The all new Bmw i3 and i3s EV coming soon in UAE
Bmw i3 EV in UAE

The BMW i3 (the electric car of the brand par excellence) has been renewed and the German company has taken to bring to light the i3s (with more power). Both were already presented during the month of September at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 (IAA) and in November will begin to be marketed.

Bmw i3 has an electric motor of 125 kW (170 hp) and the i3s has 135 kW (184 hp). 

Both models come equipped with a battery of high voltage of 94 Ah / 33 kW and have the possibility of being acquired with the option of the range extender. The “autonomy extension” consisting of a small twin-cylinder engine that supplies power to the battery to increase the number of miles traveled.

2018 bmw i3 electric car in dubai

The Design and Colors

The aesthetics of the model has been updated. The designers have accentuated the presence and the sporting aspect, very own of the Bavarian mark. The front LED headlamps are already standard, as are the flashers. The colors are: Melbourne Red (red) and Imperial Blue (blue). The interior follows the minimalist path of the previous version.

In the seats a new material is used that combines the leather and the wool of sheep. Both models carry the latest version of the iDrive system that offers a screen with higher resolution.The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has been specifically adapted to the peculiarities of electric vehicles, which have different characteristics than cars driven by a conventional gasoline or diesel explosion engine.

Bmw i3 electric car release date uae


When it comes to BMW, performance is often important. According to the data offered by the company these models are a step further in terms of power and driving dynamics.

 In the new BMW i3s the power (with respect to i3) has increased by 10 kW, the torque in 20 Nm, the speed in 10 km / h to reach 160 km / h with an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. 

Suspensions have been modified to be able to cope with this increase in benefits. In the control panel called “Driving Experience Control” you can select the Sport option to enjoy a more immediate response, both the engine and the steering.

Digital facilities

Within the digital services the car offers live information on the traffic conditions and even the potential dangers on the route. Along with information about parking, while the map of the browser is constantly updated. The BMW i3 and i3s keep the driver informed of almost everything. From planning the route with a smart browser that selects the charging points for the battery along the route, through the possibility of receiving messages or configure the display to suit the owner so that only shows what interests you.

Bmw i3 electric vehicle price and release in Dubai

Parking Assistance

If you purchase the optional “Parking Assistance” package, when there is a space parallel to the car where it parks, It is able to park by itself. The system takes control and takes care of everything: to accelerate, to brake and to direct the steering wheel. Another accessory is the “Driving Assistant Plus” that prevents collisions and abuse. Up to 60 km / h, the system not only maintains the safety distance with the car that precedes us, but also makes it possible for us not to leave the lane by being able to detect the lines of the road, the width of the same and the vehicles that go ahead.

Recharging the battery

The German company has improved the system of recharge at home (BMW i Wallbox) with a power of 11 kW that in less than three hours is capable of achieving a range of 180 km, five times faster than a conventional cable. The user can control the charging process through his mobile phone. BMW is able to purchase the ChargeNow card which is the gateway to the largest network of public charging points in the world.

Bmw i3 photo gallery

Release date and full prices of the new BMW i3 and i3s:

  • BMW i3 – $44,900 = 164,900 AED.
  • BMW i3 range extender – $49,000 = 179,900 AED.
  • BMW i3s – $48,700 = 178,800 AED.
  • BMW i3s range extender – $52,900 = 194,300 AED.

The new BMW i3 series cars for the year 2018 will be available from Nov, 2017.

The BMW i family has been conceived from the outset as electric cars. Unlike other models in which the only thing that has been done is to replace the explosion engine with an electric one.

The German company together with Nissan and Renault are the three major manufacturers that are betting on “electrification” and the BMW i3 and i3s are another step in the evolution of electric mobility.

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