Hawaii airbnb luxury rental house with pool
Hawaii airbnb luxury rental house with pool

Airbnb – this abbreviation stands for Airbed and Breakfast.

Behind it are two young men from San Francisco, who were close to cash in 2007. Chances brought them to a brilliant idea. They rented sleeping places in their living room, on air mattresses. The rest is history. A success-story.

Today Airbnb offers around 1.5 million houses, apartments and rooms all over the world. The concept is quite simple: individuals offer accommodation and holidaymakers from all over the world can stay in a cozy home instead of an anonymous hotel.

How do you use Airbnb and how it works?

Airbnb is an online platform that is simple to use for anyone who wants to offer their home for a few days. Its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks mainly to word of mouth, thanks to that friend who decided to launch the “adventure” and then recommended the platform to other friends interested in staying somewhere cheap. 
  • Airbnb connects Internet users who want to rent their flats to travelers.
  • Many people cannot afford the space where they live and this helps them.
  • The service grew by 720% last year in Europe

What to do with that free room we have at home? or an underutilized space? And why leave the house empty when we go on a trip? Would not there be somebody in the world, who would like to occupy it to know our city?

These questions were behind the Airbnb foundation four years ago. Now the service, which connects people who want to rent their ‘spaces’ to travelers from elsewhere, is the new feeling of Silicon Valley, with a 720% growth last year in the number of reserved nights, to reach five million.

Get extra money by renting your room or your apartment during a weekend or the couple of weeks you are going to be on vacation. This is what allows the collaborative platform Airbnb which was born in San Francisco at the end of 2008 and that today is operating in more than 191 countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting Airbnb

Today we are going to discuss the real advantages and disadvantages of renting your house on airbnb. One of our goals is to deny the “many inconveniences” mentioned by the media for renting your house on Airbnb.

The Pros and Cons of Using Airbnb

Let’s start with the advantages, especially to better understand the drawbacks.

Airbnb Advantages

  • It is clear that Airbnb is a public success, but criticism chokes it. Let’s start with the good, why this huge success among the public?

    First of all because wherever you go the experience is absolutely consistent. Go to Bali, Dubai, Tokyo or Madrid, the product is consistent. Finding a global brand that offers you an experience of this kind wherever you go is already a first guarantee. 

    And, besides, the product is good. We measure the net promoter score, which is the difference between how many users would recommend the product and how many would not, and Airbnb achieves a grade of 62 out of 100, and the average of the tourism industry is only 48. It is a good product and, over everything is a new way of traveling.

  • A way of incomeLet’s see a real example, with a studio in the center of Madrid of 25 m2, you enter 1500 in the best months, 1200-1300  in the normal months and 900  in the worst month. The approximate monthly average is  1283. On the same floor with a conventional rent could be entered between 600  and 750  in the best case. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • Risk of default? 0%Airbnb charges the guest’s reservation before it arrives and enters the host’s bank account 2 days after the guest arrives. Therefore, there is no risk of default, nor delays as in conventional rent.

  • Deterioration? Almost nothingThe deterioration made by Airbnb guests is minimal and we even dare to say that it is practically non-existent.

    Tourists come to sightseeing, never better said, so they mostly eat off the floor and spend most of the time off the floor.
    The only deterioration they normally make is that of the bed and shower. There are always some exceptions and some kitchen.

    Another wonder of Airbnb, is that you decide who enters your house, you can see the opinions that the guests have, you can talk to them before giving them the keys and even once they arrive, if they are not as you expected or do not Like you can cancel the reservation. And just in case Airbnb has insurance that covers up to  800,000. 

  • People and languages? there’re so many …If you are learning English, it is time to test it with English, Australians, Koreans … it is surprising the nationalities so varied that they can arrive through Airbnb and it is very fun to adapt to the accent of each one.If you rent a room in your house the experience of meeting people is much greater, but in any case people are known from all parts of the world.

Airbnb Disadvantages

Not being able to receive the guests at the time they arrive, respond late to inquiries, Not having enough towels, not coordinating the cleaning well, not taking advantage of the times of greater demand raising prices, etc.

