The 7 Best Cheap buffet restaurants in Dubai

Eating cheap in Dubai is easy. It is not necessary to be the son of the emir to eat well and cheaply. The capital of the United Arab Emirates is reputed to be an expensive city for the tourist because of the ostentation and luxury it possesses, but in reality it is not.

As in most places, luxury is expensive, but if you are looking for well priced accommodation or food you will find it.

Do not worry about what to eat in Dubai: this city is one of the most internationalized, so you will find all kinds of cuisines at all prices. In this post we present 7 restaurants where to eat cheap in Dubai, a spectacular city.

1. Aroos Damascus Restaurant

You can not go to a destination without trying your traditional food. It is true that in Europe we are very well accustomed to the Mediterranean diet, but the Middle Eastern cuisine is also very tasty.

This Lebanese restaurant, located in Dubai Creek, is one of the best options for cheap eats in Dubai: for its quality, and above all for its ridiculous prices. The portions are plentiful and very cheap.

Aroos Damascus cheap restaurant in Dubai UAE
In Aroos Damascus you can taste abundant dishes like this one

For example, a good white rice dish costs € 2 or 8 AED, a very complete kebab and an impressive steak will cost you around € 10 or 40 AED. The service is very attentive and courteous.

Far from the luxuries of the city, but an option to eat well and cheaply in Dubai. Take cash on a case-by-case basis, because sometimes they do not charge with a card.

2. Sidra Restaurant & Café

This is another of the most recommended traditional restaurants by locals. It is located near the Jumeirah Mosque. It offers a variety of dishes at a good price. The portions are very abundant, above all we advise to try the falafel.

One of the only cons that the restaurant has is that you will have to tolerate the smell that shisha gives off, since smoking is allowed throughout the premises. Even though it is uncomfortable, the restaurant is worth it. To place you, for € 10 = 40 AED, you eat like a king.

3. Fratelli La Búfala Restaurant

There is no shortage of international food chains in Dubai, which is why there is a Fratelli restaurant. It is a chain that is present, mostly in Italy, where you can eat all kinds of pasta, pizzas, salads and meat.

To get an idea, a pasta dish will cost you around 10 € or AED 40. It’s a great idea to dine there after visiting the Dubai Marina. Certainly an option to consider where to eat cheap in Dubai.

4. Vapiano Restaurant

If you follow us habitually you will know that we are great lovers of this chain of restaurants of Italian food. In Dubai there were a couple of locals, so we tried it. It must be said that we did not like it as much as in Europe, although it was still spectacular.

We recommend the local Dubai Mall, which after a shopping is always good to replenish forces with an exquisite pasta dish or pizza. For example, the dish can cost you between € 8 and € 11 or AED 32 and 45 respectively. There is usually free water in a dispenser. A great choice for dining in Dubai.

5. Massimo’s Italian Restaurant

Continuing with Italian cuisine, for us the best in the world, we present you this reputed restaurant. It is located in Dubai Marina and is a somewhat more expensive option than the others. However, a delicious pizza will not cost you more than € 11 = 45 AED, so a little effort is worth it.

Massimo's Italian Restaurant Dubai UAE
Lovely view of the terrace from the Italian restaurant

Its terrace has great views that will be hard to forget and the place has a very lively atmosphere. A day is a day.

6. Ravi’s Dubai Restaurant

If you are looking for something cheaper to eat in Dubai, this Pakistani food restaurant is another great option. Although the local does not invite to enter, let yourself be carried, since the food is worth. We ate a lot and paid just over € 10 = AED 40 for everything.

The recommendation we give is to be careful with the spicy, since they usually abuse it. We are not accustomed in Europe to this type of food, and although they reduce the amount a little to your request, will continue to chop a lot. So memorize this: “no spicy, please” .

7. Paul Bakery & Restaurant

Surely if you have traveled to Paris once in your life, you will know this chain. It is world famous for its butter, cheese and ham sandwiches, but they also have salads, omelettes, and a variety of products.

The restaurant is located in the Dubai Mall, and although you have lots of options to choose from, this place is great for cheap eats in Dubai. A Parisian corner in the luxury and ostentation of the Arab Emirates. A good treat.

Have you been to any of the above best cheap restaurants in Dubai, or to any other restaurants in UAE if yes, how was your experience ? please share your experience and the dishes you like in the comments below:


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