In its fourth generation Audi’s luxury model lives up to the motto “Vorsprung durch Technik – At the forefront of technology” thanks, among other innovations, to its self-guided system. Started in October, the German company already began the series of autonomous driving functions such as automatic parking and circulation through the garage or in the middle of a traffic jam.

Audi is famous for its sporting qualities, lightness in construction and quattro technology (four-wheel drive), values ​​that have also been taken into account when designing the A8. The aesthetics of the saloon is enhanced by its HD Matrix LED daytime running lights combined with OLED technology in the rear lights.

Experience a full autonomous driving of Audio A8

2018 model Audi A8 supercar in Dubai

The company claims that the Audi A8 is the first car that has been specially designed for autonomous driving. The Audi AI system (artificial intelligence for its acronym in English) takes control of the vehicle in traffic jams and in the conditions in which it circulates at low speed (up to 60 km / h) on highways and motorways in which both directions are separated by a natural barrier. The system is activated by pressing the AI ​​button in the center of the dashboard.

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In the jams the autopilot is responsible for accelerating, braking and steering the steering wheel. In this way the driver no longer has to be aware of what is happening constantly. You can take your hands off the wheel and dedicate yourself to another activity.

In this aspect, the UAE Traffic Code will have to be updated, because at present it is illegal to let go of the steering wheel. UAE will not be the only country that will need to adapt its laws to the realities of autonomous driving, but this technology will have an unstoppable impact on all the roads of the planet.


The driver of the Audi A8 can, for example, watch the TV that the model has as standard. Once the system approaches the limit (60 km / h) it immediately alerts the driver so that he takes charge of the driving.

During autonomous driving, a central control system constantly manages an image of the surroundings of the vehicle by gathering all the information provided by the sensors. In addition to radar sensors, a front camera and ultrasonic sensors, the Audi A8 employs a laser scanner. The German company will gradually introduce the autonomous driving technology throughout its range.

Audi A8’s Foot massage and other Technologies

The most special version of the model, called Audi A8 L, comes with an unprecedented right rear seat that has four adjustment modes and support for the feet. The passenger can warm their feet or enjoy a massage, of these thanks to a sophisticated control system to which they have access from their position.

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The experience is completed with headrests that have been designed with not only safety but also comfort in mind. Rear passengers can also control the ambient lights, the new HD Matrix lighting system for reading and seat massage. In the armrest there is an OLED panel the size of a smartphone that allows calls.

The interior has been designed in a minimalist way and with a clear horizontal orientation. The Ingolstadt brand wants to be at the forefront of the digital revolution, so in the instrumentation the buttons have been reduced as much as possible . In the center is a 10.1-inch touch screen that blends almost perfectly with the rest of the dashboard.

The user interface appears immediately after opening the car. The driver controls the infotainment system using the tips of his fingers on the giant screen. There is a second screen between the driver and passenger from which air conditioning is controlled and other functions related to on-board comfort. Each order given on the screen is confirmed with a tactile and audible response. (as seen on science fiction movies)

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The owner can also “have a conversation with the Audi A8” because it is possible to activate a good number of functions using voice commands. Likewise, information about the place of destination or news coming from the media is available, all this information is collected from the cloud.Audi A8 2018 features

The Audi A8 2018 is able to recognize traffic signals and information that warn of potential dangers. The navigation system is a new invoice and the system is able to learn by itself drawing conclusions from the routes it has previously made. The map uses 3D models that include the most important cities in the UAE and Europe.

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The new Audi A8 will be offered with several engine configurations among which are two V6: a 3.0 TDI diesel 286 hp and a 3.0 TFSI petrol 340 hp. There are two versions of eight cylinders: a 4.0 TDI diesel of 435 HP and a 4.0 TFSI gasoline of 460 HP. Later will come a 12-cylinder A8.

The price of Audi A8

One of the most interesting models will be the Audi A8 L e-tron which uses a plug-in hybrid drive, combines a 3.0 FTSI explosion engine with an electric one to reach 449 hp. The batteries offer about 50 km of autonomy in electric conduction. The new Audi A8 2018 is already on sale with a price starting at 97,500 euros in europe and AED 427,000 in Dubai.

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