In recent years, Airbnb has expanded its policies and standard requirements, service and security systems to ensure that every user can feel safe and secure. If you follow these tips, nothing can go wrong with your booking.

What are the legal risks of renting your house on Airbnb?

It’s a tempting idea. You offer your house for rent for a few days. You earn extra money. And your guest enjoys a special cultural experience or simply gets a cheaper room than the local hotels offer.

That is the promise of Airbnb, the online private home rental service that enjoys great popularity in many countries.

The law

One of the main legal risks potentially facing those who wish to rent their home or a room through Airbnb is the existence of local or national regulations that place limits on who can offer hotel services. This usually requires special permits.

When you decide to become an Airbnb host, it is important that you understand how the current rules in your city work. Airbnb website.

Would you rent your home to a stranger for use as an office?

But even in cases where it is perfectly legal to lease a home or part of it, homeowners may be required to collect certain taxes from their customers and hand them over to the respective authorities.

In San Francisco, Airbnb’s birthplace, city regulations state that the landlord can only rent his property for a maximum of 90 days a year, unless he is present and residing in the same home when renting it to strangers. Again, these standards vary from city to city.

If you ignore these rules you run the risk of facing fines and other penalties.


But the legal risks can also extend beyond the general urban norms and enter into the particular contracts that apply to your home, either rent or mortgage.

If you are a tenant in a house (for example, through an annual lease) and decide to lease it for a few days on Airbnb, you may be in breach of the contract you have with the homeowner.

In the worst case, this can lead to the cancellation of that contract.

Even if you own the home, you may have limitations to lease it, if you are paying a mortgage.

The British newspaper The Guardian warned in a recent report that, in many cases, UK mortgage contracts bar the homeowner from renting his home through the Airbnb system unless he obtains express permission from the lender. Granted the mortgage.

Failure to do so may lead to fines, higher interest rates on your mortgage, and, in the worst case scenario, the mortgage contract is terminated and you are forced to surrender your home.

The important Checklist: Be sure to check before you book

with Airbnb

  • Forge a plan
    Think carefully about what you expect and look for it specifically. Where do you want to go? Do you want only one room or a whole accommodation? Central or rather something outside? Tourist or local?

    Using the filter function on the Airbnb online page, you can refine your search and quickly narrow down where and what you are looking for.

  • Scan all the details
    For each accommodation there are pictures and a lot of information. Read everything carefully and pay attention to details.

    In particular, you should ensure that the photos of the accommodation are verified.This means that a photographer of Airbnb took the pictures and guaranteed that the accommodation really looks like the pictures.

  • Learn from your predecessors
    Read reviews and comments from other guests.  Both the guest and his host write a review to each other. This rating is blind. What the predecessor has written, however, is only visible when you have reviewed yourself.

    In this way it is avoided that ratings are falsified and a less good judgment is avenged with an even worse one.

  • Make acquaintances from unknown people
    This is probably the most important point. Do not hesitate to contact the host directly. Airbnb verifies many accounts via Facebook, Google and also with ID. Nevertheless, direct contact is still the best way to get to know your host.

    It is your trip, your holiday, your recreation. That is why it is important that you feel comfortable and safe in your accommodation and with your host. A certain trust between guest and host should be given. This is best achieved by finding out who you are dealing with.

  • Ask for it!
    Whatever you want to know, ask! The great advantage of Airbnb compared to a hotel holiday is that you know exactly where you are staying. While the number of rooms and the equipment can change quickly, you know exactly what you are looking for at Airbnb.

    Conclusion: The more you know about your accommodation and the host, the better it is. Look for verifications and all the details that are important to you. If you stick to these tips and find the right accommodation for you, you can use carefree airbnb.

    Should something really not be as the host promised, there is an emergency telephone, over which Airbnb directly will assist you to the side – and in the extreme case, even they find you a different accommodation.


  • Airbnb will never ask anyone to make a bank transfer, payments will always be made through the platform.
  • In order for your payments to be protected, never transfer money or communicate from the outside of the page or the Airbnb application.


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