starting, also started the production in April and the production was also just getting delayed because of the issues with the 10 nanometer FinEET manufacturing process. The A11 chip is also anticipated to the both faster and power efficient than the current A10.

Other Important Features

Yet another thrilling features of iPhones include:

1. Biometrics

The coming up Apple iPhone 8 will include the improvised biometrics features like the facial recognition or the iris scanning too. The Apple will alos be introducing the all new Touch ID technology for the upcoming iPhone 8 handset. If rumors are to be believed then, Apple is also sourcing the iris scanning chips from Taiwan based supplier Xintec, with the Xintec planning for starting to begin the mass production on the component in the year 2017.

2. Storage Feature

Apple is planning for inclusion of NAND falsh memory from the Samsung. With the iPhone 7 and also the 7 Plus, Apple introduced the 256 GB storage option also and it is also quite possible additional increases could also be included on the iPhone 8 too. One of the rumor has also suggested that this iPhone 8 will also be including the increased storage space and this could also be making the device quite costly than the previous generation iPhone models and this will also be available in the 64 and 256 GB capacities.

3. RAM in the Phone

Just like theiPhone 7 Plus, this iPhone 8 is also rumored to be including the 3GB RAM. Though one of thr rumor also suggests that the only high-end OLED model will also be including 3GB RAM, Cowen and Co analyst Timothy Arcuri also believes that the complete 3 models, and this also includes the 4.7 and the 5.5 inches devices and this will also provide 3GB RAM.

4. Taptic Engine

An enhanced Taptic engine is also the best feature to be considered which could also be included in the 2017 iPhone, as per the report from Japanese site Nikkei and Apple is also said to be working for the “high-performance motor” and this is also available for creating much of the complex tactile vibrations.

3D Touch Feature

5. 3D Touch Feature

Apple is also implementing the glass bodies in the upcoming smartphone and also introduces at least around one OLED display, the all new 3D Touch Technology may also be required. Apple will also use the new 3D Touch module with the additional graphite sheet lamination for the purpose of heat reduction also.

6. Siri

The upcoming iPhone 8 will also have the feature of enhanced Siri functionality and as per the rumor from Digi Times. It is also completely not at all clear when the enhanced version of Siri will be able to do, but it can also include the complete refinement for the personal assistant’s ability for responding to the contextual requests and also the other kind of dialogue.

The Final Words

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that, the Apple iPhone 8 is one of the classy handsets to be considered and it also looks just lavish and luxe to the core. The Apple handsets just appears to be marvelous and looks stunning. This phone is coming up soon for the Apple handset lovers around the globe. You will also like to know about the iPhone 7s and Apple iPhone 8. If you loved reading this amazing post about the smartphone, then you can also subscribe to our blogs section. If you have some views to share, then you can also share in the comments section below.



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