5 Places In UAE For Alluring Instagram Photos

We have often seen people asking ‘what is the most photographed place in the world?’. Well, the answer is not easy to give. Every place is a photography-friendly place, all you need to look for is the right spot, opportunity, and pose. Your location matters a lot as your surroundings and environment have the capability to either elevate your mood or turn you down.

UAE is a land of opportunities and exclusive Instagram-friendly place with breathtaking locations for astonishing photos and selfies to post on your Instagram profile or personal photo blog. If you are a citizen of Dubai then you should not miss some of the best Dubai Instagram accounts to followHere are some of the places that you would love to visit if you are a photography or selfie addict to take instagram worthy photos:

📸 The Gurudwara

There is a Gurudwara in UAE which stands tall proudly in Dubai and represents the peaceful religious tolerance of the UAE. This Gurudwara is hands-down the best place to some photography of the cultural mix in Dubai, the way how people are worshipping, and the Gurudwara itself, and the whole vibe of being at home in a foreign country. Dubai residents, don’t forget to check out the following articles:

📸 Dubai Canal

One of the new attractions in Dubai, the Dubai Canal is a great spot for photography, especially at night time. If you are not aware of what Dubai Canal actually is, then know more about Dubai Water Canal here. From the level of the bridge, get photos of the canal. The waterfall from the Shaikh Zayed Road can give great shots too.

📸 Shaikh Zayed Mosque

It is one of the main attractions for visitors in Abu Dhabi. Everyone who visits comes away with great selfies and group pictures. The mosque is so elegant that getting impressive pictures is a sure thing.

📸 Al Bastakiya or Al Fahidi

Al Fahidi or Al Bastakiya is an ancient piece of art that shows how people in the UAE lived before the sweep of modernization. It is a side of Dubai that you won’t get to see through social media, which is why everyone loves this location.

The stores near the spot are full of colorful merchandise and most of the merchants have been selling there for decades. Without a great selfie app, you won’t be successful in taking the perfect shot no matter how powerful hardware your smartphone boasts. So, check out best selfie apps for Android smartphones.

📸 Ras Al Khor Flamingo Sanctuary

Many people don’t know that flamingos are native to the region.

You can visit the Ras Al Khor Flamingo sanctuary for free of cost and get memorable photos of the pink-colored birds. The best time we suggest to visit the place would be around 4 or 5 pm due to the natural lighting and without the risk of getting sunburnt. As we already mentioned above that the quality of your click also depends on how you take it so here are some of the best tricks for smartphone photography.

📸 Mangrove National Park

Mangroves are essential wonders that are created by mother nature and are extremely important for sustainable ecosystems. Abu Dhabi residents are very lucky to have their own mangrove park which also features more than 60 diverse species of birds along with fish, crabs, and shell species.

📸 Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island in Sharjah is a unique and mind-blowing place to visit with its natural offerings, world-class installations, children’s park, and maze gardens. The Butterfly Garden is the main attraction here which houses over 500 butterfly species.


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