top 20 SUV cars 2016 in UAE

Ranking and Analysis of the Top 20 Best-Selling Compact SUV CARS in the UAE

SUVs are a type of car that you may like more or less, but what is undeniable is the great success they have. There is hardly any brand left that does not have or will soon have an SUV within its range; even purely sports brands like Lamborghini already have their SUV for the future, in the case of the Italian brand, the Urus.


If SUVs are the type of car you like, and you plan to acquire one this coming year; you are lucky, because you have many news to choose from and then we are going to talk about the new SUV models.

The midsize SUV models of the year

Obviously, some new models generate more expectation than others, and although in this article we have gathered all the new SUV models; first of all let’s start with the main ones, the most awaited by the market.

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One of them is undoubtedly the SEAT Ateca, which went on sale from July 2016 and which, precisely; shares platform with another of the major launches in this category: the Volkswagen Tiguan.

This second, also of the VAG Group, was available in the market since the end of May 2016. Another very important model for this segment is the new Toyota C-HR, but the latter will be the direct response to Nissan Juke.

Audi Compact SUV

audi q7 SUV 2016 UAE

The new Audi Q7 takes little time on Dubai roads, but like the first generation, it is most likely to be a great sales success. That’s why the brand of the four rings wants to offer all kinds of versions; to ensure that everyone can find the Audi Q7 that best suits their needs.

In 2016, the Audi SQ7, the sporty version of the Q7, also came on the market with a powerful 4.0 TDI V8 engine of 435 hp.

One of the great novelties of Audi will be the Q1, a model of access to the SUV range of Audi; and that at the moment has no rival within the other German firms.

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But before Q1, the German firm of the four rings, completely breaking with the aesthetics of its current SUV; has launched the Audi Q2. And if this were not enough, something later we will also see the Audi Q5.

Bentley Crossover SUV

2016 Bentley Bentayga Dubai UAE

Bentley is one of the brands that has decided to join the SUV fashion; and in the coming months we will see its new creation, the Bentayga. An SUV loaded with luxury and exclusivity, with all the signs of identity of Bentley.

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But the success in terms of reserves for Bentayga; despite the fact that only the first unit has been delivered at the moment, has already led to the exclusive brand to propose that; soon, we will also have a compact crossover with its stamp, stamped on the frontal.

Ford midsize luxury SUV

2016 Ford Kuga SUV car Dubai

The oval brand wants to become strong within the SUV segment with the new generation of the Ford Kuga; a model that had discreet sales in the first generation. But with the second was more and Ford expect that with this third generation continue the positive trend.

For those who want a somewhat bigger SUV they do not have to look very well; and the Ford Edge will be a good choice for them. This model has a more “Americana” design than we usually see around here.

Hyundai Luxury SUV

2016 hyundai i20 active suv UAE

For many it may not be an SUV to use, but the new Hyundai i20 Active has more ground clearance than the conventional i20; and with protectors and aesthetic elements in the body of an SUV.

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That if, if you prefer an SUV with some more habitual forms; there is less left to be able to buy from the dealerships the renewed Hyundai Santa Fe.

And accompanying this, of course, we’ve also been able to know the restyling of the Grand Santa Fe. But undoubtedly, the star launch of the Korean in this segment is the new Tucson.

Infiniti midsize luxury SUV

Infiniti Q30 SUV photo Dubai

We have already talked about the new Infiniti, the Q30 that shares platform with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class family models. If you want to find out more about the Infiniti Q30 you can click here.

Jeep Compact SUV

2016 jeep cherokee front look UAE

The brand of the 4×4 par excellence in Dubai, although increasingly are more popular than authentic 4×4; plans to renew the Jeep Cherokee in 2016. A quiet year, before in 2017 make a more complete renovation of the rest of models in the range.

And although we will have to wait for something more to know, a lot of eye, because another one that is about to renew itself is the Jeep Wrangler; that among other important news with which it will arrive, will bring us a pickup version and new diesel mechanics and hybrids.

KIA Subcompact SUV

2016 kia sportage suv Dubai

The Korean brand plans to counteract Hyundai’s moves, and if the latter renew their SUV in 2017, KIA does the same and will launch the new generation of the Sportage; which highlights the shape of the grill, in the style of the rest of the range Of KIA.

In addition, in the year 2016 we ‘d the first hybrid of the Korean company. It is none other than the KIA Niro, which combines this electric prop for propulsion with a gasoline engine; and some interesting technological advances dedicated to maximum efficiency and fuel economy.

Land Rover the best 7 Seater SUV in UAE

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Another mythical trademark when talking about 4×4 is Land Rover. In fact all its range is composed of 4×4 models and SUV, and in the year 2016 we’re able to enjoy the new generation of the Land Rover Discovery and the arrival of the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible; that seeing the success of the model until now, Its convertible variant will soon become very popular.

Not all will arrive this year, but Land Rover is going to put the boots in the SUV range, and we have already seen how they are preparing the Discovery 2017 that will be the fifth generation of the model; the Range Rover Sport Coupe for Compete with the sporting SUVs of the German manufacturers and; a lot of eye with this, the successor of Range Rover Defender that will make us wait until next year 2018.

Lexus Luxury Compact SUV

2016 Lexus RX SUV in UAE

The Japanese brand already renewed its SUV in 2016. Thus, the new generation of the Lexus RX will arrive to the market; that as it could not be of another form, will have a hybrid version.

