7 Top Dubai Bloggers
7 Top Dubai Bloggers

Dubai is a beautiful city and it is a city which has a melange of amazing talent, from worldwide. We have already heard about Dubai alot, and its charming places. This desert city is famous for many reasons – its beauty, adventurous places, unique ambience, beautiful restaurants and food from all over the world. It is said by the best travelers and global experts that this city is meant to be explored and one should definitely explore it in a lifetime.

But the credit to maintain this beauty and charm and spreading it to all over the world is goes to the people who live there, they are really talented. Everyone has their unique talent and some of them are the best bloggers, who write their blogs and spread information in a proper way that people can understand about it and their blogs are not only prominent in Dubai only but they are worldwide famous. So today we bought top bloggers of Dubai which will inspire and based on fashion and travel. You will get goals for fashion and travel. Travelling and fashion both are imperative for our lives as fashion helps you to bring confidence in you where as, Travelling helps you to get refreshment from your hustle bustle lives.

It is really important to travel on new new places and carry your fashion style so you don’t feel odd. Travelling can be done for many purposes it could be for business as well as to spend some quality time with our families. Now, if you travel for your family or if you are going for business in both the ways it is important how you carry yourself and win the hearts of the people.

Right being a fashionholic is really essential nowadays, how you carry yourself it matters a lot and each place has its own uniqueness. You have to wear the clothes according to the place and match the things and create your own style. To see the demand and how it is important we bought some Top Dubai Bloggers  which are based on fashion and travel and these best bloggers will guide you about the travel destination and your fashion style to achieve your goal in a society.

A List of seven Top Dubai Bloggers, let’s know about them in detail and their experiences:

#1) Zahra Lyla

She is the best inspiration for fashion industry,  she is born and grew up in Dubai only. She had worked with some of the best fashion designers. She is passionate for her work and that led her too a blogger to. In 2009, she  started her blog with the name of, Just Lyla, it was based as an outlet her aspiration. She worked with the best designers, models and photographers. She gives the picture of Dubai Girl best picture.  It is based on fashion, beauty and travelling. She is one of the best blogger of Middle East. Her subtitle says itself she is Dubai Based fashion beauty and travel based guide. She is among the Top Dubai Bloggers.

#2) Mr. Moudz

Mahmoud Sidani is widely popular as Mr. Moudz, He is among one of the most popular male social influencer and blogger.  He started his career as a buyer at Dubai’s renowned Level Shoe District where his exposure to the international fashion industry. His own style of  streetwear gave him the big fan following. He has launched his consultancy also and it was launched in April 2015 with the name of Mr. Moudz Fashion Consultancy. He gives a inspiration about the best fashion and in coming days along with his team he is going to expand world wide. Mr. Moudz  is among in the list of  Top Dubai Bloggers

#3) Tala Samman

UAE’s first blogger and started her blogging since 2009. Her blogs describe everything about Dubai. You can find her blogs on MyFashDiary. You will get the best blogs of hers which are based on lifestyle in terms you will get all the info about culture, fashion, beauty and fitness. She shares her experiences and whenever she explore about food stops, saloons fitness centres around Dubai.

So she share it on her blog. She born in Chicago and grew up up in Dubai, Her blog has been nominated in Ahlan. She has achieved many awards in terms of best Dubai Awards, Marie Claire, UK Blog, and Twitter awards.SHe has also conquered the position in the list of Dubai’s hot top 100 in 2011. Along with this she has also hosted the shows in Dubai, London, Doha  and has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, Grazia UK, Grazia Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and Marie Claire Middle East.

Also interviewed in the shows  like Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, and Nicole Richie. She has completed her graduation from London in the field of Fashion Media and Communication. She is multi talented and work as a editor, stylist, and consultant. A former Fashion Editor at a Middle Eastern Condé Nast’s title. Her blog my fishDiary is a celebration for her that what she loves in fashion, beauty, travel and food.  She also says one can’t get anything negative in her blogs as she writes with passion and about the the things which she loves and the things she doesn’t love she doesn’t write about it. She has marked her presence among the Top Dubai Bloggers.

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#4) Kat Lebrasse

You can find her blogs on Lebrasse – The world is my runway, She covers fashion theme and covers the style from business meeting to the park. She is a inspiration for every women and gives a goal and idea to dress up, she brings new and unique ideas to the young girls. Her personality is being relaxed and chic which is loveable and doable. She is known as a fashion inspiration for any occasion.According to her fashion is a lifestyle and travel is necessity. She is a dubai based but a Australian stylist and freelance journalist. She will also guide you if you travelling so where you should carry your style and how. She is known in Top Dubai Bloggers .

