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List of latest and top mobile apps for android phones

 Today we will not see any app to hack networks, we will see a list of mobile apps for essential Android phones in 2016, surely many of you may know, but we think this is the list of mobile apps that anyone who buys a smartphone this year should install first. Each app category has chosen the best. With these applications you will not only enjoy your phone but you will have a great experience. If you have given a new phone this year, these are the first applications that need to install.

Mobile Apps For Learning


From these mobile apps you can access hundreds of free online courses prestige, many designed by famous universities like Stanford or Princeton. There are several categories of online courses. Courses of the most varied, from cooking classes to programming.

You can download this mobile apps for free from this link .


One of the most favorite applications, if you have not ever heard of TED talks, immediately download this awesome mobile apps. You can listen totally free lectures given by the brightest minds on the planet. With the latest updates from this mobile apps lets you choose the language, chat category and the maximum duration. Who says that education is not free? Download this app from here.

Applications To Send Messages


If you want to stay connected without spending a dime, and share photos and videos, you just can’t pass without this app on your smartphone. Surely everyone installs this mobile apps at first place.


This amazing mobile apps surpasses in many respects, for example it can be installed on PC and MAC whether you have your OS phone, and you can send and receive any type of file. You have it available free in Google Play.

Applications For Socializing


Another indispensable, surely no one in 2016 who has got a smartphone, will not have this app installed on his/her phone, Facebook is one of the biggest and the largest social network in the world after Google Plus +


Instagram owned by the world’s most famous and giant social network facebook is also the fastest growing mobile apps in 2016. It becomes so popular because of the pictures and selfies that are shared on the internet and basically this network is based on sharing your photos.

It’s free and you can download it from google play store.

Mobile Apps For Watching Movies And Series


Recently I came to Dubai, but have taken possession of my Smart TV, and of course also have installed on my Smartphone, which by the way now I’ve a Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile, with which I am very happy. Netflix is flat rate and especially film series. I’ve blown away with Sense8, one of my favorite series to date. If you have not seen, you have to do, and another series that has exclusive Netflix, which is the Ostia is Daredevil.

Mobile Apps To Listen Music


To write the post of the best music apps for iOS and Android , I tried many music apps, and for 2016 I stay with Spotify, for their lists, ease of use and the amount of music you have. If you like music, do not think and just select Spotify.


This music app is one of the best android mobile apps of 2016, it’s the evolution of “Shazam” also identifies songs, but besides having a Base larger than Shazam data, it also recognizes songs if you hum or sing yourself.

Download this app from google play store.

Applications To Read


Flipboard , I discovered this beautiful mobile apps a couple of years ago by chance, and since then I have installed on all mobile I have had; I am a follower of multi – channel technology news, sports, movies, and many more. Easy to read, you are always up to date on any topic that interests you. You can download this free app for Android at play store for free.

Puffin – Free

More than an app to read is an application for viewing, particularly Flash. As you know, the websites made in Flash can’t be viewed from a mobile phone or tablet. Puffin is a web browser that lets you view flash websites created with your mobile device.
It is a free mobile app that can be downloaded from google play.

UC Browser for Android Mobiles

UC Browser

UC Browser is the leader in the segment of mobile phones with Internet users in more than 150 countries. It is currently available in major operating platforms in 11 languages.

 Applications For Photographers And Video Editing

You can see an article with our selection of the best applications for editing photos .

PicsArt – Free App in Play Store

PicsArt is one of the best Android mobile apps for 2016 in the field of photo editing; besides having a lot of tools also have a social network for super full photographers.

You can download this app from google play store.


I have tried many photo editing mobile apps for Android free, and although it is difficult to keep one, which I have installed is snapseed . Easy to use, it allows many filters and many tweaks. If you have not tried it, 2016 is a good year to do it. ?


Another Android mobile apps that’s very interesting is intended for when you go with your partner or friends and making photo you do not run out. It allows you to merge photos for everyone to appear on it. It is another free Android app and you can download Groopic on Google Play from play store.

Designing Studio

A very useful for photo montages, this application is designed to add text over photos and share them on social networks.

The app is free and can be downloaded at google play store

Microsoft Hyperlapse

This application is truly wonderful in principle this mobile apps is used to display the longer videos at a much higher speed, I leave a video so you can see the full potential of this application you can download by clicking play store.


One of the best free Android apps for video editing. The best thing about Magistro is that you can add special effects as if you were a Hollywood stuntman in a way it super from your Android, whether mobile or tablet. You can also add music and many filters to your videos.

Another important aspect of this app is that it is free.

Download Magistro at google play store.

 Apps for Productivity

Evernote – Free Android App

The best productivity mobile apps in 2016 that is undoubtedly Evernote, anyone must have installed this app on his/her mobile phone. Have the same notes on the smartphone, tablet and PC, it is a marvel. I’ve been using it a couple of years and have hundreds of stored notes, many with photos included.