Maserati Midsize SUV

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Like Bentley, Maserati is one of the brands that wants to take advantage of and take a piece of cake that is the SUV market; and in 2016 it was reached the dealers of the Italian brand the new Maserati Levante, a model based on the Prototype Kubang.

Mercedes-Benz midsize luxury SUV

The new mercedes benz GLS 2016 in UAE

Mercedes-Benz has made a complete revolution with the nomenclature of its models, and in 2015 has presented important novelties like the Mercedes-Benz GLE, the SUV model based on the E-Class, and substitute of the ML.

In 2016 it was time for the renewal of the Mercedes-Benz GLS, the SUV based on the S-Class

Mitsubishi subcompact SUV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV UAE

The year 2016 was an important year for Mitsubishi, as one of its main sales pillars, the Mitsubishi Outlander, was renewed. Maybe that’s why they’d been careful and had not made drastic changes in the SUV for 2016; because if something works, why change it?

And on the other hand, although we did not knew more information until the Tokyo Motor Show; we also saw the arrival of the Mitsubishi ASX 2016, which was totally based on the design of the eX Concept.

Nissan Compact SUV

2016 Nissan Murano SUV Dubai UAE

The Japanese brand had several new features in 2016 as far as its 4×4 range and SUV was concerned . Thus, the Nissan NP 300 pick-up Navara, the new Nissan Murano, was arrived in the market in 2016 and we also saw a model based on the HI-CROSS prototype, which was already part of the Nissan X-Trail.

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And the ‘big surprise’ of Nissan, however, was the Nissan Kicks, which was positioned between the Nissan Juke and the Nissan Qashqai as an economic cutting option. 

Opel Subcompact SUV

2016 Opel Astra SUV UAE

No doubt Opel’s big bet for 2016 was the new Astra, but they didn’t want to disregard SUV lovers, that was why it was launched the renewed Opel Mokka X, the compact German SUV.

Rolls-Royce Phantom SUV

2016 Rolls Royce SUV Doha UAE

And here we have the latest proof that SUVs are a very attractive segment for manufacturers, and is that a brand so exclusive and that sells few units a year as Rolls-Royce; was also launched an SUV in 2016.

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With all the expense Which entails the development of a new model. Despite this, they are convinced to get performance, and that is why we saw an SUV based on the Cullinan project.

SEAT Midsize SUV

2016 seat leon xperience suv dubai uae

Seat has a couple of years flirting with the kids, first with the arrival of the Seat Leon X-Perience; and then with the prototype we had seen in the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Seat Leon Cross Sport, a model that was not reach production. Of course, we have the new SEAT Ateca.

This new model SUV starts from $20,000 USD and is based on the same MQB platform that Volkswagen uses and will also form the Skoda Kodiak. As for its dimensions, we talk about a model that is about 4.3 meters long.

Subaru Crossover SUV 2016

2016 Subaru VIZIV Suv UAE

We do not know exactly how the production model will be called; but the conceptual Subaru VIZIV forward us to an SUV for 2016. At the Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will release more details of this interesting crossover that; for the moment, has fallen in love with its design.

Skoda Kodiak 5 Seater SUV

2016 Volkswagen Skoda Kodiak Dubai

Within the Volkswagen Group we are going to see several new SUVs; and one of them is the Skoda Kodiak. Also in the 4.3 meters long, such as SEAT, will be based on the same platform; and will have gasoline and diesel versions with 2.0-liter blocks.

As it has been known, this model will also start from $20,000 USD, and although it will be very similar to the SEAT Ateca; will remain faithful to the essence of Skoda lending to greater versatility and habitability. The SEAT, however, will have as a hallmark of sportiness aimed at younger drivers.

Toyota RAV4 Compact SUV

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid car UAE

Technically it was not arrived in 2016, but it was in late 2015, so we wanted to add to this list the Toyota RAV4. What was came in 2016 was the hybrid RAV4 variant, a very interesting option for those who make the most of their journeys in UAE urban areas.

In addition to the RAV4, Toyota is already preparing the launch of a new model; that will be based on the Toyota CH-R Concept, a rival for the Nissan Juke.

Volkswagen 5 Seater SUV

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV DUBAI UAE

Finally we come to the news of Vokswagen. The German firm was able to capture the attention in the Salon of Franckfurt when presenting the new generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan; of which you can know more by clicking here.

In addition to the Tiguan, another SUV based on the Cross Coupé is also due to hit the UAE market in mid-2017.

But not only Tiguan lives the man, and even without a certain date, from the matrix of the VAG Group have already advanced two new SUVs; according to the details we know at the time, will be based on the Golf and Polo.

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In fact, as you can see in the previous images, there are those who have dared to advance how the design could be the production version of the SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo.

But of course, of these last two we still do not know if they will be presented this year, although the forecasts indicate that, without knowing a date yet, they will be able to be bought from next year 2018.

Are these the Best 2016 SUV cars in Dubai UAE?

We could not leave without asking your opinion. However, some SUVs remained out of the list for example the Volvo XC90 or the Jaguar F-Pace that is unquestionable to appear in this listing. It is worth taking a look at SUV cars video in Youtube, but above all, what do you think of the best SUV this year? You can leave it in the comments below. 

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