#5) Teresa Karpinska

Teresa Karpinska is the Top Dubai Bloggers,  She is a Dubai based fashion stylist and an art director as well, natively she belong from Sweden. She has worked for five years on international projects such as Camilla Skovgaard and The Selby.In 2015 she won the award of  Middle Eastern Fashion Awards Stylist of the year. She has been also featured in many news and articles.She covers the variety of themes. Her blog has a capacity to inspire a girl worldwide. Her relaxed style is enough to wave the magic. Teresa Karpinska is a woman of many talents.  In starting she was looking for the creative platform, where she can share all her interest. Later she was inspired by the European blogs and the thoughts of the people.

The hardest thing she found in blogging is to deliver the high quality content. She gets busy in styling.  She is very minimal with her beauty needs, and wish to work with some of the best makeup artist. She loves Rumi Neely from The Fashion Toast  as she is not only a fashion toast in fact she is a art director. She finds her blogs are different from others because her blogs are different from others and  she keeps transparency in here blogs. Her favourite city is Rio De Janeiro, for the sights, sounds and the spontaneous samba. SHe misses her european dressing style. She advices to the new bloggers to have a photography course. As these days insta is a prime and most effective tool to reach people.

#6) Michelle Karam

He is the  best blogger of travel industry and he shares his journey experiences through Travel Junkie Diary, which was started four years ago. This platform was created to share the experiences of the travellers, experiences could be of many types like thrilling, inspiring, life changing etc. Since the core time this platform unites people from all over the globe.

Michelle Karam is the Dubai Based entrepreneur, and now he is among the one who is biggest influencer of the region. She has marked her presence as a strong digital influencer and she has a strong digital footprint. She offers the best experiences to the people who want to explore. She shares the best online destinations of the world which has to offer you and one should surely experience it once in a lifetime. She has her space in the Top Dubai Bloggers.

#7) ED- Dubai Travel Blog

ED tells everything about Dubai, if anyone want to explore Dubai so they can have all the knowledge by the blogs of ED,his blogs are based on aver all Dubai, it tells everything about the desert city Dubai. It gives knowledge about food, culture, places etc. Ed is living in Dubai since four years, In his free time he explore Dubai by going at different destinations with his wife and during that his wife read books and he takes different images of the place. This travel blog is his side project as he is passionate of photography and he wants to his experiences as he visit at different places, destinations in Dubai and gets pictures and via his Dubai Travel Blog he

Shares everything about Dubai, tells all things about food, culture, places etc. His aim is to provide the vital information to the users and make it as a useful resourceful portal and it is based on the attraction of Dubai, adventurous food, culture shops etc. She is counted in the Top Dubai Bloggers.

Rather then these bloggers you can also follow Dubai Poster for the best fashion and travel updates Dubai poster Blog ,  Its blog gives you everything about the city, in terms of entertainment, fashion, adventurous,Main attractions, places you should visit must etc. It’s team focus is to spread the information about Dubai, its main aim the satisfaction of their visitors. It gives the core  information about lifestyle, technology, business, entertainment, jobs and things to do. It has varied sections from where visitors can get updates. It is best selling and purchasing website also and it have top blogs which tells about Dubai like you should surely read, the blogs of different section which will give you reasons to explore Dubai.

Our bloggers gives the correct and true information and which is useful for the visitors, It blogs tells you about UAE rules and regulations as well as can get the latest news.Along with this you can get the latest stuff and reasons to explore the Desert city, Its bloggers ring you the best and reliable things and places and we have transparency. You will get  the  best fashion updates, travel destination and how to keep yourself fit. We also provide the best opportunities to our users. It covers all region of Dubai and Middle east. In Dubai it includes Abu Dhabi, Ajman an all over corner. Along with this you get update of banks, bikes, Banks in UAE, Books etc. It’s blogs are best to know the Dubai Culture, Dubai events, project Fairs and Festivals, Beauty. One should follow it.

So, here we gave you the top Dubai Bloggers who have already achieved a lot in their lives and they want to share their experiences with people. As experience matters a lot and people also wish to know about it. Here these bloggers give you a inspiration will clear your doubts and they will guide you in a best way and even update you with the latest genre and what you should go with.

You will be having your choice and a perfect guidance even you can contact these bloggers through their mail Id’s and have a personal guidance and they are perfect as they are experienced holder and belong from the different corners of the world. To make your style different and attractive you can contact them and change your life and explore new and worthful things. We hope you will like this information and for any queries you can contact us on our site and comment below to share your reviews.

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