10 top blogs in Abu Dhabi UAE
10 top blogs in Abu Dhabi UAE

Blogging is known for becoming your own boss

Nowadays digital plays a vital role in our lives, it provides you every information whatever you need to know, it gives you details of everything. Whether you are looking for the best place or best food or job. Now you can find everything on this platform without bothering yourself the answer to your questions you could find easily.

If you are travel lover anyways everyone wants to know what is happening in the corner of the world and everyone wants to know about the different places of the world, as this world is too big and it is beautiful too and each place is more beautiful than other many experts has told that this world is meant to be explored and one should definitely explore the places once in  a lifetime. Each place has its unique value and it is beautiful than other.  There are many places that we can recommend you to explore and among them, one is ABU DHABI in UAE, You must have heard about this beautiful place.

Abu Dhabi has marked its remarkable space in the tourist list and every person wish to explore it. It is the capital of UAE, and the second most populous city of UAE but still it is on the list of tourist. This city lies on a T shaped Island. It is also known as an exciting city and it has so much in its bucket. If we talk about business so it is a headquarter of oil.

It is has a tradition of Arab and it is more and more conservative than Dubai. It is famous for the mosque, desert area, desert safari etc. It is the richest city in the Emirates and it holds nearly 10% of the world’s oil. Abu Dhabi is meant to be explored and we are sure you want to know the experiences of the people. So today we bought Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs and the experiences of this city which will tell you everything.

So here we bought Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs

1. A Canadian in Abu Dhabi UAE

It is among the Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs and a blog itself suggests that it means a Canadian living in the city Abu Dhabi, and she shares her experience through her blogs. This blog was founded by  Anne Marie Mc Queen in 2008. SHe has won the prestigious awards for her blogs expatblogs.com and ExpatArrivals. On her blog, she shares her every individual experience about apartment haunting her escapades in the gym.

2. Yabba Dhabi Dooo!

This blog features on adventurous by an American family. This blog is handled by the American mother. She worked for 16 years and  In December 2010,  she quit her 16 years job for her husband’s career and with her kids she shifted to Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Five years ago she shifted to the city and decided to share her experiences and she says she said hello to Abu Dhabi, She shares her experiences with her blogs and her blogs really meant a lot and they are sweet and short with beautiful images.

She shares her feelings and her life through along with this we get to know the life of the Abu Dhabi, Her blogs are her own story. She enjoys it while sharing with people and we get to know the lifestyle of people residing over there. This will add an emotional touch to your lives. This is also known as a The Adventures of an American Family in Abu Dhabi. It is a journey of an American family who resides to Abu Dhabi and has different adventurous and describe their life in their own way and by their experiences. It is among the Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs

3. Frugal Expat

This blog advises you how to save money while traveling and how to make your expenditure worth. In its blog, you will offer you the handy advice for your budget. In fact there are views, an opinion of the experts who will be advising how to save money on the trip and make your trip worthful.

It is in the list of Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs, as money is really important and a satisfaction is really important so Frugal Expat helps you to complete your journey in your budget and make it worthwhile.

4. I Love Food

 This blogger belongs from Loly’s and it profile describes her as she is the simple girl who lives in Abu Dhabi and she loves to eat chocolates and try new dishes. She likes eating and Food is her passion and she likes to share it with people all around through her blogs she shares her delicious dishes through her blogs.  Her blog is dedicated to the real foodies and is confused where to have the food.

On her page, you will get everything you need to know if you are really a food lover so you should follow her blog ‘I love Food, where you get to know about the different food and dishes and different places. She uses to capture pictures when she tries something new and shares it on her page so you can know how it looks and shares her experience too. It is Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs.  IN fact get to know the ambiance and which place is perfect for your occasion and according to your taste.

5. Assia Kitchen Moment Culinaires

This blog is handled by a Moroccan woman, she is among the food lover list.  She brings the taste and dishes from her homeland and she wishes to spread it. She gives the recipes of our motherland which you can easily make your home and taste something different and unique. Her recipes are mostly based on the Moroccan food.

Along with Moroccan food, she has some other cuisines too which are best in taste and she also posts the picture which will leave you with lip smacking. Her pictures will grave you to make it and taste it soon. You can use Moroccan food in the parties and serve your guests. This blog has remarkable space in Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs 

6. iGourment

 This blog has marked its space soon in the list of the best blogs, this blog is new but its hard work and passion leave everyone behind. This blog is run by Mai and she focuses mostly on recipes it seems she loves to cook and want to spread her recipes. Rather than cooking her blogs are based on travel trips, she shares her travel experiences and pictures of it to aware people.

You can get amazing desserts from this blog.   She also shares her learning which she has learned on her international cooking course in Abu Dhabi. If you are fond of cooking and like to cook different dishes so you should follow this and surprise your family and guests with unique dishes which will the awful and they will be back to you to ask your secrets.

7. The Fashion Hub

 This is founded by the two sisters, It is founded by the British Sisters name Parisian and Lydia. THey cover the emirates fashion scenes. This blog is updated daily with the new trends and new styles.

If you wish to get the update in every second of the fashion industry or you want to know about the fashion so follow the fashion hub. It will help you to update your style and keep you up to date regarding fashion and trend.It is the Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs

8. DUplays

Duplays is the blog for sport loving bloggers, if you love sports you should go for it, It updates you regarding all the sports in terms of football to beach volleyball and badminton. It gives you the opportunity to compete in leagues no matter what your skill level. Sports lover should go for it. Even users can get the best players in it and they can make their own team and engage with each other and users can give their opinion regarding the game. It is in Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs

9. Abu Dhabi Blues

If you are fond of football so you should go for it, Manchester, UK, and Abu Dhabi should follow it. This was founded by the two expat users, who set up the site and they are open to banter their team. If you are so much fond of football so you can also follow o Manchester United Supporters Club UAE.

10. midEATS

This blog is who is in love with the food of Middle Eastern. On this blog, you can find anything regarding Middle East food. You can find everything in an aspect of pictures, opinion, recipes, Interviews of different chefs. This blog will make you love with Middle Eastern food and if are already so follow it. It will give you new recipes and new aspirations with amazing pictures and news places where you should try and why. This is for the food lovers.

Rather then this you can also follow Dubai Poster Blog where you can get every information about Abu Dhabi regarding lifestyle, fashion, food, things to do etc. we also help job seekers to get the job. It is the best-classified site where you can get each and everything about Abu Dhabi, Visitors can get updated news also. It is the multi-purpose site which will help you to explore the region in a better way and in your budget.

IT blogs shares everything about the region, food lovers, fashionholic it’s for everyone. It is weaving its magic since 2014 and mark its space in the top list. So to know the best place or to get the update or get the news of every second go for Dubai Poster – Best classified site and its motive is the smile on our client’s face and satisfaction of our client and if you have any queries you can contact us.

So here we have listed Abu Dhabi top 10 blogs to which you can follow and have all the information regarding Abu Dhabi these bloggers are passionate among themselves and they like to share their desires and through them, you can update you. These use to share their knowledge and experiences along with their talent. To know the lifestyle and about travel and food follow these bloggers who are passionate to share their experiences along with you.


Along with this, you can get all the information on Dubai Poster. Bloggers are special in themselves sharing experiences is not an easy task and they are spreading their passion and helping to know about their passion and it would be worth for the readers even they can experience it.

We hope you will like this article, please in the comment section provide your feedback and for more updates and to know more about the talent of Middle East stay tuned with Dubai Poster!

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