Wunderlist – Free Application

A very interesting application to organize all your work tasks and subtasks, it is one of the best organizers in the world. This Android app is simple and intuitive.

You can also create a group and add common tasks. It is a good tool.

Solid Explorer – Free

This mobile apps is a great tool for organizing all your files and folders on your Android devices. It’s the best browser for Android Files. It has a very flashy interface that can be set at ease, and provides connection to the cloud to have all your files safe. This application is free. If you do not like the browser you have, try Solid Explorer, you’re not going to regret it.

Google Keep – Free application to organize your notes and lists

This App (one of thousands of Google), allows notes and lists and organize them all. It’s a pretty simple mobile apps for Android and comes preinstalled on Android terminals.

Polaris Office – Free

One of the best free office applications for Android in 2016. You can open almost any type of documents as PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, etc. It is a free mobile apps that you can download from play store:

Download Polaris Office from play store.


One of my favorite free apps, thanks to this application TOP Android you can connect your phone to your PC via Wi-Fi and do a lot of things like send WhatsApp, see the camera, make calls, etc. You can download this application from p-store.

Imo, the ideal Android application for video calls and messaging

If you are the android users who frequently need videoconference with friends, business matters or just with your partner but do not want to spend a single penny, the perfect application for you is IMO, which is considered one of the best platforms offers video calling, besides having a very simple interface, in times where you must not waste time to score.

Best of all, you can receive calls and call your family for free, you can perform through 3G, 4G technology, with your mobile data or Wi-Fi without the need to use credit card, plus the service it offers is of high quality. In addition it also offers desktop version for PC users.

imo-video-call-kabul Afghanistan
IMO Mobile app

IMO main feature of video calling and messaging for Android

Among the main features that account Imo you can mention the ability to chat in groups with friends and family, and share pictures and videos on the same app Android and express yourself through free adhesives incorporating interface.

You can use Imo as a network of fully secure instant messaging, as you choose to add friends and this way your conversations will always be safe from intruders.

Talk long distance

Another of the great advantages Imo video calling and messaging for Android is that it offers users the ability to make video calls over long distances, as it will be Skype, with the difference that you should not pay a single penny for the service you can also spend hours in a videoconference, which means you can do business by applying all from your mobile phone or tablet with Android operating system, if that were not enough the quality of the transmission is in high definition, so you don’t need to worry about sudden video cuts and fluctuations. The video and sound quality of imo is very high compared to Viber and Skype.

According good number of users, Imo is currently compared with other similar applications such as Viber, Line, Skype, WeChat, but is preferred by many because of its simple, pleasant, yet easy to understand, since all options within sight of users.

To install the app on your device, you must have an Android version 2.3 or higher, in addition to 4.3MB of space in it

Go to Google Play Store Now and download this awesome mobile app!

Tell us what you think of the quality of the application, in a comment below.

Google Now

Not if it is one of the best mobile apps of 2016, it sometimes useful and sometimes not so much, it’s an app that “Control” tells you from the time you have left to get home, time what will do when you go on vacation, the result of the match of your favorite team, and much more. It is rather curious, if you have not tried it, you should do so.

It comes pre-installed on Android.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the best mailer that exists for Android phones, supports and organizes your emails multi accounting better than any other mobile apps.

A TOP and must have Android app if you use email.

Download the app from play store.


If you are a regular reader of blogs, this is one of the most useful apps you’ll find on Android. Thanks to feedly, you will know when your favorite blogs are updated, not to miss a single article.

Download this app from Google.


A Google Android App to view and create new Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint, you can also view documents in PDF. This means that with this mobile apps you can open and work with document formats most used worldwide. One of the best free office suites.

It is a free Android app and you can download it from google store.


With this nice application you can organize your office and other schedules, your tasks, expenses and share this information with your team. It’s pretty intuitive to use, since it resembles a chat, as can be to WhatsApp. So anyone will be familiar with the interface.

You can download it from Google play store.

Connections- Call Notes

This is a very curious application that belongs to Microsoft, with Connections you will be able to add notes to your contacts to be displayed when they call you. It is ideal to jot down what you have to say when they call you.

It is a free application for Android and you can download it by clicking Google store.

This application is one of the keyboards for Android phone users, what I like is that it is able to translate what you write into other languages, perfect when you talk to someone. It’s a very good application by Microsoft, it also has a direct access to Office documents, send them by chat or message.

It is a free mobile apps and you can download it from G-store.

Play Applications Mobile Games

Plants Vs Zombies – Free with purchases within the game.

