the most profitable small business ideas in dubai
the most profitable small business ideas in dubai

When an Entrepreneur wants to start a business, it is important to think about the activity that is going to develop, and on the expectations of success it can have. To begin with, it is usually thought of cost savings, and to be able to start it up as soon as possible, it is best to start it alone, with a solid business idea. So, for those who want to start a solo project, these are the 50 most profitable and small business ideas in Dubai for a single entrepreneur, according to SmallBizTrends

  1. Virtual assistant: From your own home, you can serve clients of remote companies, with a computer and internet connection.

  2. E-commerce: By setting up a single site, or across platforms like Amazon, you can manage sales and customer orders.

  3. Community Manager: Management of corporate social networks. You can do it from anywhere.

  4. Social Media Influencer: One of the last professions. It is about generating content of interest to influence the purchasing decisions of users by social networks.

  5. Blogger: A quality blog, with original and unique content, can generate revenue.

  6. Writer of ebooks: For the most creative, they can publish their own content and sell them.

  7. Freelance writer: You can write content of all types for different publications.

  8. Editor: If you are a journalist you can write news for different media, give content to companies, etc.

  9. Web designer: If you are a computer scientist, you can dedicate yourself to designing web pages.

  10. Graphic design: You can offer graphic design services for companies and work from your own home.

  11. Software developer: Also for computer scientists, you can design specialized programs for end customers or companies.

  12. Application Developer: Another of the most efficient technology options. Create specific iOS or Android apps that satisfy demands.

  13. Event Photographer: You can work as a photographer by going to cover all kinds of events.

  14. Photographer: Take photos of commercial or editorial interest and sell them with your authorship.

  15. Business consultant: Offering resolution of business doubts.

  16. Coach: You can work as a “life coach” if you are good at giving people advice about their problems.

  17. Speaker or lecturer: You can give talks of interest to universities and colleges.

  18. Accountant: Work for several clients offering this service.

  19. Tax Manager: You can help companies or freelancers keep up to date their relevant taxes and declarations.

  20. Affiliate Marketing: You can make money by marketing a gear and taking a percentage of the sale.

  21. Podcaster: Launch a podcast of interest online, and charge for advertising to be announced.

  22. Organization of events: Of all types and in an integral way, since you can outsource services.

  23. Baker: Make bread in your own home to sell it to establishments.

  24. Walking cafe: You can sell coffee mugs in shopping malls or in office buildings.

  25. Tutor or personal assistant: Helper of a person.

  26. Online courses: You can create the content of online courses and be the tutor that solves the doubts.

  27. Youtuber: Upload your videos of interest to the social network and wait for brands of interest to contact you to promote on your channel.

  28. T-shirt design: If you have fashion design knowledge or know how to sew, you can sell unique shirts online.

  29. Jewel Design: If you are an artist of the crafts, you can put a jewelery stall in craft markets.

  30. Artist: Sell ​​your pictures.

  31. Childcare.

  32. Sell ​​handmade soaps: Learn to make them and sell them.

  33. Secretary or assistant: Take the agenda of an entrepreneur and answer your calls.
  34. Car wash.

  35. Bicycle mechanic: Fix the bikes or paint them.

  36. Writing for an NGO: Writing letters of application for grants and grants.

  37. Employment aid: You can advise on how to improve the CV, recommendations at the time of an interview, etc.

  38. Comments are closed. Offer to run errands in exchange for money.

  39. Housekeeper.

  40. Maintenance: Depending on whether you know more electricity, or watching the farm, etc.

  41. Gardener.

  42. Care of parks and gardens

  43. Sells organic products: Plant your own orchard and sell the products you get.

  44. Travel agent: Organize trips for others.

  45. Translator.

  46. Animator: At parties of all kinds.

  47. Personal trainer: You can work as a personal trainer.

  48. Yoga instructor.

  49. Massage therapist.

  50. News reporter.


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