Star Wars – Galaxy of Heroes – Free App purchase within the game

The truth I have to confess I’m pretty geek Star Wars, I already have in my possession the BB-8, but this game is pretty fun, reminds me of FFVII, the mechanics of the game is to shift combat.

Applications to Buy

Amazon BuyVIP

Each year, Amazon BuyVip have more products and more offers, must be the parrot, because there are weeks you can find bargains, like Nike shoes at 70% off. Good prices and a reputable dealer.


If you’re buying a mobile phone, tablet, or smartwatch must have to download this mobile apps before you make a purchase. This android app is very useful as it compares all the features and specs of any device to help in the selection.

Applications To Know The Time


The best mobile apps for the weather, not if it will be the most reliable, but it’s the most beautiful app. This application is very useful if you want to know what the weather condition will be.

Mobile Apps for Travelers


If you’re traveling in 2016, you can’t miss GateGuru, it has the most comprehensive information on all airports, flights, etc. so you do not have any setbacks with your holiday.

Custom Applications Android

Noyce – App free without Rooting the phone

With this Android app you can customize your smartphone, you have several themes to choose from and colors. You can also customize tones and even call the alarm to wake up to your favorite song.

Light Flow

This is one of the best mobile apps for android in 2016, at least one of my favorites, because it only allows you to customize the color of led with Android phones. For example; when you get a WhatsApp notification, you can configure this app’s LED to green, if you have a missed call the LED is red, etc.

This Android app is free and you can download it from Google play.

Buzz Launcher – Free

You can customize your Android phone with this launcher for free, it has many themes to choose from and each one is more beautiful. It is the best free Android mobile apps of its kind. As you can see in the pictures it has many types of settings including your phone might look as if it were a Windows Phone.

You can download it on Google Play.

Nova Launcher – Android App Free

It is another launcher in this case Nova topics will focus on fluency and speed to your Android terminal, are not as flashy as buzz topics, but they are not all bad, has many customizations.

You can download this app in Google play.

Glovebox – Side Laucher

This mobile apps is one of the most useful applications for Android, it allows you to customize your phone by adding a sidebar where you can get the applications they use, to quickly access them anytime you want.

3D Image Live Wallpaper – Android Application Payment

If you like to have cool images on the wallpaper of your Android, this application you’ll love. It has a gallery of amazing photos in 3D. The only drawback is that it isn’t a free app, although it costs much less than coffee.

You can download this app at the Android store.

Power Toggles

With this application you can add buttons for quick access to any function of your smartphone from your desktop. As you see in the picture it is a very useful mobile apps.

This application is free and is in the play store.

Next – Lock Screen

One of the applications for Android that have left the “Microsoft Garage Project” and what it does is show all Android notifications on the lock screen phone. For me personally I find it quite useful. Besides the notifications it also shows you a shortcut to the functions you use most of the time, so you can access them without unlocking. The app is free and can be downloaded from Android Store.

Mobile Waking Applications

Timely – Alarm – Free Android App

This essential mobile apps for Android is the most beautiful clock + stop watch there. The application has many options to design your alarm clock as you like. You can set as many alarms as you like and the music you want. You can download this app for free from play store.

Applications For Cloud Storage

Google Drive – Free App up to 15GB

In a short time this wonderful mobile apps has become one of the best apps to save your files in the cloud, it is fast and free plan offers 15 GB, a pretty decent amount.


This is another application of the essential Android apps that you can’t miss and not only on your Android device, you have to install it on all devices (Tablet PC, Smartphone, Mac …). It is the easiest way to have your saved files and save them from any device.

You can download it from Android store.

Optimize Applications For Android

Clean Master (Optimizer) – Clean your Android Free

With this app you can improve the performance of your Android device with a few clicks, style and clean it. You can free up RAM, and also it has an anti-virus and can delete files from the cache memory among other things.

You can download a free Android app on Google Play from the following link:

Download Clean Master at Android store.

Mobile Startup Manager

This Android application has a single function and prevents other applications open when you turn your Android terminal. The only downside is that you need to re-boot your device to use this app.

A very useful mobile apps if you have a device midrange or low. Download this free app in Google Play from this link:

Download Startup Manager from Google Android online store.


Another important application of Android, thanks to Greenify you can save battery and if you have a mobile low-end and mid-range, get the Android run faster, thanks to this app as it close other background apps before they drain your battery power.

Download the Android app play store.

Mobile Security Applications

Android Device Manager

An indispensable mobile app to recover your phone if lost, application can locate it through GPS and if you gave in, you can remotely erase all information and even reset the PIN number.

Android free download this program from Google store.

Best Android Application of 2016

Wallapop is one of the best and the most useful selling mobile apps in 2016. With this Android app you can sell everything you do not use, and earn some money, it is a very intuitive and easy to handle application. It is still one of the most downloaded apps for Android this year.

Are you missing some App?



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